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Date: 13.08.2017

The Lovers (2002)

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On any given day, nearly , children are in the foster care system across the United States. Of these thousands of children, most enter the foster care system carrying little more than the clothes on their backs.

If afforded the opportunity to collect belongings, many children are handed a trash bag in which to carry their personal items. This transition is a time of great upheaval and instability. For most, a first foster home placement is highly unlikely to be their last. Comfort Cases believes that every child has the right to feel a sense of dignity. Every child deserves a special bag filled with belongings they can call their own.

Our cases are new backpacks or duffel bags filled with new items including pajamas, a blanket, a stuffed animal, hygiene and dental products, a book, and a fun activity.

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Rob knows that each of the items in a Comfort Case would have made a positive difference for him, his daughter, and three sons while moving from foster home to foster home. By educating communities about the issues facing children in foster care, we are leading a network of champions for children to take action.

Comfort Cases believes in the importance of inspiring youth to lead by example while becoming involved with efforts to support those in foster care.

One of our most celebrated forms of community engagement are our Packing Parties. To date we have accomplished this goal without corporate sponsorships and a nearly all-volunteer force.

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The impact Comfort Cases has on the lives of children in foster care is best expressed by the outpouring of stories from social workers and agency partners. These countless accounts tell of children who arrive and are waiting to be assigned to a first foster home with nothing but the clothes on their backs. For some kids, who have lost their parents and do not have a key to get into their house to collect any belongings, receiving a Comfort Case with a book and an activity while waiting for a placement is consoling.

Some of these youth have been taken from drug addicted parents and arrive in the middle of the night in soiled clothes. Having a pair of clean pajamas with a soft blanket and stuffed animal to clutch while awaiting placement provides warmth in a cold moment of despair. Comfort Cases wants each child in foster care to know that they have not been forgotten, as they are cared for during a chaotic, confusing, and scary time.

Comfort Cases is currently taking big strides to expand nationally, creating a larger footprint on the way we can strive to support youth in foster care. Comfort Cases was founded in on a mission to bring comfort and dignity to children and youth entering the foster care system. On any given day, there are nearly , youth in foster care across the United States. Many youth enter the foster care system with only the clothes on their backs. For foster kids who are allowed a few minutes to pack their belongings, a trash bag often serves as their suitcase.

Our goal is to provide foster youth with a new backpack or duffel bag to carry their belongings; our Comfort Cases include new pajamas, a cozy blanket, a stuffed animal, dental and hygiene products, a book, and a fun activity.

We are a nearly all-volunteer force! To support college bound pursuits to pave a brighter future and increase the rate of foster youth ultimately earning degrees, Comfort Cases has started awarding higher education scholarships. Ensure every child, sibling and parent impacted by childhood cancer has the support, encouragement and resources to Never Ever Give Up!