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Date: 10.11.2017

Within the Law (1917)

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Plot[ edit ] Bayard Veiller wrote the play in In the first act, word comes to the department store owner Edward Gilder that one of his former sales clerks, Mary Turner, has been convicted for stealing and given a three-year prison sentence. Gilder is pleased because he had asked the judge to make her an "example" to other employees. Turner asks to speak with Gilder before she goes to prison.

While Gilder waits for her arrival, his store detective detains another woman, a customer, for stealing.

This woman is the wife of a prominent banker, so rather than have her arrested, Gilder apologizes to her and lets her go. Turner arrives and tells Gilder she has been wrongly convicted.

Although she says she never stole, she pleads with Gilder to increase the wages of his clerks, so no one who works there will be forced to steal. Gilder rejects her arguments, and she leaves for prison swearing revenge on him for his treatment of her. Upon getting out of prison, Turner sets up a gang that engages in shady activities that are just within the boundaries of the law.

When the stooge reveals the plot, the gang member kills him, leaving Turner and her new husband at the scene to be found by the police. It seems that Turner may go to prison again, but she is saved when the guilty party confesses that she had no involvement in the crimes.

Brady mounted the first production in Chicago. In he took it to the Selwyn brothers Archie and Edgar Selwyn , who brokered plays, to find a producer for it. Several prominent producers considered it, including David Belasco , George M.

It was repeatedly rejected. The production duo of Louis Dreyfus and Herman Fellner took an option on the play, but they ran into financial difficulties and the option lapsed. Brady thought the lead role would good for his wife, actress Grace George.

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She decided not to take the part, but Brady continued with the production anyway. Brady asked writer and theater manager George Broadhurst to make some script revisions.

Brady closed the Chicago production on June 22, The Selwyn brothers bought it back under the auspices of one of their businesses, the American Play Company. They were joined by several partners: Woods , and Crosby Gaige. The show opened at the Eltinge on September 11, It was the biggest hit of the — Broadway season. It ran for performances and did not close until December Nine different companies toured North America, while another opened in the United Kingdom.

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It opened at the Cosmopolitan Theatre on March 5, , but closed after just 16 performances. Grace George initially accepted the part for the Chicago production, but changed her mind during rehearsals and decided she did not want to play the leader of a criminal gang.

Emily Stevens took on the role instead. Cowl specialized in portraying tearful women [11] and considered her skills well-adapted for the role. Mack appeared in both the Chicago and Broadway productions, both times playing Joe Garson, the gang member responsible for the shooting.

The characters and cast from the Broadway production are given below: Orme Caldara with Jane Cowl in a scene from the Broadway production Character Broadway first run cast [14] Other notable performers [15].