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His mother died when he was very young. By the time he completed his education, he had become an experienced drama artist. He won the best actor award for this role in the play directed by Sheppard.

His first film was Marumakal , directed by S. Chari and produced by Paul Kallungal. He was credited Abdul Khader itself in this film. PremNazir started his career when drama was the most popular visual medium and film making at its infancy. Prem Nazir acquired the halo of a romantic hero and a loyal following. His tear-jerkers were very popular with women audiences and soon made him a darling of the masses.

He soon became the first real star of Malayalam cinema. Costumed musicals, filmed start-to-finish within the confines of a studio, contributed their own. All such films for a long period kept him before his fans, nourished his romantic image and provided him unlimited scope for rehearsing and refining his talent in essaying diverse roles. From to , Prem Nazir rode high at the crest of a tidal wave of popularity and also gave his best to Malayalam cinema.

Nazir catapulted to the row of the finest actors of India with the film Iruttinte Athmavu Playing a demented youth — Velayadhan, Prem Nazir discovered his prowess as a dramatic actor of great intensity. Many critics have evaluated this role as his masterpiece, and as one of the finest onscreen performances ever.

Vasudevan Nair , the film provided Malayalam cinema with a new direction; that of the low budget film.

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One could see a lot of the pre-occupations of the scenarist, who carried the touches of human relationships through all of his subsequent films whether as screenplay writer or director. In spite of its large number of studio shots and overall theatricality, the film was so culturally rich that many of the episodes would become archetypes for future Malayalam film makers dealing with family drama.

It depicted the story of an imbecile finely portrayed by Prem Nazir in a joint family with remarkable sensitivity and seriousness of purpose.

During his peak time, Nazir gave life to many characters and enjoyed a wide popularity among all sects of the society. He has played historical characters based on Vadakkan Pattukal. Aromalunni , Kannappanunni , Thacholi Ambu and Padayottam are some major films in this genre. Although the actor faced criticism for playing such roles as his physique was least suited for it, he still enjoyed a huge fan following among the audiences.

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He was well known for his roles as Hindu deities like Rama , Krishna and Ayyappa. In his movies, Nazir was well known for essaying the eternal romantic hero and the good guy who would bash up the villains without remorse.

Even though Nazir could not regenerate after the mids, he maintained his superstardom till the beginning of s. In , 39 of his films got released; a record. He also holds the record for having acted in the most leading roles - about films with 85 heroines; another record.

Another record is for the most enduring screen team along with actress Sheela. They played opposite each other in movies by Although Sheela is known as the lucky mascot of Prem Nazir, his movies with other heroines like Jayabharathi and Sharada were also big successes at box office. Prem Nazir pairing with comedian Adoor Bhasi was a sure-fire laugh riot. The void left by this duo is yet to be oxxupied. Yesudas was perfect for the audience. Even today many consider the Nazir - Yesudas combination of song sequences remains the best ever on screen.

He is quite popularly described as Nithyaharithanayakan The Evergreen Hero , which do justice to the fact that he was acting as the hero in his elder years as well. Senior Malayalam cine actress Kaviyoor Ponnamma has revealed that Prem Nazir was a very good singer, and had training in Carnatic music. He mostly played supporting roles with the then super stars Jayan , Sukumaran and Soman.

This shift, from a super romantic hero to character roles, gave him many powerful characters during the mids. His last completed film was A. In one of his last interviews, he had expressed a desire to direct a film with Mammootty and Mohanlal in the lead.

He was not only a fine actor but also a good human being. He tried his hand in politics and had joined the Congress Party but he never contested elections. He is also a social reformer and with a helping mentality to others. He helps with money to some public needs in and around Chirayinkeezhu. Nazir also wrote a book on the film characters he essayed, Enne Thediyetha Kathapathrangal. Although he was the first in the family to begin acting in movies, he later began producing films - Agniputhri, Thulaavarsham, Poojakku Edukatha Pookkal, Neethi and Keni to name a few.

Prem Nawaz has the distinction of acting in the first ever colour film made in Malayalam - Kandam Vechu Kottu. Prem Nazir has three daughters viz. D Nazeer [ edit ] Accolades and achievements playing lead roles in more films over most lead roles opposite the same heroine films with Sheela lead roles in more films released in a single year 39 films in lead roles opposite more heroines 80 heroines [ edit ] Awards He was awarded the Padma Bhushan in by the President of India in recognition of distinguished services of a high order to the nation in his field acting.

The Prem Nazir Award was initiated in his memory, in , for excellence in contributions to the Malayalam cinema Industry.

He has also held the position of National Film Award jury chairman. He is known for his amazing longevity in that he was active during the peak years of other iconic malayalam superstars like Sathyan and Jayan acting alongside them in 60s and 70s respectively. Nazir who began his movie career in the early 50s, later acted alongside popular future stars like Mohanlal by the 80s. He was a mainstream superstar in malayalam for over a quarter of a century from late s to early 80s. He also has an unofficial recognition of playing a campus character while in his late 50s.

D series and the Vadakkanpattu series. In most of these movies Nazir teamed with Adoor Bhasi , a famed comedy actor who would accompany Nazir characters in investigations. These hit mainstream popularity with the trendsetter Lanka Dahanam and are perhaps the single most popular movie series in malayalam film history. The waves created by this movie series continue in malayalam cinema, arguably to this day.

It has inspired numerous adaptations and similar series like for example popular CBI series with Mammootty in the lead and a satirical CID series of Mohanlal-Sreenivasan team. Other inspired films are C. D Moosa with Dileep in the lead. Another popular film series starring Nazir was a series of movies based on Vadakanpaattu which are part of the traditional folklore of Kerala.

These are tales of martial warriors spread over generations through folk songs. A similar historical film series began later with Mammootty in the lead. Nazir played one of the heroes alongside Sathyan. Dhwani The Sound — This was his last completed film.

The film was a hit due to several factors like the excellent performances by Prem Nazir, Jayaram , Shobhana , Suresh Gopi , Thilakan , and the everlasting music by maestro Naushad.