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Date: 01.10.2017

The Chainsaw Races (2001)

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A veteran hot rodder and a race car builder at Kurtis Kraft , he built the first kart in Southern California in In , McCulloch was the first company to produce engines for karts. Its first engine, the McCulloch MC, [4] was an adapted chainsaw two-stroke engine. Chassis[ edit ] The chassis are made of chrome moly tubing.

Open karts have no roll cage.

Caged karts have a roll cage surrounding the driver; they are mostly used on dirt tracks. In Straight chassis the driver sits in the center.

Straight chassis are used for sprint racing. In Offset chassis the driver sits on the left side. Offset chassis are used for left-turn-only speedway racing. The stiffness of the chassis enables different handling characteristics for different circumstances.

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Typically, for dry conditions a stiffer chassis is preferable, while in wet or other poor traction conditions, a more flexible chassis may work better. The best chassis allow for stiffening bars at the rear, front and side to be added or removed according to race conditions.

Braking is achieved by a disc brake mounted on the rear axle. Front disc brakes are used in most shifter kart classes and are increasingly popular in other classes; however, certain classes do not allow them. Engines[ edit ] Shifter Kart Engine Amusement park go-karts can be powered by 4-stroke engines or electric motors , while racing karts use small 2-stroke or 4-stroke engines. They are adequate for racing and fun kart applications.

They run to and around 11, rpm, and are manufactured specifically for karting. Those are used in some National Championship classes like the two-strokes.

The recent cc KF1 engines are electronically limited at 16, rpm. Transmission[ edit ] Karts do not have a differential. This allows the tire to lose some of its grip and slide or lift off the ground completely.

Power is transmitted from the engine to the rear axle by a chain. Both engine and axle sprockets are removable; their ratio must be adapted to the track configuration in order to get the most from the engine. In the early days, karts were direct drive only requiring push starts , but the inconvenience of that setup soon led to the centrifugal clutch for the club level classes. Tires[ edit ] Wheels and tires are much smaller than those used on a normal car.

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Rims are made of magnesium alloy, aluminum , or composite materials. Some car tire manufacturers, such as Bridgestone , Dunlop , and Maxxis make tires for karts. Similar to other motorsports, kart tires have different types for use appropriate to track conditions: Slicks , for dry track. Slick kart tires come in many different compounds, from very soft maximum grip to very hard amusement and rental karts, less grip but long life span. In international level racing, because the drivers are free to choose their tires [9] and because of the short duration of each round 10 to 20 mn maximum , these are some of the softest tires found in motorsport.

Rain tires , or "wets", for wet weather. They are grooved, made of soft compound, and are narrower than slicks. Not all racing classes allow rain tires. Cuts are slicks modified with a lathe to optimize handling. Tire manufacturers such as Hoosier and Burris also make a slightly larger grooved tire only used in dirt track racing.

Data acquisition[ edit ] As in other motor sports, several data acquisition systems have been developed for kart racing. These systems allow the driver to monitor from a display fixed on the steering wheel some parameters such as RPM, timing of laps including sectors , number of laps, best lap, cooling system temperature, exhaust gas temperature and sometimes speed or even gear for shifter karts. More sophisticated systems allow for more information such as lateral and longitudinal acceleration g-force , throttle position, steering wheel position and brake pressure.