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T.V. (2006)

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Production[ edit ] Comprising thirteen minute episodes per season, Robin Hood was created by Dominic Minghella and Foz Allan , who serve as executive producers on the series, with Minghella the chief writer.

On 7 August it was announced that Jonas Armstrong would be leaving the programme at the conclusion of the third series, in "an explosive and nail-biting finale.

The BBC confirmed to the paper that she had been asked to work on ideas for the show, [15] but despite this, the fourth series was not commissioned.

Robin Hood TV series characters The majority of the main characters in Robin Hood are based on the English folk tale of the same name. He is shocked to find the Sheriff of Nottingham , Vaisey Keith Allen , running the town with an iron fist upon his return.

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Robin is soon made an outlaw, and takes it upon himself to steal from the rich to feed the poor along with his gang , which consists of his best friend Much Sam Troughton ; two young men he saved from hanging, Will Scarlett Harry Lloyd and Allan A Dale Joe Armstrong ; the ex-leader of a band of outlaws already in the woods, Little John Gordon Kennedy ; and another young man named Roy short for "Royston White" William Beck , who is killed in episode 4, and replaced in episode 5 by Djaq Anjali Jay , a Saracen girl using the alias of her dead brother.

Robin is pleased to find that Lady Marian Lucy Griffiths is still unmarried.

Guy often puts Marian in difficult situations where she has to be with him to help those she loves. The Sheriff constantly tries to capture or kill Robin and the outlaws for continuously interfering in his scheme to take over England.

The second series sees the Sheriff step up his plans to take control, finally culminating in a battle in the Holy Land. The third series staggered the entry of new characters and only Robin appeared in all thirteen episodes. Her link to the castle through Gisborne is used by the gang while she plots revenge against her brother, but her thirst for independence, power and vengeance soon leads her to become a ruthless Sheriff and a sworn enemy.

Gisborne is briefly made Sheriff before Isabella uses her influence to replace him, leaving Gisborne a fugitive, and following the death of a young villager with whom he was briefly imprisoned, seeking revenge.

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Although they are lured into a trap set by Archer and Isabella, they succeed when Archer turns against his half-sister. However, Allan is killed by a storm of arrows when Vaisey reappears at the head of an army wielding Byzantine fire. Gisborne is killed in a sword fight with the Sheriff and Isabella as he defends the castle, and Robin is poisoned by the blade of Isabella. However, before succumbing to his injury, Robin evacuates the villagers from Nottingham, and fires a flaming arrow into the Byzantine fire stored in the castle.

Vaisey and Isabella realize too late and perish with their army in an explosion that destroys Nottingham Castle. As the castle burns, Robin returns to Sherwood Forest, says goodbye to the remainder of his Merry Men and encourages Archer to take up the defense of the people of England.

Robin heads off on his own, and is greeted by Marian in a vision to welcome him into the afterlife.