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Hangon lintuaseman julkaisuluettelo Publication list Suomen lintuasemat vuosina — Sex-specific timing of autumn migration in birds: Impact of sexual size dimorphism and differences in breeding investment. An empirical comparison of models for the phenology of bird migration. The impacts of temperature on the long-term variation in migration and breeding performance of birds.

Ornithology based on linking bird observations with weather data. Tulliniemi aukeaa kaikelle kansalle.

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The effect of hatching date on timing of autumn migration in partial migrants — an individual approach. Delayed autumn migration in Northern European waterfowl. Young and female-biased irruptions in pygmy owls Glaucidium passerinumin southern Finland.

Hangon lintuaseman vuosi Using first arrival dates to infer bird migration phenology. Do long-distance migrants use temperature variation along the migration route in Europe to adjust the timing of their spring arrival. Assessing changes in the phenology of bird migration. Trikomonoosiepidemian vaikutus Suomen viherpeippokantaan. Population trend and status of the endangered White-backed Woodpecker Dendrocopos leucotos in Finland.

Advanced autumn migration of sparrowhawk has increased the predation risk of long-distance migrants in Finland. Using negative binomial distribution to model overdispersion in ecological count data. Modelling irruptions and population dynamics of the great spotted woodpecker — joint effects of density and cone crops.

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Adult predation risk drives shifts in parental care strategies: Climate warming, ecological mismatch at arrival and population decline in migratory birds. Lintujen vuorokausiaktiivisuus rengastusten perusteella Hangon lintuasemalla. Uudenmaan linnusto — Lajisto, levinneisyys ja runsaus. Life history events of the Eurasian sparrowhawk in changing climate. Suomen lintuasemien toiminta vuonna Conceptual and statistical modelling of environmental effects in population dynamics.

Hangon lintuaseman vuosikertomus Skarven i Finland — hur det blev som det blev. Northern Bullfinch Pyrrhula p. Climate forcing on avian life history. Migration speeds among eleven species of long-distance migrating passerines across Europe, the desert and eastern Africa.

Itsenäisen Suomen sata vuotta - Suomi Finland 100

Lintukantojen kehitys Hangon lintuasemalla — Bird population trends based on the data of Hanko Bird Observatory Finland during — Hangon lintuaseman toimintakertomus Large-scale change in the sex ratio of a declining eider population. Climatic responses in spring migration of boreal and arctic birds in relation to wintering area and taxonomy. Rapid advance of spring arrival dates in long-distance migratory birds.

Winter climate affects subsequent breeding success of common eiders. Suomen lintuasemat — katsaus 12 aseman toimintaan. Harvalukuisten lintujen esiintyminen Hangon lintuasemalla Spring arrival of birds depends on the North Atlantic Oscillation. Pro gradu, Ekologian ja systematiikan laitos, Helsingin yliopisto.

Male sex bias in Eiders Somateria mollissima during spring migration into the Gulf of Finland. Body mass of six long-distance migrant passerine species along the autumn migration route. Lintujen muuton ajoittuminen Hangon lintuasemalla vuosina — Phenology of bird migration at the Hanko Bird Observatory, Finland, in Habitat selection of Sylvia -warblers during migration in Southern-Finland. Hangon lintuaseman vakioverkkorengastukset paljastavat: Linnut 96 —kongressi, Oulu, Kangaskiurusta Haliaksen aineiston pohjalta.

Hangon lintuasema Toiminta Hangon lintuasema Toimintakertomus Tringan lintuasemat , Porkkala ja Hanko. Tringa on yhdistys kaikille lintuharrastuksesta kiinnostuneille.