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A Royal Welcome (1998)

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Stops were made at Adelaide , Melbourne , Sydney and Brisbane. The Duke recovered fully and continued on to New Zealand seven months later. They arrived at Albany, Western Australia in May, crossed to South Australia in a passenger vessel, travelled overland to Melbourne and from there sailed on a naval vessel to Sydney.

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The royal couple later travelled by train to Sydney. During the tour in which he was accompanied by Lord Louis Mountbatten , his railway carriage overturned near Bridgetown, Western Australia.

The following year they under took a Royal Tour without the baby. The Duchess of York was, in her own words, "very miserable at leaving the baby". The principal duty of the Prince on this visit was to open the provisional Parliament House in Canberra, on 9 May They spent 12 days in New South Wales , seven in Queensland , four in Tasmania, eleven in Victoria, six in South Australia, six in Western Australia and three in the Australian Capital Territory , with the remaining 10 for travelling and recreation.

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According to a report by the director-general of the royal visit, Cyril Brudenell White , "the Royal Visitors had expressed the wish that when travelling through the States they might have opportunities of seeing and of being seen by, the greatest number of the general public. They especially desired to meet returned soldiers, new settlers and school children. One aircraft, that of Flying Officer Charles Ewan, crashed.

Ewan died that evening in hospital. He sailed to New Zealand from Brisbane, before returning to England. She had two years earlier been en route to Australia when her father died while she was on a private visit to Kenya , forcing her to return to the United Kingdom. In all, the Queen travelled 10, miles by air, making approximately 33 flights, miles by road hours in cars in trips , visiting all capitals except Darwin and 70 country towns, many by special "royal trains".

This extensive travel allowed some 75 per cent of the Australian population to see the Queen at least once during the tour[ citation needed ].

It does not require much imagination to realise that when eight million people spontaneously pour out this feeling they are engaging in a great act of common allegiance and common joy which brings them closer together and is one of the most powerful elements converting them from a mass of individuals to a great cohesive nation.

In brief, the common devotion to the Throne is a part of the very cement of the whole social structure. She travelled to the Australian Capital Territory, Sydney, Melbourne, Tasmania, Adelaide and Perth, as well as many provincial and country areas during the time of her visit 14 February — 7 March.

Planned as a less formal tour than the one in , the Queen and Prince Phillip returned in , touring all the states and territories, with the primary purpose being to lead the Canberra jubilee celebrations commemorating the 50th anniversary of the naming of the capital.

She travelled in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory before leaving, with a brief stop in Brisbane on the return flight. The new Tasman Bridge was opened by the Duke in Hobart. This was not an official trip as the Prince was there primarily for schooling. A press release of 10 January made this clear, stating that he should be left alone by journalists: He travelled to the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and Tasmania, where he helped volunteer fire fighters to fight a local fire.

This was a very popular tour and large crowds turned out to see the Queen. In January , a retired police detective revealed an unsuccessful attempt to derail the Royal Train near Bowenfels, New South Wales on 29 April This time the Queen returned to London on 28 February for a General Election in Britain, cutting short the tour, which the Duke of Edinburgh completed.

In the s the Queen made short tours to open the new High Court of Australia building in , the new National Gallery of Australia in and the Parramatta Stadium in During the visit, at a ceremony held in Government House, Canberra , she signed a proclamation that brought into effect the Australia Act , which severed the final constitutional link between Australia and the United Kingdom. Future Princess of Wales , Lady Diana Spencer made a short private visit to Australia with her mother and step-father to their sheep station at Yass, north of Melbourne in early February Prince Charles had proposed to her less than a week before.

The Prince of Wales visited Australia shortly after the announcement of his engagement and prior to his July wedding in October November 8, visited Victoria for th anniversary of the state. Also during this tour visited Canberra. The Prince and Princess of Wales also made a visit during the bicentenary celebrations in The Queen and Prince Philip also made a popular visit in as part of the bicentenary celebrations.

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In the last years of the decade she did not visit the country to avoid being embroiled in the debate about future of the monarchy. Her next tour was timed to be made well after the referendum on the republic. The Australian government of John Howard had advised the Queen on the timing.

In the Queen made an extended tour in the states of Australia which was followed by another visit in when she attended the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting He also had lunch with the Prime Minister, John Howard , visited a neo-natal unit in Heidelberg, visited victims of bush fires in Victoria and attended the opening and closing ceremonies of the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne.

As well, the royal couple opened a new section of the Sydney Opera House, attended a Commonwealth Day ceremony in Sydney, had official meetings with the Prime Minister, Governor-General and Leader of the Opposition at Government House in Canberra, lunched with former governors-general, met with firefighters in Canberra, attended and made a formal speech at an official dinner at Parliament House in Canberra to commemorate her 80th birthday and watched some of the events at the games.

At a reception in her honour held at Parliament House in Canberra on 21 October , the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard , described the Queen as "a vital constitutional part of Australian democracy". The world witnessed the anguish of Australians as they lived through a summer of national disasters. We were all inspired by the courage and resolution shown by those affected in the face of crippling desolation. Ever since I first came here in I have watched Australia grow and develop at an extraordinary rate.

This country has made dramatic progress economically in social scientific and industrial endeavours and above all in self-confidence. A visit was made to Norfolk Island in