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Date: 31.12.2017

Baby Mine (1995)

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Intro duction For many years, Bill Bigelow, an Oregon high school teacher, played out the same scene for his students. According to his log, Columbus believed that he had reached Asia and was near Japan and the Chinese Empire.

Columbus, The Original American Hero

Immediately after Columbus finished making his announcement to the empty air of taking possession, the natives began arriving on the beach. On the se cond day of discovery, Columbus made first mention of the subject that dominated his logs thereafter: As usual, the natives fled when they saw the ships. On December 25, , with Columbus aboard, the Santa Maria ran aground at night while a boy was steering.

On that fir st epic voyage, Columbus began the unfounded myth that the Caribbean natives practiced cannibalism. In January of , Grenada, the last city held by the Moors on the Iberian Peninsula, fell to the Spanish armies, which ended several centuries of warfare. The Sec ond Voyage, The Invasion The second voyage was not the three-ship excursion into the unknown of the previous year. Diego Alvarez Chanca, also wrote a letter, and those three accounts are the main surviving primary records of the second voyage.

On November 14, two weeks before the fleet arrived at the fort manned by the 40 Spaniards left behind on the first voyage, Columbus, Cuneo, Coma and Chanca recorded a native encounter on St. To the Spaniards, those awestruck natives were merely more slaves to capture.

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When Colu mbus sailed back to Spain, he gave the men at the fort several admonitions. The town of Isabela lasted two miserable years before it was abandoned in favor of the site at Santo Domingo.

Columbus was ill for a few months in late Columbus was so intent on saying that he found Asia that he engaged in a bizarre act in Cuba. When the Spanish eventually invaded Mexico and the Florida region, it was evident that those native cultures were more familiar with warfare than the naked Caribbean people. The purpose of the pacification campaign was to begin turning the native population into submissive and pliant slaves. The cleverness of the Spaniards and a sense of humor?

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Columbus des igned a tribute system. The quota was impossible to meet. The d ogs that the Spaniards brought were large, strong breeds such as mastiffs and greyhounds, trained to kill.

Ironically, the other animals that the Spaniards took along for food were the dogs themselves. One event that Las Ca sas witnessed is recorded in his A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies , the classic, polemic account of how the Spaniards treated the natives. When Hatuey heard that the Spaniards were coming, he gathered his people and told them that the Spaniards had a god, and they would kill to get their hands on it.

That strategy did not save them. Multitu des died in the horrific mine conditions. In , the complete extinction of the Taino people was the unanimous view in academia, and I was not even aware of any challenges.

Today, some p eople are claiming Taino genes and an intact ancestral culture, and some academics and scientists are taking their claims seriously, while others see Taino ancestry claims as wishful thinking.

There are nu merous accounts of the psychological dislocation that the natives manifested. Kirkpatrick Sale summarized the native puzzlement toward their exterminators: The accounts were disquieting when describing the native flora and fauna on one page, as Cuneo did, then on the next casually describing killing more than 20 natives with crossbows and firearms from their ships, as a prelude to "trading" with them.

The Spania rds were quick to suspect that their "hosts" were plotting against them.

Muc h has been made of Columbus over the centuries. If it were not Colu mbus, it would have been another European. With most good propaganda, most frequent are the lies of omission, not commission.

Why does America celebrate Columbus Day? My fellow Americans and white people of the Western Hemisphere can not all get on boats and sail back to Europe. Along with Z inn, there have been other efforts to counter the Columbus Myth propaganda. Or turn the story of Columbus around a little. Will Americans ever stop celebrating or overlooking the murderous acts of our ancestors?