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De-Nature (2007)

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Protected areas of Portugal Nature reserves are one of the 11 types of protected areas in Portugal. As of , Portugal had a total of 46 protected areas, which represented 6, Among the protected areas, nine are classified as nature reserve Portuguese: At the end of March , there were national nature reserves in England with a total area of square kilometres.

Nearly every rural county has at least one. Many national nature reserves contain nationally important populations of rare flowers , ferns and mosses , butterflies and other insects , and nesting and wintering birds. There are now over 1, local nature reserves in England. They range from windswept coastal headlands, ancient woodlands and flower-rich meadows to former inner-city railways, long-abandoned landfill sites and industrial areas now re-colonised by wildlife.

A good example is Rye Harbour Nature Reserve in East Sussex, where a network of footpaths enables visitors to explore shingle, saltmarsh, saline lagoon, reedbed and grazing marsh habitats.

At 31 March there were 65 Scottish national nature reserves with a total area of approximately square kilometres. Section 21 of the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act gives local authorities the exclusive statutory power to establish a local nature reserve in consultation with the SNH.

In , when the Japanese Government published its information in English, there were 5 wildernesses, 10 nature conservation areas and prefectural nature conservation areas.

Nature reserves in Jordan There are seven nature reserves in Jordan. The primary purpose was to create means to breed endangered species, specifically: Kyrgyzstan[ edit ] By the end of there were 10 nature reserves Kyrgyz: Protected areas of New Zealand New Zealand has a variety of types of reserve, including National Parks , various types of Conservation Areas including stewardship land that is yet to be officially classified , and seven specific types of "Reserve", each of which prioritise various degrees of protection to different amenities such as scenery, recreation, flora and fauna, scientific value or history.

Land is often sub-categorised beneath its general classification, as defined in law between the Reserves Act of , the National Parks Act of , and the Conservation Act of This land is composed of 14 National Parks, 30 Conservation Parks, and approximately 8, discrete areas of land in total.

Although most public land is strongly protected for natural preservation, the term nature reserve is specifically defined in the Reserves Act to mean a reserve that prioritises the protection of rare flora and fauna, to the extent that public access is by permit only.

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Some of these reserves include Ecological Islands , a comparatively new concept in wildlife preservation, pioneered in New Zealand to help re-build the populations of nearly extinct birds, and other species that are heavily threatened by introduced predators. Located northeast of the city of Jinotega in Northeastern Nicaragua. Private nature reserves exist with land excluded from private land trusts and maintained at the sole cost of the proprietor. Zapovednik There are around nature reserves Russian: A few of them predate the October Revolution of , but most have been created during the Soviet Union era.

There are also natural protected areas where only certain species are protected, or only certain activities are prohibited; those are known as zakaznik Russian: South Africa[ edit ] South Africa is well known for its many reserves.

The oldest nature reserve in the country and oldest conservation area in the world is the Groenkloof Nature Reserve that was established in in the capital city Pretoria in the old South African Republic and current Republic of South Africa.

The Limmatspitz nature reserve of Pro Natura See also: Nature parks in Switzerland The Swiss National Park , created in , was one of the earliest national parks in Europe.

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In addition to the Swiss National Park, Switzerland also has sixteen regional nature parks. Ukraine[ edit ] There are 4 biosphere reserves two of them are dated and and 17 nature reserves in Ukraine, covering , hectares.

Ukraine administers 40 national parks, habitat management areas, nature monuments and other preservations. State and local governments administer others, and some belong to private trusts, which are funded through personal donations.

There are currently 2, preservations in the United States. Richard Louis Miller donated 1, acres 7. Eritrea[ edit ] In Eritrea Yob Wildlife Reserve is in charge of looking after the wildlife of plants and animals in that area.