The Man with the Golden Gun (1974) watch online (quality HD 720p)

Date: 04.08.2017

The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)

We offer you to watch the movie The Man with the Golden Gun (1974), which you can enjoy in the arms of a loved one. This film is in HD quality. Less words, more movies! Watch and enjoy!

Hi-Score Pool , United, , two players, coin operated bumper pool game. Hole in One , Games Inc. Hooligan Pool , Chicago Coin, circa , coin operated bumper pool. A two player head-to-head pinball game with backglass animation mechanical horses that move along a track.

Two people can play simulataneously, trying to advance their horse feathers to the finish line first. Hot Shot Basketball , Midway, , a mini bar-style basketball arcade game. Horse Shoes , Exhibit Supply, , Horseshoes a dice game, but does not payout, more of a trade stimulator.

But still a neat game, just not a pay out model.

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Hyroll , Bally, s date unknown , rolldown game. Ice Cold Beer , , Taito, Try and use the two joysticks to tip a motorized bar back and forth, maneuvering a ball up to a specific lit hole on the playfield. Similar to Zeeks Peak.

Imperial Shocker , Mills Novelty Co. Indian Dicer , Gottlieb, to , a dice machine trade stimulator. Ingo , United Distributing, s exact date unknown , a small battery operated 4 D cells strength tester. A nickel is put in the handle, and it falls down to the base of the game where the coin box resides. Patron squeezes the handle to move the lights up as far as possible.

Invaders , Sega, Jaycopter , Jaycopters Recreation Ltd. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada , The object of the game is to fly the helicopter so it lands on each of three numbered heliport pads in order spaced around the playfield. As you progress through the three pads, trees start to come into play one near the pad 2 and two surrounding pad 3.

Jitters , Exhibit Supply, year unknown.

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Jumbo , Sega, The more cars loaded, the more points. Uses an 8-track tape player for sound. Killer Shark , Sega, , shark moves around and the player shoots it with a spear gun. It has a series of slides on a wheel that make the shark move and thrash around when shot. Lift-O-Graph Monkey Lift , International Mutoscope, , a monkey strength tester where the patron tried to get the monkey up as high as possible on the pole.

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Lunar Rescue , Sega, Maneater , Project Support Engineering, , Man Eater is an early black and white video game but in a very unique shark-shaped cabinet. Massage-o-Matic , Genco, s exact date unknown , coin operated massage chair.

Meadow Lark has three hole golf course with a five stroke penalty lake hazard. Mercury Athletic Scales Strength Tester , Mercury Steel Corp Detroit , s exact date unknown , available in several variants from a counter top model to a floor model. Mini Futbol , Sega, late s exact date unknown , a mechanical soccer type arcade game. Must shoot holes one to nine, in order, with a limited number of shots.

The rights for this game were bought from Southland Engineering. Hence Mini Golf is very similar to their Little Pro game.

Score reels only show strokes taken and hole number. Monkey band , Mike Munves, s exact date unknown. Has a continuous loop tape playing circus music and the animated monkeys play along.

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Adjustable timer plays music for 10 seconds to 2 minutes. German made machine sold by Mike Munves in NY. Monkey Shines , maker unknown, year unknown, two players shot a ball in a bagatelle type mini playfield, trying to advance their monkey up the pole. First one to the top wins. Monkey Organ , Mike Munves, s exact date unknown , music plays and as the user cranks the wheel the monkey moves his head and bangs the symbols.

Moon Rocket , maker unknown, year unknown. Nudist Colony , Exhibit Supply, , a colony of live ants living in a glass house. Patron bets on rotating horses. Only about of these were made, as they did not sell well they had to compete with videos and pinballs. Owl Lifter , Mills Novelty Co. Pacer , Evans, s exact date unknown , horses race under a glass dome. Paces Races , Pace, to , the first console slot machine where horses race under the top glass. Has a manikin golfer next to the conventional "pitch and bat" style bat.

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Poker Arena , Whichard Industries Inc. PopCorn Machines , coin operated Pop Corn machines by various manufacturers during the s, s, s. Portable Candy Race Track , H. Evans, date unknown, the track turns by an operator and the horse closest to the finish line wins, and the patron gets some candy. Pro-Bowler , Sega, , two players, mechanically animated manikin bowling game.

Five foot playfield length. Pro Hockey , Chicago Coin, August , two player hockey game. Punching Bag, Mills Novelty Co. Punching Bag , Sega, s exact date unknown , a boxing strength tester. Player 1 controls the plane up and down, the speed a tiny machine gun mounted on the plane that lights up every time the trigger is pulled. If the Player 2 button is pressed, this controls the speed of the Austin Mini Cooper by means of front floor mounted gas pedal. Try to out run the bi-plane to the tunnel or slow down to make the bi-plane pass the car.

Punch the Bag , Exhibit Supply, , a boxing strength tester. Quizzer , maker unknown, s exact date unknown , a trivia game with lights trivia cards. Game had s of questions, all realative to the s. Payout goes into a hidden drawer compartment. Similar to the Paces Races. Red Ball , Midway, , a ball popping game where the player tried to get a redball into certain positions on a bingo style grid. Although very simple in design, this is a LOT of fun to play.

One or two players can play. You spin the disk on the right side to throw the horseshoe towards the pit on the other side of the glass. As it spins, the horseshoe lights up going across the glass.

It can land in the pit for one point, a leaner for two, or a ringer for three. You get seven shots per game, and if you get a ringer on the third or sixth I think shots, you get an extra toss. It is so simple and stupid, but it is fun. Roll in the Barrel , O. It was possible to circle the globe if you could afford it.