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Date: 27.09.2017

High Midnight (1979)

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Cult films are usually strange, quirky, offbeat, eccentric, oddball, or surreal, with outrageous, weird, unique and cartoony characters or plots, and garish sets. They are often considered controversial because they step outside standard narrative and technical conventions. They can be very stylized, and they are often flawed or unusual in some striking way. Most cult films cut across many film genres science fiction, horror, melodrama, etc.

A sampling of the wide range of film genres and sub-genres covered by cult films includes: Shaft Cult Westerns: Heathers , Clueless Cult Sci-Fi: Most often, obscure and cheesy cult films are made by maverick, highly individualistic film-makers with low-budget resources and little commercial marketing.

And cult films are rarely, if ever, sequels, since then they would have attained mainstream appeal and widespread success. More about Cult Films: Many cult films fared poorly at the box office when first shown, but then achieved cult-film status, developing an enduring loyalty and following among fans over time, often through word-of-mouth recommendations.

Cult movie worshippers persuasively argue about the merits of their choices, without regard for standard newspaper or movie reviews from critics. A cult film is often designated as such "in the eye of the beholder" without fufilling any definition. They elicit a fiery and intense passion in devoted fans, and may cause cultists to enthusiastically champion and become devoted to these films, leading to audience participation, fan club membership, and repetitive viewings and showings at repertory cinemas.

Cult films have tremendous followings with certain groups, e.

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The concept of long-playing, taboo-breaking, eccentric midnight movies designed to appeal to urban film fans was thereby born. But just because a segment of devoted viewers pre-teen girls repeatedly watch a film - such as Pirates of the Caribbean: However, there are the most popular cult films, such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show and any of the Star Trek films, that have developed cult followings with all the trappings.

One of the biggest, best-known cult films was not intended to become so popular. It used real-life dwarfs, pinheads, and other human freaks portraying sideshow circus performers to present a jolting story of revenge.

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They were highly-acclaimed, award-winning films that were prominently shown in the mainstream, and it had been too early to judge them as cult films. It takes time for a film to reach cult status. Camp films are cult-type films, but they are often poorly made or ludicrous, yet still enjoyable and appreciated. Cult films follow no rules or pattern - some cult films are popular only among certain limited groups of audiences or friends.

The iconic film was essentially a trashy tale set in a mysterious Gothic castle with kinky extraterrestrial Transylvanian transvestites, two stranded young people including an underwear-clad Susan Sarandon , and a mad scientist.

Fans of the film would line up wearing costumes and bearing props to be unleashed during the midnight showings. Likewise, the classic weeper An Affair to Remember has developed a loyal following it was a remake of Love Affair , was paid homage in Sleepless in Seattle and remade as Love Affair with Warren Beatty and Annette Bening. The Sound of Music when re-released in the late 20th century was presented as a sing-along version with subtitles along the lines of the participatory Rocky Horror, with fans dressing up as nuns, lonely goatherds and Nazis.

Conversely, some of the most praised films have pornographic origins, such as the ground-breaking Behind the Green Door due to its star Marilyn Chambers appearing in her first adult role she was a former All-American Girl and Ivory Snow detergent model.