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Date: 18.12.2017

House II: The Second Story (1996)

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The Story of Talbot House (Toc H)

Forced to abdicate, he was replaced by a Provisional Government committed to continuing the war. Capitalizing on this situation, the Germans secretly transported the exiled Vladimir Lenin in a sealed train from Switzerland to Russia in the hope he would enflame the turmoil.

German expectations were realized on the night of November when Lenin led the Bolsheviks in a successful attempt to grab the reigns of power in St. Anti-Bolshevik forces the White Russians immediately took up arms to oust the Communist regime and Russia was plunged into a brutal civil war. Against this backdrop of political chaos, the Tsar and his family were initially kept as prisoners near St.

Petersburg and then transported beyond the Ural Mountains finally ending up in the town of Ekaterinburg in the Spring of The seven members of the imperial family and their small retinue were confined to the house of a successful local merchant, N. By mid-July a Czech contingent of the White Army was approaching Ekaterinburg and the sounds of gun fire could be heard in the distance by the royal prisoners and their Bolshevik captors. The arrival of their potential liberators sealed the fate of the Tsar and his family.

During the early morning hours of July 17 the Tsar, his wife, children and servants were herded into the cellar of their prison house and executed.

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He describes what happened: In about an hour the whole of the family, the doctor, the maid and the waiters got up, washed and dressed themselves. The Tsar carried the heir in his arms. The Empress, her daughters and the others followed him.

Yurovsky, his assistant and the two above-mentioned members of the Extraordinary Commission accompanied them. I was also present. They did not weep or cry. Having descended the stairs to the The Ipatiev house first floor, we went out into the court, and from there to the second door counting from the gate we entered the ground floor of the house.

When the room which adjoins the store room with a sealed door was reached, Yurovsky ordered chairs to be brought, and his assistant brought three chairs. One chair was given to the Emperor, one to the Empress, and the third to the heir.

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The Empress sat by the wall by the window, near the black pillar of the arch. The heir and the Emperor sat side by side almost in the middle of the room. Doctor Botkin stood behind the heir. Two servants stood against the wall on the left from the entrance of the room. The maid carried a pillow. It seemed as if all of them guessed their fate, but not one of them uttered a single sound.

At this moment eleven men entered the room: Yurovsky, his assistant, two members of the Extraordinary Commission, and seven Letts [operatives of the infamous Cheka or Secret Police].. The blood was running in streams. The doctor, the maid and two waiters had also been shot. When I entered the heir was still alive and moaned a little.

Yurovsky went up and fired two or three more times at him. Then the heir was still. How To Cite This Article: The pillows carried by the women were later found to be filled with diamonds, pearls and other precious jewelry.

In addition to the imperial family, the executed included: