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All Girl Cocktail Party (2006)

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Origin[ edit ] Cafe Royal Cocktail Book contains a recipe for a Picador using the same concentrations of tequila, triple sec and lime juice as a Margarita. One afternoon, Margarita Henkel, the daughter of the then German ambassador visited the cantina and Don Carlos who had been experimenting with drinks offered her one.

The cocktail consisted of equal parts of tequila, Mexican orange liqueur called Controy A. Naranja in the United States , and lime, shaken and served over ice in a salt-rimmed glass.

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As she was the first to try the drink, Don Carlos decided to name it after her and the "Margarita" was born. Morales later left bartending in Mexico to become a US citizen, where he worked as a milkman for 25 years. Tommy Hilton reportedly attended, bringing the drink back to the Hilton chain of hotels. However, Jose Cuervo was already running ad campaigns for the margarita three years earlier, in , with the slogan, "Margarita: He supposedly named it after the Spanish version of her name, Margarita, and it has been a hit ever since.

Margarita is a German form of the name and was introduced to Mexico with no Hispanic origin. Without noting a specific recipe or inventor, a drink called the Tequila Daisy was mentioned in the Syracuse Herald as early as Margarita is Spanish for Daisy, which is a nickname for Margaret. He concocted a mixture of equal parts tequila, Controy orange liqueur, lime, and crushed ice in a salt-rimmed glass. It is said that the idea was an experiment after running out of rum while making frozen daiquiris.

Another explanation, however, is that the margarita is merely a popular American drink, the Daisy , remade with tequila instead of brandy, which became popular during Prohibition as people drifted over the border for alcohol.

There is an account from of Iowa newspaper editor James Graham finding such a cocktail in Tijuana, years before any of the other Margarita "creation myths". In addition to orange-flavored liqueurs, secondary liqueurs may occasionally be added to a cocktail, including melon-flavored or black raspberry-flavored.

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Other flavors include pineapple and watermelon. Fresh lime juice[ edit ] Freshly squeezed lime juice is the key ingredient.

The most common lime in the United States is the thick-skinned Persian lime. However, margaritas in Mexico are generally made with Mexican limes Key limes. These are small, thin-skinned limes and have more tart and an often bitter flavor compared to Persian limes.

This variant is known as a frozen margarita. The first frozen margarita machine was invented on May 11, , by Dallas restaurateur Mariano Martinez.

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The machine was originally a soft-serve ice cream machine and now sits in the Smithsonian National Museum of History. Fruits like mango, peach, strawberry, banana, melon, or raspberry are suitable for creating this drink.

Many recipes call for a splash of orange juice. These days, margarita can be prepared in many different ways. When the word "margarita" is used by itself, it typically refers to the lime or lemon juice margarita, but when other juices are used, the fruits are typically added as adjectives in the name; with lime juice or lemon juice added to give it a characteristic margarita flavor a wedge of lime is often added to the glass.

Other varieties of margarita include fruit margarita, top-shelf margarita and virgin margarita. Coronarita[ edit ] Some bars and restaurants serve a "Coronarita", beer cocktail that consists of a bottle of Corona upturned to drain into a margarita. In formal settings margaritas are often served in a standard cocktail glass , while in informal settings, particularly with ice, margaritas may be served in an old-fashioned glass.

Rub the rim of a stem glass with rind of lemon or lime, spin in salt—pour, and sip. It was further popularized by the Jimmy Buffett song " Margaritaville ".