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Date: 27.10.2017

Oh Those Nurses! (1982)

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Its theme of obsessive sexual behavior brought outrage and controversy by Jewish leaders, feminists, and Nazi concentration camp survivors who opposed the idea of seeking sexual gratification by abuse from a Nazi captor.

She learned that he was in-hiding and working as a night porter at the Opera Hotel where she was staying as a hotel guest with her famous American conductor husband. The Iconic Cabaret Flashback Scene with Lucia Charlotte Rampling In one sexually-provocative, visually-stunning scene a flashback , Max had perversely forced a bare-breasted, topless Lucia to dress only in pants with suspenders , lengthy black leather gloves, and SS-Nazi headgear subsequently a Nazi fetish costume often duplicated , and perform a seductive cabaret number to the tune of a Marlene Dietrich song for a group of concentration camp Nazi guards.

During the narrated flashback, Max had promised Lucia that he would transfer away from her an abusive prisoner named Johann, if she would do the dance for him.

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However, instead of transferring the other prisoner, the depraved Max had Johann decapitated and presented Lucia with his severed head in a box a reenactment of the Salome biblical tale.

As a potential war criminal, he was being pressured by the ex-Nazis to rid themselves of guilt for their complicity in the Holocaust, by turning in Lucia.

When he refused, the lovers hid out in his apartment, and were soon after executed. This lesbian vampire film capitalized on the parallel connections between vampirism and sex, and eroticism and bloody gore.

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Their lips are moist and very, very red! Fran Marianne Morris and Miriam Anulka Dziubinska In the opening scene, the two were shot down in their bedroom by an unknown assassin - and the film brought up the possibility that the two bisexuals in the English countryside were ghosts of the murdered females haunting a gothic castle. As the film proceeded, they hitch-hiked or waylaid passers-by on a nearby foggy country road.

Transient travelers became lured male and female victims, who were taken to the castle, fed wined and dined , offered carnal sex, and then wounded and drained of their blood. The bloodlusting vampyres eventually murdered with knives in order to feast on fresh blood - although without fangs.

After Elizabeth with locks of white hair was kidnapped from her bedroom, she was carried into the woods by the Monster, while he was being pursued by torch-bearing villagers. She awoke and tried to bargain with him when he grunted at her. But when she saw his "enormous schwanstucker," she changed her mind and barked out willinglly: At last I know the secret of your arms. Afterwards, she shared a post-coital cigarette with the Monster actually, after an inhuman six bouts of sex , who lit two in his mouth and gave her one - an after-sex standard practice in s films.

As they smoked, she continued to deliver one-liners, such as: Oh, all right, seven has always been my lucky number.

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Come over here, you hot Monster. You better keep your mouth shut! Oh, I think I love him! The operation was interrupted when the villagers attacked the castle and destroyed some lab equipment, but the Monster, now sophisticated and intelligent, was able to placate the mob. Frankenstein ended up marrying his lab assistant Inga Teri Garr , and the Monster had coupled up with Elizabeth. When in their honeymoon bed, Inga asked Frankenstein about the results of the sex operation: You know, in the transference part, the Monster got part of your wonderful brain.

But what did you ever get from him?