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Date: 09.02.2018

Cops and Robbers (2005)

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Phillips as a child, with his father. Larry Eugene Phillips, Jr.

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They had a mutual interest in weightlifting, bodybuilding and firearms. They filled a jam jar with gasoline and placed it in the back seat with the intention of setting the car and weapons on fire to destroy evidence after the robbery.

Additionally, both robbers had sewn watch faces onto the back of their gloves to check their timing inside the bank. To come up with this timeframe, Phillips had used a radio scanner to monitor police transmissions prior to the robbery.

Officer Perello issued a call on the radio, "A, requesting assistance, we have a possible in progress at the Bank of America. A security guard inside saw the scuffle and the heavily armed robbers and radioed his partner in the parking lot to call the police; the call was not received. Phillips shouted "This is a fucking hold up!

The robbers forced assistant manager John Villigrana to open the vault. Phillips, enraged at this development, argued with Villigrana and demanded more. Before leaving, the robbers locked the hostages in the bank vault.

Outside, the first-responding officers heard gunfire from the bank and made another radio call for additional units before taking cover behind their patrol car, weapons trained on the bank doors.

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While the robbers were still inside, more patrol and detective units arrived and took strategic positions at all four corners of the bank, effectively surrounding it. He also fired at an LAPD-owned helicopter, surveying above, forcing it to retreat to a safer distance.

Several officers acquired five ARs from a nearby gun store to combat the robbers. The SWAT team arrived 18 minutes after the shooting had begun.

They were armed with ARs , and wore running shoes and shorts under their body armor, as they had been on an exercise run when they received the call. Upon arrival, they commandeered a nearby armored truck , which was used to extract wounded civilians and officers from the scene.

Laurel Canyon Boulevard - B: Agnes Avenue - C: Ben Avenue - D: Gentry Avenue - E: Radford Avenue - F: Archwood Street - 2: Lemay Street - 3: Phillips retrieved the HK from the open trunk and continued firing upon officers, while walking alongside the sedan, using it for cover. He was then shot in the right hand, causing him to drop the pistol. After retrieving it, he placed the muzzle under his chin and fired; he was simultaneously shot by a bullet that severed his spine.

After the firing had stopped, officers in the area surrounded Phillips, cuffed him, and removed his ski mask.

He quickly transferred all of his weapons and ammunition from the getaway car, but was unable to operate the Jeep due to him being unfamiliar with the stick-shift vehicle. When asked if there were any more suspects, he reportedly retorted "Fuck you!

Shoot me in the head! The 25 evidence marker in the background is his ski mask. An inventory of the weapons used: An AR converted to fire automatically with two round Beta Magazines A semi automatic HK rifle with several round magazines [32] A Beretta 92FS Inox with several magazines Three different civilian-model AK style rifles converted to fire in fully automatic mode with several 75 to round drum magazines, as well as round box magazines.

It was speculated during news reports that Phillips had legally purchased two of the AKs and then illegally converted them to full automatic. However, as Phillips was a convicted felon it was not possible for him to legally purchase firearms. Each robber was shot and penetrated by at least ten bullets, yet both were able to continue shooting. Some reports indicate that he was lying on the ground with no weapons for approximately an hour before ambulances arrived, and was groaning in pain and pleading for help.

The North Hollywood Shoot-Out.