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Date: 09.09.2017

Glitch! (1988)

We offer you to watch the movie Glitch! (1988), which you can enjoy in the arms of a loved one. This film is in HD quality. Less words, more movies! Watch and enjoy!

This game normally has a high score of around 50,, but the scores for things you hit in this strange area are way out of range, making it possible to get a score of around a billion, so high it can overwrite part of the screen. Castle Crashers had a glitch that would cause the boomerang to get stuck on any three bosses if the boss was between you and it.

Since experience points are given based on how much you hit an enemy and not how much damage you deal, and the boomerang does 1HP damage per hit, the stuck boomerang would rack up hits and increase your experience quickly. A patch fixed this, but replaced it with a completely different Good Bad Bug that made the Boomerang able to demolish any destructible barrier in one throw. Bayonetta has the Lt. Kilgore, the slow but powerful rocket launcher tonfas that can launch a rocket with each attack.

Mind you, the rockets are balanced to only launch one or two per attack. DmC Devil May Cry has multiple glitches that make Dante fly around the screen avoiding enemy attacks, bosses that are unwilling to attack or are just paralyzed. The fandom decided to use them to have fun. In Dragon Ball Z: Does this mean the game wants you to get another one? In Shadow the Hedgehog , during the Hero missions a secondary character follows you around, and a second player can plug in a controller and control that character.

In the Lost Impact stage, while Shadow is riding the Gun Rail he apparently loses his Friendly Fireproof status, as the secondary character who is Maria , no less can slap Shadow out of the cockpit, causing an explosion and making you lose rings.

Unfortunately or hilariously , instead of simply having Watson walk behind you, the game engine never has him actually move. A hilarious YouTube video illustrates the problem. And the creepy implications of this behavior inspired Slender, and thereby the whole genre of stalker survival games.

Infocom games, being text-based, have some of the most amusing glitches in gaming, as your mind can fill in ridiculous blanks to make them seem more ridiculous. Contemporary videogame magazines had a cottage industry of finding the best bugs. Inspector Lestrade plays the game and interacts with NPCs and game systems in the exact same way the player does. Preventing him arresting the wrong person can be difficult.. By repeatedly giving instructions to the NPCs it is possible to coax a hansom cab driver out of their cab and onto a train, which then departs.

Having done that, returning to the abandoned hansom cab will have you driven to a bizarre location where you can pick up objects such as "innocent, guilty, an opium den, and a Russian agent". And Demoniak, a rather obscure text adventure on bit systems, used a similar system to Sherlock but allowed players to take control of almost any character in the game, which allowed even more creative chaos.

For example, one of the normal playable characters is Flame, a superheroine who can transform herself into fire with the command BURN.

Rather dourly, giving the command BURN as any other character causes them to spontaneously combust, actually being set on fire and burning to death. Furiously burning Cortex, furiously burning Sondra, and the furiously burning governor are here. The furiously burning governor is burning furiously. The furiously burning governor is dead. Spirit Caller , the pack glitch. It was possible to give the Copycat monster an obscene amount of Attack points.

At least one AI duelist in this case, Blair uses Scapegoat, which creates a group of tokens on the field. Bringing out Copycat and having it copy one of those tokens would, strangely, give it more than 30, points when it came time to attack.

Note, however, that the exact circumstances that lead to the Attack increase are not known, so use with caution. By choosing House Martell at the beginning of a game or House Greyjoy after clearing the Martel mission, as House Greyjoy takes on the abilities of every House cleared , you can press the button at the front of the machine to add another ball onto any multiball. If this is done the first instant only one ball remains and Super Jackpot is lit, however, Super Jackpot will remain active for the rest of the ball.

Any hit onto the battering ram target will award a Super Jackpot, worth a large amount of points. Ordinarily, collecting the Super Jackpot will disable it until you re-do the process all over again to activate another Super Jackpot.

An as-of-yet unreplicatable glitch in Whodunnit? Not only does this allow easy access to modes available only on certain floors, but the shot into the elevator is by far the easiest and safest shot in the game.

Similar glitches can be done with any machine with a faulty sensor at the plunger, however: Whether the game considers it the end of the ball when one of them drains, however, depends on the machine and what made the added ball come out.

Normally, 9 million is as high as direct point awards go for reaching mansion rooms—these glitched rooms award points in the billions.

That being said, this is a glitch very few people will ever see due to the absurd level of skill required: Even top-ranked players are unlikely to reach 50 rooms. While playing 24, certain conditions cause the Nuke Jackpot to be worth 20 times more points than normal. In Johnny Mnemonic , getting the Hold Bonus award is supposed to carry your end-of-ball bonus to the next one.

Instead, it will award the end-of-ball bonus at the end of your current ball, then award it twice at the end of the next one. This is good news for anyone with any amount of end-of-ball bonuses, but because one mode, Spinner Millions, is worth a ludicrous amount of points and is only given to you during the end-of-ball bonus, this allows you to obtain the points from Spinner Millions three times or more than that if you can get Hold Bonus again.

