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Date: 15.11.2017

Headshot (2003)

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The geek in me finds the technology and idea behind this fascinating. The citizen in me finds this annoying and troublesome.

Congratulations to my cousin who is graduating High School in a few weeks! It might be that we have a couple of big things in common outside of family: Oh yes, I also sold him my old red Jetta.

So a happy graduation to my cousin. I loved going to college and I know he will too. And who is the "Star Wars kid"? Never meant for public release so you can image the embarassment this kid is going through. And millions of people around the world are laughing at you being a Jedi. It is in regards to a thread where someone asked what would happen between an Internal Martial Arts player vs.

I bring it here for my own personal log: There are 2 versions of the story. So I will copy and paste the two versions. Excerpt of interview with Chiba Kazuo, 8th-dan Aikido instructor Q: With friends like that who needs enemies! As we are talking about challenges would you mind telling me about your confrontation with Mr Wang, the Tai Chi Master from China? Who told you about this. He was from Taiwan and he was very big indeed. He became quite famous later in Japan. Well, at the end of his display he had a number of Karateka line up in front of him, and each of them punched him in the belly.

It had no effect on him.

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I was not impressed. I would have done something else Sensei demonstrated a groin kick and face punch whilst saying this. So, anyway two of my private students were also studying Tai Chi under Mr Wang, and they were very impressed with him. They invited me to come along and see him. Eventually I accepted and went to watch his class. At the dojo my students introduced us, and he politely asked me to show some Aikido. Even though his words were warm it was still a challenge!

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Well, we faced each other, and Master Wang made something like Sumo posture with his hands outstretched. I stood and waited for an opening. This went on for some minutes until he moved forward to push me. Even though I applied Kote Gaeshi strongly and injured him, he did not go down. MasterWang snatched his wrist from me, and challenged me immediately.

So this time he pushed me with both hands in the belly, and threw me quite a distance across the room. I landed, but I also did not go down.

It was an amazing throw. My students then came between us, and that was that. End excerpt And the other version from Mike Sigman. I will quote the story that Terry Dobson told me, which was corroborated at another time by Donn Draeger. I also heard Terry tell this story again in a group with Mitsugi Saotome present, who amidst laughter chimed in and agreed.

Wang was the head of a neo-Taoist sect, which strove to harmonize the major religions of the world. As always, there are debates about how strong he really was, I studied with him only two months when he was months away from death from melanoma. I witnessed him knock over a very muscular kyoshinkai champion with a side-step and belly blow, but that was a a controlled situation, not free-style.

Still, really impressive power, despite his illness. For me, one of the most interesting measurements of his "power" was that when I travelled in Taiwan, every teacher who was talking big and trying to impress with his credentials claimed to have beaten Wang. Among the first to study with him was Sato Kimbei.

Sato, among koryu circles, was generally considered a joke. He collected scrolls and licenses. Otsubo sensei, of the Yagyu Shinkage Ryu, told in a very public forum, of Sato apporoaching him, asking how long it would take to get a menkyo kaiden and when Otsubo was noncommittal, trying to bargain with him. Sato did nothing, and left with his wife shortly after.

Sato is currently claimed as a senior infuence on the Genbukan and Tanemura - - -Oh well. Wang started teaching in the grounds of Meiji shrine, and somewhere along the line a group of non-Japanese around Donn Draeger started training with him. Among this group was Terry Dobson, who was a live-in student of Morihei Ueshiba of aikido.

So Wang lets Chiba punch him in the stomach. Wang then let Chiba kick him in the groin. When he first returned to Japan in , I think it was, I took his classes for several months. For whatever it is worth, I was the first person he threw in the first class he taught.

He comes in the room, substituting for Tada, and picks the biggest guy in the room - me. First throw is shihonage, and he very deliberately bridged my elbow over his shoulder and tries to snap it. No ambiguity at all. He was deliberately trying to hurt me. I had previously been warned about him and was in the air the moment the throw started, yet the elbow did momentarity slip out of the socket and back in with an audible click.

It focuses on the health aspects - safe story for the sheeple out in the world. Some people have asked me lately "what does BaGua fighting look like?

So if you want to see it, check out some of the sites below: Tim Cartmell - Here are a series of BaGua drills. Tim has some nice stuff. Emptyflower - Some classic film. And you realize they were doing the same thing from previous generations. For more information please contact me at buddytripp lungmen. If there is interest we will have an introduction to the eight palm changes of Gao style before this series for those who have not had the opportunity to train with Luo Laoshi previously.