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Date: 31.08.2017

Windy City (1996)

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If you only watch first team football and pay no interest to our youth teams, this will likely be your only prior knowledge of our young attacking midfielder: Now 19, and without having seen a single minute of first team football since that day, he might be starting to question why he eventually signed a new contact.

But this, it turns out, is not the only controversial uttering of Pochettino on Edwards. As a year old he was seen by some as a sulker. He apparently had run-ins with the hierarchy.

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Before he signed his new contract, there were rumours of rifts with the club over assurances that he wanted regarding his route to the first team.

But by all accounts these are things of the past, and Edwards has got through this fairly typical teenage phase and knuckled down, worked hard, and performed pretty consistently for a player of his type. And if there were such significant issues, why would the club have offered Edwards a contract that runs until ? You could even bundle Dele Alli into this conversation, who Pochettino has rightly persisted with despite various comments to the press about his character.

I am a fan of both of these players but there is no denying that they had both dropped off previous performance levels, and I had started to wonder if terrific early potential had started to fall away.

Conversely, Edwards has been mostly consistent. There are so many schools of thought on Edwards: My opinion is a little different. I think Pochettino is struggling generally to integrate youth players. Since Pochettino took charge he has only truly brought through one youngster: In the four years prior to Pochettino, we brought through a really good number of young players, and Pochettino arrived with such a strong reputation for developing youth.

Many will argue that I am biased in favour of youth players, and I cannot deny that this is the case. I openly admit that I would generally rather we put more faith in maximising our academy investment than sign players as punts, such is the level at which our academy output is.

Most proponents of our academy only truly rate a relatively small proportion of our youth players and absolutely do not call for regular youth player starts.

The fear is that youth players will make catastrophic mistakes which will lead to… what? Goals, sendings off, nervousness setting in… the inability to pass to that player because they might make an error… something.

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Is it more risky playing Walker-Peters than Serge Aurier? I feel like I should also mention Moussa Sissoko now, but it feels like kicking a puppy. Ultimately all new players require just as much patience as youth players. The reality is that our best youth players are at a level where they could be trusted. APOEL would have been an ideal situation for a good number of them.

Moving specifically back to Edwards, Pochettino seems to be sending a message: But what does that actually mean? Pochettino picks the team. Pochettino manages the squad and its myriad of personalities. The responsibility lies at least partially with the manager, and to defer it entirely to a year old kid seems like imperfect management.

He had issues with authority. Recent press conference comments have made it feel otherwise.

Recent competitions suggest that England are producing some of the best youth players in the world; these are excellent footballers who will not let their teams down. And Spurs have one of the top four or five academies in the country, perhaps even top three.

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But if he fails to bring through some of our quality young players then he is failing on one of his key objectives. I was encouraged to see his comments yesterday in light of the Champions League squad being a little tight in terms of overseas players: My short term targets for Pochettino for the rest of the season would be: Integrate Edwards into the first team squad and use him from the bench occasionally. None of that would put us at risk.