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Date: 12.01.2018

El narco (1985)

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For example, according to The New York Times: He was one of the founders of the Medellin Cartel. When he was captured, he was one of the principal chiefs of the drug cartel. At the time, his arrest and extradition was the hardest to beat drug cartel.

He was tried on drug-smuggling and racketeering charges. The American fugitive Robert L. Vesco died in November in Cuba. He was wanted in the United States for crimes ranging from securities fraud and drug trafficking to political bribery.

He was protected by the Castro brothers since Fidel Castro said in that Cuba allowed Vesco to come for medical treatment, accusing U. Cuban dictator did not specify the nature of the medical problems of Vesco. According to the indictment, Vesco obtained approval from Cuban authorities for this arrangement.

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According to ABC News: The officials say Castro, as Cuban Defense Minister, permitted Colombian drug lords to pay for the use of Cuban waters and airstrips as staging grounds for smuggling runs into the United States in the s and early s. Convicted Colombian drug boss Carlos Lehder of the Medellin cartel testified in a federal trial that he met twice in Havana with Raul Castro to arrange safe passage for cocaine flights over Cuban airspace.

The draft indictment, as described by a former Justice Department official who saw it, listed Raul Castro as the leader of a conspiracy involved in smuggling seven and a half tons of cocaine into the United States over a year period.

Scattered, largely unsubstantiated, they were greeted with skepticism. But by the fall of the proof was undeniable: Upon leaving port, the vessels would be provided Cuban flags and gunboat escorts to the feeder boats out of the Florida Keys. Now in the town of Santa Fe, Havana, Cuba, a junior high school named after him! At that moment he was president of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples -often used as a cover for DGI intelligence activities.

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He is godfather of the daughter of Colombian drug trafficker Juan Johnny Crump. Crump is in the federal witness protection program. The videotape, portions of which were aired by the TV news program QAP on Monday night, showed a man identified only as David pleading with Escobar to let him live after surviving an assassination attempt. These were not simply a few low-level Cuban officials. They demonstrated knowledge at high levels of the Cuban defense establishment. Reinaldo was the cousin of Capt.

Drug smuggling fast boats would come from Florida to pick up the cargoes.

Cuban coast guard radar monitored U. The conspirators were to fly three hundred kilos of Colombian cocaine into Varadero packaged in Marlboro cigarette boxes, transfer them to speedboats and ship them off to Miami.

The returning plane was to fly clean, the drugs aboard the speedboats. A Cuban MiG had escorted the original flight into Cuba. They landed at Varadero on May 9, As in the previous operation, the cocaine was unloaded, taken to the Cuban Coast Guard safehouses and loaded onto the Miami bound speedboats. At the end of the mission Chang was debriefed by DEA. Fifty hours of videos during the next few months iced the Cuba case. There were multiple discussions about high ranking officials and protection by the Castro regime.

Important names were thrown about. It was performed a drug-smuggling show trial: Fidel Castro betrayed two of his closest associates and sentenced them to death. I invite you to watch the video that show the show trial. Abrantes died in prison just two years later.

President Varela, everything indicates that the main purpose of the trials was to protect to Castro brothers from new revelations in U. The dictator Manuel A. Noriega was captured and brought to the United States for trial. He was convicted on charges of racketeering, money laundering and drug trafficking. The dispute when Noriega raided a Cartel laboratory in the Darien province of Panama in June, … The Cartel decided to kill Noriega in revenge, and Noriega turned to Castro for help.

He supported Noriega knowing full well that he was a dictator Papa Doc Duvalier style: Excuse me,have you received my emails? Why do not you answer me? President Varela, I repeat the second email I sent to you. Can you answer my request please? Y con el M menos. Nunca han sido de mi confianza.

Eliminaron al colaborador de Reagan en la guerra de los contras.