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Date: 21.12.2017

The Stowaway (1965)

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Frustration with a failing economy, anxiety over the at-large serial killer Son of Sam, and a sweltering summer day and night resulted in mass looting across the city.

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But the city was no stranger to being forced into darkness Fifty years ago today, The Great Northeast Blackout affected approximately 30 million people in both the U. In remembrance of its 50th anniversary, here are 12 of the biggest power failures around the world.

Power was restored for most people within 13 hours. It would be over nine hours before authorities were able to restore power. Sometimes, the sun emits billion-ton clouds of ionized gas, known as a coronal mass ejection CME.

On March 10, , a CME " about the size of 36 Earths " and equivalent to "the energy of thousands of nuclear bombs exploding at the same time " escaped. Schools and businesses were forced to close during the 12 hour blackout, as well as the Montreal Metro and Dorval Airport.

A bolt of lightning struck an electricity substation, which in turn shut down Itaipu, which was the largest power plant in the world. To make matters more complicated, the power system of Brazil was privatized days before the event.

Mines and Energy Minister Rodolpho Tourinho assured that this had nothing to do with the outage, saying, "A lightning bolt is an exceptional fact, there is no reason for doubting the reliability of the Brazilian electrical system.

Despite economic expansion in India, the blackout was used by some as an excuse to push for privatization of the electrical industry to bring it up to date. What actually happened was a high-voltage power line in Northern Ohio brushed against overgrown trees, causing it to shut down.

When the alarm system that would typically alert FirstEnergy Corporation failed, the incident was ignored. This started a domino effect, and by 4: Southeast Canada and eight Northeastern U. The incident prompted the creation of a joint task force between the U.

Usually a middle-of-the-night power outage means that few people will notice it. Because of this, trains were still running at 3: About trains carrying more than 30, passengers were stranded as a result. Jakarta, the capital of the fourth most populated country in the world, lost power, and half of the Indonesian population ‚ÄĒ million people ‚ÄĒ were without electricity for almost 11 hours.

The company said that the problems began in northwestern Germany when its network became overloaded, possibly due to that manual switch off although transmission lines had been shut down in the past without incident.

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The blackouts stopped trains in Germany and trapped dozens of people in elevators in France and Italy. Austria, Belgium, and Spain were also affected by the outage. Frustratingly, many citizens were without power during Chinese New Year celebrations. Some residents told reporters that they had to walk one kilometer to a well and back in freezing temperatures just to procure water.

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The CBS news magazine would later report that the incident was also the work of hackers, but a Wikileaks document would eventually refute that claim. To prevent hacking, a voice command was now necessary to disrupt the power system, and access was only given to a small group of authorized operators. Any sabotage from internal employees would be deadly to the saboteur, and investigators would have found "physical evidence, including the body of the perpetrator," had the incident been the work of foul play.

In the most disturbing and vivid detail, The Guardian reported that electric crematoriums stopped operating, some with bodies left half burnt before wood was brought in to stoke the furnaces.

Overloading and human error were eventually blamed for the troubles. This post originally appeared in