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Janet Leaves Home (1977)

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Storylines[ edit ] Zak arrives in the village in October and immediately challenges old bare-knuckle boxing adversary Ned Glover Johnny Leeze to a bare-knuckle fight, which he goes on to lose. Despite discovering that Ben had a heart defect, the Dingles still blame Luke and force the family, except Luke, to leave the village. Lisa gives birth to a daughter, Belle Emily Mather at Christmas , which is a shock as she did not know she was pregnant.

When a bus crashes in the village, Butch is injured and his condition rapidly deteriorates and he dies, leaving Zak devastated at the second death of one of his sons. After some violent words, the two men accept the situation and a bond develops between them.

In , Zak discovers he has testicular cancer , confiding in long-time friend Seth Armstrong Stan Richards , although Seth originally gets the wrong idea. Zak decides to not get treatment but Seth, his son Sam James Hooton and nephew Marlon Mark Charnock kidnap him and force him to come to his senses, he goes to hospital. As soon as he recovers, domestic harmony is shattered when his elderly mother, Peg Jeanne Hepple , comes to stay.

Zak blames Peg for the death of his father, Jed Richard Mayes , believing she murdered him but when she reveals that Jed deserted them, they declare a truce. Zak later finds a dying Jed, who tells him of a fortune in Chile. Zak leaves to find the fortune, much to the shock of his family and in his absence, Lisa becomes close to Eddie Hope but realizes she still loves Zak and they reconcile on his return.

Sam and Alice marry but Alice develops cancer and dies shortly after their son, Samson Bradley Milnes is born.

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Zak and the family rally round to help Sam. Zak strikes up a friendship with Rosemary King Linda Thorson. He takes her at face value, despite her being devious and manipulative. They get on and she asks him to keep a discreet eye on her son, Grayson Sinclair Christopher Villiers , and let her know what he is doing.

She hires him as gamekeeper at Home Farm and confided family secrets, knowing she could trust him. Rosemary bonds with Belle and pays for her to attend private school but Zak cuts this associate short when he learns Rosemary has been poisoning her daughter-in-law Perdita Hyde-Sinclair Georgia Slowe. When Cain is viciously attacked in December , Zak is very uncomfortable to the extent he refuses to visit him hospital.

He later reveals himself to Cain as his attacker when he discovers Cain is trying to get Jai Sharma Chris Bisson falsely imprisoned for the crime.

He takes Samson now Sam Hall poaching one day and accidentally leaves his phone in the van. Lisa and Sam are frantic with worry. At the appointment with the radiologist, the doctor warns Zak that in the abnormalities could be pancreatic cancer , but also could be a simple curable form of the flu.

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However, an appointment later reveals that Zak does not have pancreatic cancer. Zak begins to act erratically and becomes paranoid, he is told by a vet that his chickens are healthy but in his paranoia and belief that there is something wrong, he kills them.

He later starts believing he has cancer again and talks to a doctor about it, the doctor tells him he does not have cancer but Zak refuses to believe it and tells his family that he has cancer. It later becomes apparent that Zak has suffered a nervous breakdown and is later sectioned. Lisa is heartbroken by the news, and her and Zak separate. Early in , Zak tries to regain the attention of his estranged family, especially after they all begin to act rather out of character.

Much like the rest of the family, Zak is devastated by the news, and Joanie begins to question his loyalties. On the day of the wedding Zak is upset after thinking that Joanie has jilted him, however she arrives at the church late and they are eventually married.

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Despite his commitment to Joanie, Zak still remains close to Lisa causing Joanie and him to argue constantly. On Christmas Day, Joanie splits up with Zak due to his unresolved feelings for Lisa and he tried to reconcile with Lisa, who rejects him. When Joanie dies suddenly after being released from prison, Lisa comforts Zak in his grief and she accepts him.

Casting[ edit ] He arrived with the rest of the Dingle family and along with the family was to "run riot through the rural tranquillity and put the muck back into the mix". The family where originally supposed to be "nothing more than a bit of spot of bother over a couple of episodes" but later were kept.

They also labelled him as occasionally being "a violent man" who is "prone to jealousy, however, he will do anything for a quiet life and a pint in the Woolpack! He added that "[The Dingles] do strike a chord with a lot of people. Most of us will never be rich, so they can identify with the Dingles much easier than rich characters".