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Date: 05.01.2018

Mole Sisters (2003)

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It has a triangular shape with its narrow part to the north. The state occupies 33, km2, ranking 20th of 31 states in size, and has 4, named communities. Dividing much of the state from Veracruz is a small chain of mountains called the Sierra Madre del Golfo. The Cordillera del Sur and Mixteca Alta are located in the west and southwest covering less than 2. This river receives further water from tributaries such as the Acateno, Atila, Amacuzac, Molinos and Cohetzala.

The river has one major dam called Valsequllo or Manuel Avila Camacho. This river eventually flows west to the Pacific Ocean. This system has two major dams called the Necaxa and Mazatepec.

The third is based on the large number of small lakes fresh water springs as well as some volcanically heated springs. The state has eleven different climate zones, but five predominate. The high volcano peaks have a cold climate. These forests mostly consist of pines, holm oak , oyamel fir and other conifers Abies religiosa , Pinus pseudostrobus , Pinus attenuata , Pinus ayacahuite , Pinus leiophylla , Pinus patula , Pinus teocote , Quercus spp , Quercus rugosa , Alnus spp , Arbutus spp , Cupressus spp and Juniperus spp.

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Much of these areas have been extensively logged and some areas are used to farm trees. These trees are used for wood, paper and other wood-derived products. Due to human activity over , hectares are considered to be severely damaged. The most common species include Ceiba parviflora , Bursera simaruba , Cedrela odorata , Swietenia macrophylla , Spondias mombin , Brosimum alicastrum , Coccoloba barbadens , Pithecellobium arboreum , Lysiloma divaricate , Phoeba tampicensis , Acacia coulteri and Ficus spp.

These forests are also exploited for wood and other products, including traditional handcrafts. Low growing plants are used to feed livestock. Little is known about the ecosystems of these forests, but it is known that these areas are important to the regulation of water in area rivers. Human activity has severely damaged over 32, hectares.

Types of vegetation often found includes mesquite, huizachal and agave, with species such as Agave spp, Yuca spp, Opuntia spp, Aristida spp and Stipa spp. There is no forestry here but a number of plants are used for fibers, waxes, resins, handcrafts, medicine and a number are edible to both humans and livestock.

Many of these arid areas subdivide into microclimates depending on minor variations in temperature and precipitation. Some areas, especially dry grasslands, have suffered overgrazing and soil erosion.

These are mostly found in the higher elevations of the mountains where the average temperature is around 15C and at heights of between 2, and 2,masl. Above 3,m Pinus hartwegil is dominant. Pine species which are the most economically valuable and include Pinus montezumae , Pinus psedudostrobus , Pinus ayacahuite , Pinus geggil , Pinus hartwegil , Pinus lawsoni , Pinus leiophylla , Pinus michoacana , Pinus ocarpa , Pinus patul and Pinus teocote.

The second most common kind of forest is dominated by oyamel fir, often intermingling with pines and oaks. Forests with trees such as Juniperus spp. Upper forests are characterized by dense vegetation in fairly humid climates.

The tree canopy reaches an average height of 15 meters.

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Not all species are evergreen, with a number losing leaves during the dry season. During the same season, a number of species also flower. For this reason, these forests never completely lose their color. Common species include Cedrela sp. Most forests of this type are located near the borders with Veracruz and Hidalgo. These areas often have a dry season of seven or eight months, and many of these forests will lose most or all of their leaves during this time.

Common species include Bursera simaruba , Lysiloma divaricata , Phoebe tampicensis , Acacia coulteri , Beaucamea inemis , Lysiloma acapulcensis and Zuelania guidonia.

Other are populated only by the occasional cactus, with those belonging to the Fouquieria family standing out on the landscape. Where there are arroyos, the vegetation changes drastically to include a wide variety of plants packed along a narrow strip. Other areas in this part of the state are semi-arid, home to a variety of plant and bird species. Access to the park, especially to the volcanoes themselves is more restricted than in the past due to past ecological damage.

Even further restrictions are put into place when the Popocatepetl volcano is active.

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However, the park has numerous hiking and horse paths in the forests that cover the lower elevations. On the slopes, there are many small caves, which in pre-Hispanic times were often used for ceremonies. It is really a series of small valleys covering hectares filled with conifer forest. The attraction here are the stone formations which resemble stones stacked one over the other which take on numerous forms.

Some have been said to resemble objects such as dogs, elephants, human heads and monsters. Most of the area is only accessible by foot or horseback.

The dry lakebeds contain water only during the rainy season, which runs from summer through fall. The two largest are Salado and Totocingo Lakes.

The first is seven km long and two km wide and the second is larger.