Wanting More Power! Mako-Chans Lost Path (1994) watch online (quality HD 720p)

Date: 02.02.2018

Wanting More Power! Mako-Chans Lost Path (1994)

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As serene monk Yakushiji is attacked by Eugeal, Sailor Jupiter must step up and find that new level of power. This episode is a damn solid one, as every episode is when it revolves around Makoto. More than that, however, is yet again a Makoto who is unsure, demanding of herself and determined to improve. The episode opens in rather beautiful Japanese scenery. Just as with the previous episode, which featured traditional Japanese settings not normally explored in Sailor Moon, seeing mist-covered mountains and bamboo forests is something of a refreshing surprise.

Poor Makoto starts out the episode face-planting, and this pretty much sets the tone for this episode. I use cocoa butter to moisturise. Why does she always get the OHKOs…?

So this is why Makoto has come to the mountains to train: She looks brilliant in a martial arts gi anyway.

The Professor is on the phone to Eugeal. Never heard of it mate, they must do crap in national testing. Despite looking rather plain, with a fantastically bald head, I really like this guy. In fact, I like him more than most of the random targets they stick into the show. You mean all this garbage about grabbing a crystal and peering at it closely is meaningless? That they come in specific shapes? Oh well, pointless to dwell, no? The Professor has apparently known the Talisman shapes all the while, and has just declined to mention this rather important fact to any of his subordinates.

Just to keep you on your toes, the Professor jams a huge goddamn Daruma into the Daimohn Oven. You know the internet exists, right? This is so hipster. Furthermore, Mamoru is loaded, OK? Enough to have a sweet-ass bachelor pad in Tokyo, put himself through education and feed his motor habit with sports cars and motorcycles. Which would explain a lot, now that I think about it.

So obviously Usagi is planning to visit one of her closest friends and comrades for an excuse to see her boyfriend briefly. Usagi, you see, eats like a fucking animal. Again, all part of her charm. She abandoned her future daughter in a time and place where she literally has no friends. All it took to trick Chibi-Usa was a lie about using the toilet. She takes after her mother Brilliant. Just assume everything Usagi says is related to Mamoru or food or both. Did not know that was rattling around in my fetish jar.

Well there you go, another revealing fact about the author. Anyway, after a few thousand steps this is looking great… and SO Kill Bill , they arrive at the temple. Seriously, she looks amazing this episode. Just think of any time Tuxedo Kamen turned up, or Haruka and Michiru randomly rock up in some stylish outfit or other, and you see what I mean.

Hey, I already like this dude better than anyone else Makoto has ever had a crush on.

Except Haruka , of course. These shots look beautiful. In actuality this is fairly dangerous, as the pressure from the water cascading upon you in a constant stream can actually do severe damage to your skull and neck. So much fun, this He looks zen as fuck, despite the fact that the water is freezing. She actually looks adorable as heck getting soaked. I love this pay off. I really like this guy. Therefore I walk this path. Oh shit, did I just get all scholarly up in this thing?

Quite liked the reveal. She actually waits an entire bloody day. What was she doing all night? Time to hit the bar. The girls all give some really great support to Makoto, telling her not to worry so much, and to tell them her worries. Well I saw this coming.

3:16 – Wanting More Power! Mako-Chan’s Lost Path – The Pretty Soldier Project

We can still salvage that wonderful moment you guys This is amazing, especially when Ami loses her shit and enters the battle. How is she ever going to become the graceful and regal Neo Queen Serenity? Makoto is, in fact, supremely pleased that she has friends who would come up all the way just to see her apart from Usagi , but says to herself that she wants to solve this problem by herself. Dare I say… adorable…?

No I dare not, but they are. Makoto looks seriously cool in her training.

After a long dramatic pause pause where everyone just stares a little nonplussed, Usagi announces that they should go to the hotel for breakfast instead… and they all reluctantly give in.

Looks like no one was really thinking about Makoto. She never fails to surprise. Seriously, this is a new high for her. Amazing Oh well would you look at that, what are the odds? As it turns out, Mamoru is working after all. I hope the several hours on a train was worth it, Usagi. OK it was totally worth it for this shot. Daaaaamn he cleans up good. I really, really, really wish I could wipe her face. Oh yeah, and then Michiru and Haruka are there for some reason. This is too much. Meanwhile, Makoto and Yakushiji are meditating on large rocks.

So napping will make me a martial arts master? Which is about when Eugeal rocks straight up and shoots his ass with a rifle.

Straight to business as always. I guess all that training gave him something, no? As it turns out it works. Sailor Jupiter is looking seriously pissed off today, and I like it.

It has a brush attack… then one of its stomach rings shoots out… the whole thing is stupid.

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Jupiter just looks rather undignified fighting it. Bit of a let down after all the martial arts training. Again, they got a bit lazy here. The Daimohn begins inflating her face and looking… well.. Sailor Moon kills it without offering mercy?