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Alien 51 (2004)

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For reasons that I put forth later in this document, I speculate that the being is wearing "cover-alls" and a "helmet" and that its coveralls might simply serve to keep its skin moist, rather than be a "space suit".

Studying the characteristics of sighting reports, it seems possible that such beings have been reported all over the world and at different times, but given different names.

Unbelievably, Filiberto Caponi reported a total of 5 encounters with the being. All encounters happened during night-time. In the first one of 9-May he did not photograph it. On May, he took two photos photo 1 , photo 2. On the Aug one photo photo 3 , where the being is within a dark covering. On Aug he took two photos of the being sitting photo 4 , photo 5 most detail. On Sep he took the last picture in which the being is seen upright with stretched legs and seemingly without its coveralls photo 6 - yes, I know it looks like a paper-mache doll The Caponi case was investigated and first published by british author Timothy Good, in his book "Unearthly Disclosure".

The small tubes both moved rhythmically. And an other important thing: I was convinced that the body was wet, it drained water, it dripped. From its head, water passed beside the eyes like some sweat. I want to emphasize that that evening my sister had also heard the noises, on the small terrace of our house, where my father had two drums in which he put water for watering the flowers. The drums were supposed to be full, but instead one was half empty.

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We have thought that perhaps it had gone to bathe itself. Maybe during the night, it had "undressed", dipped in a drum, washed, and jumped from the terrace, producing the noise of a jump in water that my sister heard. Another incident involving similar "reptilian" humanoid beings occured at the city of Varginha, Brazil in Jan Notice the striking similarities between the being in the Caponi photos and the descriptions of the beings at the Varginha incident witnesses: It had a bloated belly, the 3 girls were ridiculed about "pregnant ET".

Made a strange buzzing sound like a swarm of bees. Months after I had formulated the idea that the Caponi entity was possibly amphibian and its description was similar with the entities seen in Varginha , I stumbled upon a report by brazilian investigator Newton Augusto, who had independently arrived to the idea the Varginha beings were amphibian citing info from his own personal research, which however does not appear in the case files of the other Varginha investigators: Creature kept wrapped in wet sheets.

The alien was seen at the zoo on a location just a few meters from the lake. Skin looking wet - amphibious like. Roger Leir traveled to Brazil in and interviewed a Varginha doctor who said he examined one of the beings. According to Leir, the Brazilian physician observed brown shiny skin, reticulated with a discernable outline of large cells, much like reptilian skin, which though smooth, showed the outlines of scales.

The tongue was quite long and bifurcated. It had an external set of blood vessels -looked like varicose veins- which coursed up the shoulders into the neck area but did not go up the neck. No nails and no hair on the toes, or anywhere else on the body.

C2C interviews on Aug and May Gevaerd, Varginha is probably the best documented entity incident in the world, as over 80 direct first-hand witnesses have come forward to confirm the capture of at least 2 beings duration 2. AJG "according to witnesses who came very close, the beings were suffering in our atmosphere - seemed dizzy, esp.

It should be noted, that both in the story told by Caponi , as well as the individual stories told by people at Varginha , these beings had shown no hostility towards humans. However, Caponi developed a cutaneous blackening on his right foot, the foot he used to touch the cover of the little being, which lasted for 3 days. Many hens in the area were found dead, with amputation of limbs or of the head, but without signs of blood or bites.

They have been recovered all piled up. And in the Varginha case, the 23yr old Brazilian military policeman Marco Eli Chereze, who captured a being and took it in his lap with bare hands, died 25 days later by bacteria attacks, which led many to suspect an inexplicable immune system breakdown ref: Also, five animals in the nearby Varginha Zoo died unexplainedly, associated with sightings of such a being src: Leila Cabral, a member of the zoo staff.

Various regional names could be describing the same beings: Chupacabras since the s, "Moca Vampire" seen in local swamplands - again the water connection and "garadiablo" in the s in Puerto Rico.

Devon in and "Cornish Owlman". The gargoyles of medieval Europe. Various stories about "monsters" near water swamps, lakes, rivers. The name stems from animals found dead, but not eaten, instead drained of blood and internal organs removed.

There is usually no other evidence of a struggle or attack. The prey appears punctured by two or sometimes three puncture marks almost large enough to accommodate a human finger , frequently on the side of the neck, without showing trauma on the other side, as would occur with a bite. Video based on Unsolved Mysteries episode on Chupacabras 8min: If in the dark it changes to a dark color; purple, dark grey or dark brown.