The most recent revision of Star Wars Stern has a bug that causes the player to almost never leave Victory Multiball once it is earned, effectively putting the player in a semi-permanent multiball state. Many players have been able to break billion without too much effort. Ironically, one of the bullet points of this current revision was to tone down some of the more absurd scoring possibilities This is known as the "power-on pattern", and top-ranking Sega Tetris players use it to max out their scores in the fewest pieces possible.

The physics engine is decidedly fickle, and known for producing its fair share of bizarre and hilarious spazz-outs. Just for starters, objects made with lots of other objects e. Terrain features containing water like the "Sea" can buoy floating objects in themselves without being placed down.

This can even be used to carry Starites in things such as ice blocks to you! Summoning items that always vanish upon being put into the world like "Bubble" in the level editor results in said item not vanishing, and becoming a lovely fountain of its appropriate particles.

Not surprisingly, though, the huge particle streams crash the game rather quickly if you start summoning other things. Similar to glue, rope and related objects can create numerous glitches.

You can instantly win almost any level by spawning a container next to the starite, attaching a rope to the starite, and then attaching the other end of the rope to the container, which allows you to put the rope and starite inside the container and drag the container all the way to Maxwell instantly. Another rope-related glitch is the classification of attached objects as one object. Basically, if you attach two objects together via rope, they can pass through each other, meaning that you can attach a starite to a gate and then have it fall through to the other side of the gate.

Attaching an object that causes other objects to gain momentum with one of those items using a rigid body like glue and planks yields hilarious results This includes the "flying bridge" glitch, where using a fishing rod on a bridge Maxwell is standing on causes him to fly to the ceiling or off the screen, where he dies. Some animals, like gorillas, can both ride things and be ridden on, allowing you to easily create things like gorilla totem poles that slow the game down to a crawl.

Scribblenauts Remix has a silly glitch in which making a building ridable can allow the player to walk offstage or even clip through the ground. In Supaplex, there are numerous small glitches to avoid getting killed in some occasions and how to manipulate with enemies and explosions.

These have found various uses in many of the custom levels. Blast Corps had the Z-Button trick. When in a vehicle, if you are in the right spot next to a building, you could hold the Z-Button down and wait for the doh! The effect of these doors was to basically create two shortcuts that considerably shortened the castle.

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Early versions of The Witness contained strange glitches where completing specific puzzles under specific conditions would lead to completely unexpected results: Early in the game, you can find a locked vault with a puzzle involving hexagonal dots and black and white squares.

Much later, in the quarry, you can find a puzzle which is completely identical to the aforementioned puzzle except that it adds an annulation symbol. When switching between courses, the song list shuffled off the screen and is replaced by the new one. By pressing the start button in the middle of this animation, the cabinet may accidentally load the correct songs for the course, but load the difficulties from the previous one.

Whether this is a legitimate way of playing the game is a matter of debate. This bug was corrected through an online update The most famous one is perhaps the "Negative BPM" bug, which can be used to create warps, which can then be used for a wide variety of effects and tricks. It has been leveraged to create crazy fan favorites.

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Unfortunately, this bug was fixed on 4. However, sm-ssc StepMania 5 turns it into an Ascended Glitch by providing built-in means to perform warps. Rock Band 3, on PS3 at least: The r23 update instead cuts off songs at 2 minutes and 15 seconds regardless of metadata. Pump It Up will give out all Perfects for a hold step as long as you keep it held the entire time, even if you hold down the note in advance.

In the original, the "random" point value of the flying saucer was actually a completely predictable function of how many time the player had fired. It was worth 50 points if hit with one of the first 8 shots, points if hit with shots 9 10 11 or 12, points if hit with shots 13 or 14, and points if hit with shot 15; then the cycle started over.

A savvy player could count his shots and get points each time.

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A far more overreaching one; when the game was originally designed, the amount of sprites on the screen seriously lagged the system. But by shooting them, and hence removing those sprites from the screen, the system sped up, so the Invaders did too.

This mistake, which eventually became an Ascended Glitch , introduced Turns Red to the industry at large, and while other games like Break Out did it first, it popularized the entire concept of Difficulty by Acceleration.

Sinistar had a bug that allowed you to acquire ships. It takes a second or two for the Sinistar to eat your ship, during which a Warrior ship can shoot you, making you lose two lives at once. If you started with one life, your number of lives would drop from 1 to 0 to Since this number was stored as an 8-bit unsigned integer, -1 would register as It also fails in MoF if the player focuses. And akin to this, "Malice Cannon" in Imperishable Night. The Malice Cannon actually buffs up the Magic Team to the strongest team in the game, with a ridiculous damage output, although the player still has to deal with the fact that it only fires in front of them.

What this means is that by simply sticking close to any creature bullet, the player can accumulate ridiculous amounts of graze, far more than the actual number of grazed bullets. Almost all spellcards in Touhou gradually reduce the points you get for capturing them over time, so capturing a card after 15 seconds gives more of a reward than capturing it after 20 seconds.