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Misty, Down and Dirty (1990)

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Order Reprint of this Story May 17, She disappeared 17 years ago after a visit to the Puyallup Fair and was never seen again. But there is more to it than that. Diana Smith does not forget, and she does not forgive. Puyallup police called her dishonest.

They repeatedly said her daughter was just a runaway โ€” a refugee from a fractured home. Diana told them no, for years, over and over. Never miss a local story. Sign up today for unlimited digital access to our website, apps, the digital newspaper and more. The saga starts like this: Once there was a year-old girl named Misty.

She was 5 feet 9 inches tall, with blond hair and green eyes โ€” a straight arrow, according to her friends. No smoking, no drinking, no sex. An athlete, too โ€” volleyball, softball, basketball.

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She was the joker in her group of friends โ€” the one who skipped and sang. Misty had pleaded for the trip. She wilted in the heat of teen lobbying. Misty said she could take a bus home at 8: Let it go, she told herself. She also lent Misty her new jeans โ€” a fancy, stonewashed pair. She dropped the girls off at 3: The girls rolled their eyes.

Diana sighed and dropped them off. Her daughter looked so small in those baggy jeans. She shook off the maternal pangs and drove to work.

She never saw Misty again. She thought she could get a ride from Rheuban Schmidt, her year-old friend who had a car. Then you call me back. You call me back. The call never came. The next morning, she rushed home to an empty house. She called Rheuban Schmidt. Trina, home from school, called Diana back later that afternoon.

Diana called Rheuban again. His roommate, James Tinsley, answered the phone. Diana asked whether Rheuban had been home all night. He said his roommate was wrong.

Diana printed fliers and posted them. She filed a missing-person report with Puyallup police, who told her not to worry. Gary Smith sent the report on Misty to Puyallup police Sgt.

Herm Carver, along with a personal note. The couple had divorced years earlier. Carver was thinking runaway. Everything he learned reinforced that impression. The home looked unsettled. She had a couple of DUIs and a welfare fraud conviction. Carver saw proof of dishonesty. He noted that Diana had filed a runaway report in August, only a few weeks before Misty disappeared. The report was wrong โ€” Diana thought Misty was gone, then found her in the bedroom. She was too embarrassed to tell police it was a false alarm.

Diana recalls the interview. He told Diana the search was over. On that basis, Puyallup police temporarily closed the case. Carver spoke to a radio station the next day, and said Misty was alive and well and that her mother knew where she was. Diana listened to the broadcast in helpless fury.

Misty had been missing for 13 days. Diana had no idea where to find her. Businesses took down her fliers. The media started ignoring her. The runaway label stuck. Bober, a Puyallup resident and amateur researcher, had been looking into cases of murdered and missing young women for years.

He believed a one-time acquaintance of his was the Green River Killer, and he had compiled mountains of documentary evidence to support his theory, though police had long since rejected it.

He based his guess on the calendar: Two other Puyallup girls, Kim Delange and Anna Chebetnoy, had been slain in and , two years and one month apart. Diana, frustrated by the inaction of police, began to take Bober seriously.

He said his suspect killed Delange and Chebetnoy and left their remains on Highway , east of Enumclaw. Misty would be found there, too, Bober said. Diana was suspicious, but she wondered if he could be right. Misty was still missing, and Puyallup police had made no progress, interviewed no witnesses.

Bober led multiple searches at Highway , but found nothing. In January, Robert Leslie Hickey, 28, abducted a year-old girl near the Puyallup Fairgrounds, raped her and threw her into a ravine. Hickey was convicted of first-degree rape. The abduction site was five blocks from the last known sighting of Misty. Puyallup police never questioned Hickey about her disappearance. Not far from the gate, one of the searchers, a year-old boy, poked in the eastern ditch with a stick. In the dirt, he saw something โ€” a mound of blue fabric, the unmistakable weave of denim, crumpled in a little pile.

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The boy hooked the bundle out of the ditch and flipped it to the ground. Diana stared at the pile of dirty fabric. Baggy, stone-washed jeans, light blue. She grabbed her hair and made a sound.

The jeans were hers, Diana realized โ€” the fancy pair she bought the previous summer. The pair Misty borrowed to wear to the fair. For five months, Puyallup police had said Misty was a runaway. Now she looked like a murder victim. Puyallup police knew Bober, and did not trust him. Records show that they suspected a plant โ€” possibly a conspiracy between Diana and Bober, though both denied it.

That made it worse. She cracked another beer and thought some more. Five months Misty had been gone โ€” almost six. Runaway, the cops had said.

And now Misty was really gone.

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King County detective Jim Doyon, a veteran who had spent years working on the Green River investigation, made the first move. The interview marked the first formal attempt to interview a witness who had been with Misty that night.

Trina said she and Misty had called Rheuban Schmidt for a ride that night. Rheuban had said no, he had no gas. Misty told him how to get into her house in Spanaway and get gas money out of her bedroom. Rheuban still refused, Trina said. In Puyallup, detectives began to look at Rheuban. Carver spoke to his boss, Frank Rodriguez, who owned a restaurant on Pacific Avenue where Rheuban sometimes worked.