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Date: 12.02.2018

Bilkos Tax Trouble (1956)

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Clay Adams Recording Engineer: Kevin Pines Supervised by Edward J. And the Pentagon loves it!! Honnegar goes on the show and he is doing brilliantly. Even though in the last 12 years Schmill have never scored against Notre Dame and over points have been scored against Schmill in all of the matches. Although he knows he has no chance Ernie organises a publicity campaign that has Big Ed quaking in his boots.

So nervous he even tries to buy back his bet. Bilko uses a strategy from the hit musical My Fair Lady to make her glamorous to get Angie jealous. The thing is Ernie now wants Rosa too!!

He gets Doberman to help the dim McClusty through the qualifying exam, but then Doberman passes instead and no one has the heart to tell him he is just too ugly. The classes are run by two lovely ladies!! Then, Bilko convinces Zimmerman that Diane is a raving beauty. He convinces them so well that even he starts to believe it!! Taking Henshaw, Barbella, Doberman and Fleischman, Bilko visits the relatives and convinces them that the parrot means more than they thought.

He tells them it holds the clue to a treasure map and Bilko tells them he lost it on a horse. Then Ernie has a brainwave he says he is going to pay all the cash back with the money he generates from breeding mink. Bilko gets a telegram offering him a part. The Camp psychiatrist gives him some advice and Ernie listens and takes heed.

He gives up gambling and he even gets up for reveille. He can now sleep soundly; the trouble is no one else can!! But her snooty family refuse to invite the boys father to the wedding because he is not a commissioned officer. Hopping mad, Bilko goes to Philadelphia to get the sergeant begged to attend the wedding. Of course they are turned down because Captain Buckmaster says they want new material for the show.

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Then Ernie hears Paparelli humming a catchy tune in the shower. He decides to make it the Motor Pools new official song.

Paparelli can only remember the song when he is in the shower however, so Bilko records it there, puts the song on paper and gets the platoon to hum it around Colonel Hall so that he thinks he made it up.

The colonel then enters the song in the talent contest and He tells Doberman to go to the jewellers and pick him up the gold charm in the form of a doghouse. At the same time Kadowski wants his engagement ring picking up. Doberman gets the two items but gives them to the wrong women and All that next night and day Bilko and his fellow Sergeants, Grover and Birch, cover for Ritzik around the post.

When he returns with his winnings the colonel finds out and locks him in the guardhouse to protect the money. So the other sergeants try there hardest to get in there with him. Playing themselves in this show is Bing Crosby and Everett Crosby. The whole camp then finances him for a trip to Las Vegas, but the colonel gets suspicious and declares Nevada off-limits to soldiers. Then, with the help of the air force, Ernie sets off for Monte Carlo instead and So Ernie masterminds a campaign to get Doberman elected to the office of mayor.

Perkins has been thrown out of fourteen other army camps!! He starts a succession of practical jokes on the platoon: Bilko decides to get his own back and On the way back to the barracks Lester bumps into Ritzik and Grover and they clean him out at poker in 5 minutes.

Ernie vows revenge and spreads a story around that Lester is into voodoo and that the God Goombar curses anyone who takes advantage of Lester. Bilko has all contest forms sent to the motor pool, he keeps one and burns the rest. Then he gets every platoon member to sign the form, not realizing they are volunteering to be bitten by mosquitoes carrying the Caledonian Fungal fever.

Ernie intends to get the money himself with the help of the US Air force. Playing himself in this episode is Mike Todd Bilko gets local shopkeepers to advertise on his new station, WBBH.

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The programmes on the air include: He has the platoon doing exercises and even drills on a daily basis. Ernie thinks what Wallace needs is a woman. First appearance of Miss Wigman the Librarian. After watching him, Bilko sees a chance to get some money.

The shower is freezing but scorching for Ernie. He, unwittingly, helps Doberman guess how many jelly beans are in the jar. Then he randomly picks eight out of eight winners in the days horse races. He gets his old army buddy, Sam Snead, to hit the ball when the colonel shuts his eyes and swings on the tee.

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Bilko magnetises all of the golf green cups too. And the colonel goes around in a record score!! Playing himself in this episode is Sam Snead. Ed Sullivan meets them there and together they watch scenes that have been "supposedly" cut from past shows. Playing himself in this episode is Ed Sullivan.