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La virgen de Guadalupe (1918)

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Existing landmarks[ edit ] J.

Desde el templo del Lucero: Los vinos medicinales en la antigua publicidad del Marco de Jerez

Magallanes Interchange[ edit ] The Magallanes Interchange , which was conceived in and opened in , was one of the first structures of its kind in the country.

It also contains artifacts, such as the fossils of pre-historic animals and earthenware. In , during the reign of Mayor Nicanor Garcia, the structure was rebuilt using concrete materials.

In , while it was still used as a town hall, then Mayor Maximo Estrella had it renovated. In , when the offices of the local government of Makati moved its office a few miles from this building, the old town hall was used as the Municipal Library. The touch of the Renaissance period is found in the main entrance with rose window and simple Doric columns. The interiors and the window details, meanwhile, have influences of Baroque architecture.

The floor plan, on the other hand, is Romanesque. The church was damaged due to an earthquake in and in during the early skirmishes between American and Filipino troops. Peter and Paul Church is the oldest church in Makati, which was opened to the faithful in Pedro de los Montes at a site named Buenavista through the generous donation of Capt. Pedro de Britto in Peter, one of the patron saints of the parish. It is located at the corner of the Ayala and Makati avenues.

During its early years, it was among the top three hotels in the country - along with the Manila Hilton in Ermita and the Savoy Hotel later becoming the Hyatt Regency in Pasay City. It closed in and the building was demolished shortly thereafter to give way to a new development to be named One Ayala.

Hagdang Bato[ edit ] This part of Namayan was sacred to early Tagalogs. During the Revolution on 10 June , Gen. Rizal Theater[ edit ] This was the first luxury movie theater and performance venue in Makati and was located south of the Makati and Ayala avenues intersection.

It opened in and was demolished in to give way to the construction of the Makati Shangri-la hotel opened in which presently stands on the site.

El Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe, 12 de Diciembre

It shared the same name as the Cinematografo Rizal located in Manila , which was the first cinema not owned by foreigners. Santa Ana Cabaret[ edit ] This twentieth-century nightclub photos , owned by an American named John Canson, was once advertised as being the largest cabaret in the world.

It opened in Tejeros in and was in business until , when a typhoon destroyed it. It is also said that Edward , Prince of Wales once visited it.

During World War II it was converted into a garment factory, producing shirts and military uniforms for the Japanese.

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After the Americans returned to Makati in February , they converted their famous dance hall into a temporary medical facility. Its modern counterpart is the Valkyrie Nightclub in Taguig. Santa Ana Racetrack[ edit ] Opened in by the Philippine Racing Club, it was the first notable sport venue of Makati, and was the forerunner of other famous Makati sport venues where international competitions were held such as the Manila Golf Club, which located in Makati in , the Manila Polo Club, which relocated to Makati in , and the defunct Astrobowl Magallanes.

During World War II it became a military storage area, and as a consequence was targeted by aerial bombardment toward the end of the war.

Afterward, they built a pontoon bridge seventh photo which was one of two such temporary bridges they had to build after the last remaining bridges spanning the Pasig River—Banzai Jones and Santa Cruz MacArthur —were blown on 5 February.

This pontoon bridge was damaged and knocked out by artillery fire on 10 and 11 February and was reported as having been repaired photo.

The Art-deco buildings of the racetrack were later used as a headquarters by US General MacArthur and also by Allied translators and interpreters. Horse racing resumed during the postcolonial period. Toward the end of the twentieth century, an increase in the taxation of winnings combined with a rise in the ownership of TV sets led to a decline in attendance, which resulted in the closure of the racetrack in December and its demolition in In , the hospital moved into its own building, an Art-deco structure in Makati, and at the beginning of the thirties was one of two hospitals in Rizal Province.

By , this medical facility, which had thirty-four beds, was classified as a general hospital which treated all sorts of diseases except those requiring compulsory segregation in government institutions, and by that time was admitting patients of nationalities other than Spanish.

Santiago Hospital, which was once considered to be one of the best hospitals in the Philippines, closed in the s as a result of the increasing urbanization of Makati.

Also over a decade earlier in , the Spanish briefly operated in Guadalupe an orphanage, a type of institution which in their point of view was a medical facility.

In , the Americans also opened an orphanage in Makati, at Casa Quinta. Culture and sports[ edit ] The Ayala Museum Makati is home to a number of fine art museums, colonial-era churches and recreation areas. The Makati Coliseum is another famous sports landmark in the city, where some of the biggest sports gatherings are held. The Ayala Museum is a private fine arts and history museum housing various exhibitions such as the "Gold of Ancestors," an exhibition of more than one thousand golden pre-Hispanic artifacts.

At the Greenbelt Park stands the modern domed chapel of the Sto. Ana race track into a mixed-use development, featuring entertainment and sports facilities. It will sit on a hectare property - the last available sprawling landbank in Makati and will be dubbed as " Circuit Makati " in honor of the Sta.

There will be a FIFA-sized football turf which will be used for games and for football workshops. It will feature a 2-hectare open-air events ground, which can accommodate up to 20, people.