Swallow Me P.O.V. (2004) watch online (quality HD 720p)

Date: 12.02.2018

Swallow Me P.O.V. (2004)

We offer you to watch the movie Swallow Me P.O.V. (2004), which you can enjoy in the arms of a loved one. This film is in HD quality. Less words, more movies! Watch and enjoy!

Come on, how many people get to actually live out not only their own dream, but the dream of thousands of other raincoaters as well? After years of shooting some of the best raincoater porn on the market, he went to his bosses with the idea of shooting a POV line. As much as that was probably true, he was also onto something.

A few years after pitching the idea there are quite a few POV lines on the market, but no one does it as well as Mike does. And since this is the DVD, there is an additional scene to enjoy.

Jennifer Luv has been in other Mike John movies, but now he gets to enjoy her himself. He watches her get dressed and talks for a bit, but there is nothing she has to say that is as interesting as her perfect nineteen year old body. After checking her out thoroughly he has her suck some cock. The POV offers us amazing oral footage as pretty little Jennifer devours his dick. Cowgirl is really good for this kind of movie because of the vicarious thrill it allows.

Of course it works much better when you have a beautiful girl riding the cock and looking like she is having the time of her life. Eye candy and energy mean a lot and Jennifer has plenty of both.

Her shaved pussy lips grip the shaft on every stroke as she gives him a great looking ride. After a short tit fuck, he shoots his load right into her mouth and watches as she swallows it all like a good girl. Shelby Belle is a good looking blonde with a great ass and pierced nipple.

She is a great tease who gets topless and crawls around on her knees. Erik Everhard is the lucky guy who gets to whip his cock out and slide it into her mouth. Her blowjob is short, but she wants to lean back and take it in her pussy.

I like the mish, but in this scene the doggy is even better. He holds the camera high and lets Shelby work her butt back against him to take every inch. She spins around and pushes her ass down around his rod. Both holes get some attention in reverse cowgirl, but he finishes her off in missionary, straddling her face and leaving a big wad of cream in her pretty mouth. Alicia Rhodes is a very dirty girl who is happy to suck cum from any cock that is lucky enough to get close to her.

She leans back and coos in her sweet British accent as she waits for his dick. Alicia takes a few strokes at a time and then drops to her knees to taste all of her juices. She fucks really well in cowgirl, thrusting her hips forward to jerk him off with her twat. Slowing down only slightly to work it up into her ass, Alicia keeps stopping for a taste every few strokes. How did she land in this movie without working before? She is totally cute young girl with an interesting look.

He is too busy watching her try on some clothes and rub her tiny little pussy. For a new girl, Sable sure knows her way around a dick. Her mouth goes right for the head and she looks into the camera as she blows him. Keeping the oral session short, he starts fucking her pussy. Her energy is impressive and her ass looking great in doggy. Mike gives her a few good minutes before shooting into her mouth. Please, please, please shoot more movies with this girl Mike. Gia Paloma is yet another teenager who is ready to go.

She is a low key tease who really turns up the heat when she lets her outstanding rack out to play. With an intense look on her face, she takes his cock in both of her hands, sucking and licking the head. He slides it between her tits for a bit, enjoying those fantastic fun bags.

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Mike gives her a pocket rocket to use on her clit while she keeps sucking his dick. This gets her off quickly and in return she fucks Mike well enough to get him to shoot his wad in near record time.

Not finished yet, he has her get on all fours and hold her cheeks open. Gia does anal really well and gets tit fucked before he is ready to feed her a second load. Everhard is back to shoot a scene with the lovely Laura Lion. She strips down to her bran and panties before getting on her knees. With her boobs barely out of the bra, Laura gives an energetic tit fuck that looks fantastic.

Erik goes right for her pussy, keeping the camera perfectly steady as she holds her tits up for inspection. Laura really has a great body and her sexy ass gets a serious work-out. He takes her from behind for some really good footage and then flips her over so we can enjoy every inch of her body. After he tit fucks her for a long time she gets a dose of cum to swallow. In addition to a great behind the scenes reel and photo gallery we get a bonus scene.

Misty is a very pretty girl from Prague who goes one on one with the POV pervert. I love the fact that some porn makers are adding scenes to their DVDs that are every bit as good as the ones in the movie.

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This flick is minutes plus nearly thirty minutes with this one. Misty is really pretty with a great set of tits that get well fucked. She gives really good head with outstanding eye contact and looks nearly perfect from head to toe.

If there were a weak scene in the regular movie I would suggest that this one replace it, but with no weak links, this is just a bone-stiffening bonus. His flicks are far and away the best of the genre. This latest effort is exactly what point of view fans are looking for. It is perfectly shot with totally hot babes and footage that gives us all a vicarious thrill. It would be tough for me to imagine a more fun girl to fuck than Jennifer Luv and her scene backs that up.

Alicia Rhodes and Shelby Belle are also tremendous this time around.

If I were shooting my own porn, I would want it to look just this movie.