If in a sunlit area with vegetation; it changes to green, green-gray, light brown or beige , It stands upright -bipedally- on three-toed feet with its forearms suspended at chest level "Praying-Mantis"-like and hops in "leaps".

It walks with its hind legs flexed -as though slightly crouching- opening them sideways. These appendages can stay flat on its back, but witnesses describe seeing them rise and move rapidly, become "rainbow-colored" i. Some reported seeing it levitate cm 1ft and fly for several meters without the use of wings.

This creature stands on two legs and is a dark smokey grey. It seems to be covered by a sort of peach type fuzz in the same grey color. The eyes are enormous almond shaped. My husband saw this thing first and in the dark the eyes appeared to be black. A few days ago I had an amazing encounter with one and the eyes appeared much lighter, almost fasceted to me. They were light as well as reflecting the nearby lights in their depths.

The head is an oval shape that is much wider on the top. The arms have three digits that have very long claws on the ends they connect at the shoulders. The arms themselves are very thin and give the appearance of limited power, and yet we watched in fascination as it tore open the chainlink of the pigpen almost effortlessly.

From some angles it resembled a mini person about three to four feet tall approximately 75 to 80 pounds. When it walks it has a slumped over gait. The one time my husband went after it at the pigpen he noticed these spikey things on its back like porcupine quills that seemed to move independently.

When he got close they began to twitch and he was thoroughly convinced that this thing could launch them if he chose to. Letter from southern California [Note: Is there a correlation between UFOs and Chupacabras?

People who have been doing field-investigation seem to think so: I have no doubt that it forms part of the UFO phenomenon. In some instances, the creatures have been observed as they were levitated inside flying saucer and pyramid shaped UFOs in a beam of light. There have been questionable rumors they have attacked and even killed humans, but none confirmed to the best of my knowledge. Also the "Chupa-chupa" "suck-suck" phenomenon in in Amazonia, with UFOs emitting a strong light and sucking blood from people more.

There have been some highly disturbing cases of human mutilations reported e.

It has begun" documentary one of the very few no-nonsense ones on the subject , narrated by French ufologist Jacques Vallee, PhD 9min: Many ancient cultures have legends of amphibians or serpent people, like Oannes, who instructed the early inhabitants of Mesopotamia in civilization: Surviving fragments of "Babyloniaca", a history of Babylon written in Greek by Berossus , talk about the pre-Sumerian tradition on the origins of civilization.

They credit "repulsive" amphibian beings, "the Annedoti" and their leader "Oannes", with founding the Mesopotamian civilization. In the daytime he came up to the seashore of the Persian Gulf and instructed mankind in writing, language, the arts, and the sciences.

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The Sumerian language does not appear to be related in any way to the Indo-European languages, or, for that matter, any other language that has ever been spoken on earth.

More recent work of Juan Jose Benitez more. He also said Nommos had red eyes, 3 fingers and breathe via a hole in what would be our stomach area. According to Temple, Dogons believed that beings from a planet orbiting around the Sirius-C star came to Earth in the distant past, landing in a place where their ancestors came from Temple suggested that this was probably Egypt. Most depictions show kappa as child-sized humanoids, though their bodies are often more like those of monkeys or frogs than human beings.

Some descriptions say their faces are apelike. They feed on their hapless victims by sucking out the blood, entrails, liver, or "life force" depending on the legend through the anus. Even today, signs warning about kappa appear by bodies of water in some Japanese towns and villages.

Every once in a while, the shells would shoot skyward, hurling their occupants up and away until they were lost from sight in the sky. American Indian tribe named the Twightwees, on the banks of the Little Miami River, talked about a lizard-like creature called "Shawnahooc", meaning "demon of the river. They were covered with leathery skin, had wrinkles of skin instead of hair, mouths with wide froglike lips, and lopsided chests. One creature held over its head a bar-like device that emitted blue sparks.

The air around them smelled of alfalfa and almonds. Also, a couple of sightings by policemen in Mar though later denied. All the sightings were made in the vicinity of water.

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UFOs were usually portrayed as spaceships inhabited by beings in search of water, who were interested in little else. The Toltec Mayan god Gucumatz was described as a "serpent of wisdom" who enlightened humankind. There are the Nagas, the handsome, semidivine Serpent People with supernatural powers who figure in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions more.