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Illustrated by Nellie H. Farnam and Mary Royt. First published by Row, Peterson, and Company, Giant Story Coloring Book. Vocal Score published by Rilting Music, Inc. Retold by Ronald Storer. Illustrations by Lynette Hemmant. Oxford University Press, An old woman passes by and the younger girl serves her water from her waterjug. She sends the older daughter to the spring. The fairy appears again, this time as a beautiful young lady. The angry mother sends the younger daughter away.

As she sits weeping in the forest a prince comes by and asks why she is crying. She tells her story. The prince admires her kindness and takes her to the palace. They are married and love each other very much. Design by Laurel Masten Cantor. There is a Disco at the Palace! The rest have gone and I am jalous!

An adaptation of the story into a rap chant for all ages. A 24 page read-along book and tape. The narrative provides favorite character voices, vivid sound effects, and memorable music. The text offers word-for-word narration that builds vocabulary and encourages reading independently. The book has beautiful art work to enhance the narrative.

From the Brothers Grimm: Has a section on folktales, types and motifs as well as introductions and interpretations of the specific films. Good follow up materials included as well. The Guide to Making Grimm Movies. Produced by Davenport Films. The appendix considers treatment, screenplay, storyboards, composition, glossary, and bibliography.

Fantasy Literature in the Elementary Classroom: Strategies for Reading, Writing, and Responding. Scholastic Professional Books, An Introduction to Fantasy Literature in the Classroom. Literature Studies, with discussion of teaching literature to intermediate children fourth graders and beyond through discussion, journals, oral readings, writing, and other projects.

An Author Study of E. White, with discussions of close reading and classroom reading; samples of student writing. Thematic Study of Cinderella, with sections on historical background, uses of a Cinderella center, Cinderella themes in popular culture and elsewhere, analyses of variants, recommended readings and videos, and a student packet that uses Cinderella to define what a fairy tale is.

Reading Fantasy Literature Aloud, with comments on story time as ritual and etiquette. Fantasy Literature in an Independent Reading Program. Includes bibliography for each chapter. The book is thoughtful, inventive, and a lot of fun. Illustrated by Children in Our Classrooms. Bon Mot Publishing, Cinderella at the Ball.

Illustrated by Janet LaSalle.

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A Beginning to Read Book. Modern Curriculum Press, A Curriculum for the 21st Century. Written by Katharine F. Design and layout by Maywan Krach. A Caribbean Cinderella, Domiatila: A Zuni Cinderella Story, Angkat: The Cambodian Cinderella, Jouanah: A Hmong Cinderella, Yeh-Shen: The works are summarized and incorporated into lessons for middle and upper grades.

Each story is accompanied by a booktalk, motifs and ideas for discussion, a connection subject area, and vocabulary exercises. Material for group activities and self evaluation are also included. Illustrated by Jane Caminos. New York and Toronto: The Fairy Tale Cookbook.

English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, which makes possible study of any of the nine in conjunction with any other of the nine. All menus and help files are in the language chosen.

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Not Just Fairy Godmothers! Illustrated by Spencer Alston Bartsch. They want more so Grandma explains that Cinderella stories come from all over the world, which she illustrates with an ABC, where each letter summarizes a version from different places.

Illustrated by Paul Dillon. Pieces of Learning [], Does not include the texts themselves. Curricular Organization for The Multicultural Cinderella, [Includes discussion of Curricular Organization for the use of the book, strategies for teaching cultural materials, a class schedule, and various study forms; 26 sheets of study guides on sixteen Cinderella tales, plus crossword and word search puzzles, tale summaries, multipurpose study charts, reading logs, and student evaluations of creative writing assignments.

Distributed by Brown Watson Leicester Ltd, copyright Cinderella weeps in the kitchen as the Fairy Godmother appears; the coach departs for the ball, with bowing footmen and wand waving fairy; Cinderella arrives at the ball in a splendidly bustled dress; the prince meets Cinderella, then hides her behind a curtain while others bow and try to peek; Cinderella flees down the staircase, losing her slipper; the wedding feast with the new couple flanked at the table by king and queen and a grand Bavarian wedding cake rising in the center.

This final scene of the feast is especially well done, with moving parts that make the servants wave their arms in celebration of the event while a cat and dog pop out from either end of the bench. The story is an efficient adaptation of Perrault. The front cover shows Cinderella descending the staircase, losing her slipper; the back cover shows the fitting as the mean and fat stepmother watches in dismay, along with her two ugly daughters who have taken their big shoes off.

The edition is a precise reprint of the first edition. All Action Pop-up Book. The front cover of this reprint shows Cinderella transformed in radiance by the fairy godmother with the fireplace in the background.

The back cover has a mandorla of her sitting by the fire in her raggety dress. The cover images are by a different artist. In the narrative the animals prove to be good friends. A frog becomes her coachman.

Illustrated by Pamela Storey. Brown and Watson, Cinderella in the kitchen meets the godmother; she sets out for the ball; she meets the prince while the stepmother scorns her; the stepsisters scorn her at the ball; Cinderella flees at midnight losing her slipper on the stair; the wedding feast. The cover depicts the Prince presenting the slipper to the patchwork Cinderella. My Favorite Pop-Up Book, no. A Division of Unisystems, Inc. Cinderella scrubbing the floor while the stepmother, daughters, and two puppy dogs watch; The young and pretty fairy godmother appears to scraggly Cinderella in the rose garden to prepare her for the ball; Cinderella flees down the palace stair, losing her slipper, as the Prince pursues; The slipper fits, to the amazement of all.

The cover shows Cinderella, wild hair flowing in the wind, waving from the coach as three white horses dash toward the palace. Pictures by Susan Rowe. Dial Books for Young Readers. At the end is the fold-out palace, with base ca. Between the two turrets is a functional balcony. Doors and windows open to reveal the palace interior where Cinderella may dance or relax in her own stand-up space. Includes Four Miniature Storybooks.

The miniature texts are in pockets placed at the base of the residence, to be removed and read aloud while the child plays with the edifice that rises when the book is fully opened flat and placed on the table, or whatever. Illustrated by David Wenzel. Design and paper engineering by Roger Culbertson.