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Nasty Neighbors (2007)

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History[ edit ] This section possibly contains original research. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. Chambers, technical supervisor and designer of the new facilities, and Powel Crosley, Jr.

In July , radio manufacturer Powel Crosley Jr. He owned the Cincinnati Reds baseball club from to Crosley was innovative, personally inventing, or funding the development of, many then—cutting edge technological advances related to his ventures.

He placed these in the able hands of his younger brother by two years Lewis, who was a graduate engineer from the University of Cincinnati. On March 22, , [2] Crosley and his Crosley Broadcasting Corporation began operating a commercially licensed, watt station, under its current call sign , WLW. The power increased to watts in September , and to 1, watts in May In January , WLW was the first 5,watt broadcasting station.

On October 4, , the station increased its power to 50 kilowatts. It was the first large amplifier used in the United States for public, domestic radio broadcasting and was in operation between and It operated in class C with high-level plate modulation.

The amplifier required a dedicated 33 kV electrical substation and a large pond complete with fountains for cooling. In April the station was authorized to operate at kilowatts during regular hours under the WLW call letters. On May 2, , President Franklin D.

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In December , WLW cut back to 50 kilowatts at night to mitigate the interference, and began construction of two shorter towers a quarter wavelength high, a half wavelength apart, and feet m southwest from the main tower. This adequately reduced the signal strength broadcast towards Canada. The two shorter towers were fed 85kW at 96 degrees out of phase with the signal to null in the opposite direction they were from the main Blaw-Knox tower. With these antenna towers in place, full-time broadcasting at kilowatts resumed in early However, WLW was continuing to operate under special temporary authority that had to be renewed every six months; each renewal brought complaints about interference, and undue domination of the market, by such a high-power station.

The FCC was having second thoughts about permitting extremely wide-area broadcasting versus more locally oriented stations.

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In the US Senate adopted the "Wheeler Resolution" which said that allowing more stations with power in excess of 50 kilowatts would be against the public interest. In the Crosley Broadcasting Corporation again applied for a permit to operate at kilowatts, but the FCC denied the application.

Many reports have surfaced over the years, from those who lived near the kilowatt transmitter, of power fluctuations. Residents would see their lights flicker in time to the modulation peaks of the transmitter.

It was widely reported that the signal was so overpowering some people picked up WLW radio on the metal coils of mattress and boxed bedsprings, [14] similar to KDKA in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Arcing often occurred near the transmission site.

However, the Crosley name was so well respected that Avco retained it for its broadcast division until A major promotion of the station in the s was the Boone County Jamboree. An ad in the trade publication Billboard in noted: An all time record—63 bookings in seven States.

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New attendance records established at 14 events. WLW was one of the last properties to be sold in From to , WLW was located in Mt. Adams , a trendy neighborhood overlooking downtown.

The address remained St.

In , as Jacor started to consolidate stations, the fifth floor was taken over by the human resources and traffic departments, along with new studios for WLWA, formerly WKRC.

In , Jacor moved all of its stations into the Mt. Adams facility leasing the entire building. It is believed WLW can be heard, regularly, in at least 38 U. Its daytime signal can be heard at city-grade strength as far east as Columbus , as far west as the Indianapolis suburbs, and as far south as Frankfort, Kentucky.

It provides at least secondary coverage to most of Ohio and Indiana, and much of northern and central Kentucky.

Under the right conditions, it can be picked up as far away as Cleveland and Chicago. In overnight host Dale Sommers received a call from Hawaii on his overnight program.

This delay-free broadcast gave the station a signal that reached the continental United States. Excluded from the simulcast was Cincinnati Bengals play-by-play coverage, as the station did not own the rights to broadcast nationally. The station was placed on the satellites by then Clear Channel programming executive Sean Compton brother of WLW overnight personality Steve Sommers, whose program continues to be broadcast on the platform , who claimed WLW was his favorite radio station.

Former on-air staff[ edit ] Current programming[ edit ] WLW airs a nearly entirely locally produced talk format, and is the flagship station for Live on Sunday Night with Bill Cunningham.

Cunningham also hosts a weekday program on the station. The station also broadcasts Cincinnati Bearcats and Xavier Musketeers games.