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Date: 19.01.2018

Miss Iza (1933)

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Dark, disturbing records that no sane person would ever want to hold. Here are 10 of them. As his train pulled into a station, Han lit a gasoline-filled milk carton and casually tossed it over his fellow passengers.

The results were shocking and immediate. The train burst into flames, the padded seats releasing toxic clouds of gas onto the platform. A train approaching from the other side was also caught in the inferno. Its panicked driver locked the doors, trapping his passengers inside. Over the next half hour or so, people died. By the time Han was convicted, the total had risen to Kristie Cornell Imagine being confined to a tiny cell for 23 hours a day, with nothing to do and no one to do it with.

How long do you think you could take it for? A month, maybe two? Well, Albert Woodfox has been living this way for over 41 years. A former member of the Black Panthers, Woodfox was thrown into solitary in his Louisiana prison after a guard was murdered. Implicated alongside him were two other prisoners, Robert King and Herman Wallace. King was released after 29 years in solitary. Wallace was released after 40 and died three days later.

Woodfox is still there, despite Amnesty reporting literally zero evidence linking him to the killing of the guard. Lovers at a time when homosexuality was considered an abomination before God, they had the joint misfortune of being the last people in England to be executed for the crime of sodomy.

The year was While staying in a lodging house, Smith and Pratt were caught—both metaphorically and literally—with their pants around their ankles and were thrown in prison. After a quick hearing, a judge sentenced them to death. One of their final visitors was the novelist Charles Dickens, who later wrote a moving account of their imprisonment for his Sketches by Boz. This flash of empathy came too late for either Smith or Pratt though, who reportedly died thinking the world would forget their names.

But perhaps none is quite as sickening as the rise of teenage assassins. Barely out of puberty, these young killers have gained a reputation for terror and violence. This reputation is made all the worse by the story of Edgar Jimenez Lugo. At 14, Lugo was one of the youngest contract killers ever known, and certainly the youngest to ever be convicted. In , he was arrested for decapitating four men in the Mexican state of Morelos and hanging their bodies from a bridge.

At the time of his arrest, his phone carried photographs of his presumed victims suffering extreme torture.

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Lugo was held morally inculpable for his actions due to his age and upbringing. Still, he served three years. The facts surrounding the case are slightly murky even now, but it appears that Lundquist suffered from dementia and wanted the room all to herself. The murder may have been less due to animosity as to mental problems.

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During his reign, corruption ran rampant and national humiliations were rife. However, he the GDP per capita multiplied a gigantic 9. But according to the historian Timothy W. Ryback, we may well know who it was: At 5 pm on April 12th, , Kahn was the first of four Jews to be executed at a Nazi camp. They were killed just outside the tiny village of Prittlbach, better known by its more famous name: As mayor of the sleepy town of Taba, his most-significant achievement should have been opening a local mall or judging a line-dancing contest.

But Rwanda in the mids was no ordinary place. Ethnic tensions that had been simmering for years were on the verge of boiling over into violence. When they did, this tiny town would become ground zero for some of the worst atrocities in human memory. In the first weeks of the Rwandan genocide, Akayesu played the hero, declaring his town a safe zone and keeping the violence at bay.

On April 18th, , Akayesu donned a military jacket, called a meeting, and declared war on his Tutsi neighbors.

On his orders, local militiamen went from house to house, torturing and murdering children and raping women. In the aftermath of the massacre, he was indicted by the International Criminal Court. On September 5, , he became the first person in history to be convicted of genocide. He was still a teenager. If anything, it made them worse. Amnesty International currently accuses him of thousands of instances of torture, forced disappearances, and unlawful executions during his reign, not to mention appropriately huge levels of embezzlement.

But even bombers only rarely reach the total number of people killed by Gamil el-Batouty. As a pilot for EgyptAir in , he has the crappy distinction of taking more people with him than any other non-terrorist in history.

In , Gamil was a man disgraced. Although nearly 60, he had a voracious sexual appetite that manifested itself by him sexually harassing female employees, exposing himself to teenagers, and stalking random women.

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Understandably, the airline was fed up with his shenanigans and was making moves to fire him. Unfortunately, they told him this while he was still in charge of a plane. All people on board died when he placed the plane into a nosedive and cut the fuel. This was a larger body count than either the London Underground or Madrid Train bombings. Despite theories abounding, no evidence has ever been uncovered to suggest Gamil was a terrorist, or anything but a petulant, unhappy man.

If this is true, then his impulsive suicide was likely the deadliest by an ordinary person in all of history.