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Date: 09.10.2017

Reviewing the Situation (1997)

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Think back also, exactly 58 years ago today, to the Dec. Recall how that cultural landmark wowed audiences with its bravado, mad extravagance and state-of-the-art Hollywood showmanship, all fueled by one unstoppable filmmaker and his obsessive imagination. Just as David O.

Selznick had Atlanta to burn, now James Cameron has a ship to sink, but he also has much more than calamity to explore in this gloriously retrograde new epic. Astonishing technological advances are at work here, but only in the service of one spectacular illusion: Though the tender moments in Mr.

Swept away by the romance of his subject matter, Mr. Cameron rises to the occasion with a simple, captivating narrative style, one that cares little for subtlety but overflows with wonderful, well-chosen Hollywood hokum. In its own sobering way, the film is forward-looking, too, as its early brashness gives way to near-religious humility when the moments of reckoning arrive.

Ultimately a haunting tale of human nature, with endless displays of callousness, gallantry or cowardice, it offers an unforgettable vision of millennium-ready unease in the sight of passengers adrift in icy seas on that last, moonless night.

Otherwise, with an attention to detail that goes well beyond fanatical, the film flawlessly recreates its monument to Gilded Age excess. Sets match old photographs right down to the sculpture and woodwork; costumes incorporate fragments of vintage clothing; even the silver White Star Line ashtrays had to be right.

A core group of extras worked with an Edwardian etiquette coach throughout the filming, furthering the illusion that the privileged past had returned to life. The story opens in the present day, with a team of scientist-cowboys led by Bill Paxton hunting for lost treasure amid the Titanic wreckage. Then the film begins, ever so teasingly, to open its window to the past.

It seems that she, Rose, was the model for a nude sketch found by the present-day fortune hunters in a Titanic safe. It is the only thing of value to be retrieved there. The money in the safe has turned to mud.

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But where is the Heart of the Ocean, the egg-size blue diamond Rose wears in the drawing? Rose begins telling her story, and at long last is at hand. In an introductory sequence mounted on a colossal scale, Mr. Cameron shows the ship being boarded by its full economic range of passengers, from the haughty rich to the third-class passengers being checked for head lice. Winslet arrives at the dock in the show-stopping plumage of Deborah L.

Meanwhile, in a nearby tavern, adorable Jack Dawson Mr. DiCaprio is winning a third-class Titanic ticket in a poker game. Aboard the ship of dreams, as the Titanic is often called here, Jack is one serious dreamboat. A bohemian artist whose drawings were done by Mr. Cameron who has spent the requisite time in Paris, he offers all the fun and flirtatiousness that Rose has been missing.

This year-old has also shown his share of worldly wisdom by the end of the story. DiCaprio has made an inspired career move in so successfully meeting the biggest challenge for an actor of his generation: Splendid chemistry between the stars, along with much color from the supporting cast and careful foreshadowing from Mr.

Cameron, keeps the romance buoyant even after the dread iceberg gets in its way. Cameron lets tragedy strike midway through the film. That way, the disaster can unfold in almost real time, with terrifying precision on a par with all the other details here.

Very much to Mr. The irony is that Mr.

The film itself gambles everything on visual splendor and technological accomplishment, which is one reason its extravagance is fully justified on screen. It includes partial nudity, one brief sexual situation, mild profanity and the soul-shaking sight of a great ship going down. Cameron and Richard A. Scott; special visual effects, Digital Domain; produced by Mr. This film is rated PG