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Date: 24.08.2017

Doppelganger (2007)

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Some people have strange superstitions. It was late at night, like 2 a. I was sitting in my car smoking a cigarette. I saw my exact double walking quickly in the middle of the street. It came from around a corner. It was wearing same clothes I do and even same shoes. It looked at me too. I quit smoking months later, but started consuming lots of alcohol. Even with mom and dad telling him I was with them, he still swears it was me.

We were talking when a an old guy came in and just stared at me really creepy. He looked really mad. My mother noticed it too, but then he just walked by and went to order his food.

He sat at the table across from us. Then he told my mother what a beautiful daughter she had and told her that I looked exactly like his daughter.

He even took a picture of me with his cell phone with my permeation, of course. He even called his wife to ask if she had received the message and if his daughter was there. It was really weird. I still ask myself what happened that day and whether I have a double.

When I look at her photos I am looking at myself. It is very odd. Can that be a type of doppelganger? There was no way for him to get around me, either.

I also followed him into our garage and when I reached the garage, he was nowhere to be found. I went back into the living room and there he was, watching TV.

Again, there was no way he could have gotten around me to get into the living room. He kept seeing me stand behind a chair in the living room and watching TV while I was standing.

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Nothing that was bad ever happened--just very weird. Minutes later, he came back and it was like he was just looking for something and kind of mad about 9: His mother died four days ago, so I went to visit him for the vigil. So I talked to him and asked him what was the matter and why he just ignored me.

He replied, Ignored you? We talked before I left, right? And it was like you were looking for something and you were mad," then our friends there told me that they were together the whole time playing cards, so I was like what?

Then they mentioned that maybe it was a doppelganger, a spirit that clones a person. So here I am searching what it is. You can watch it on youtube and other such sites online. Last night I saw him sitting at the computer going through my Facebook account and he closed something I was downloading. When I questioned my partner about this, he said he was outside with our three year old daughter and the shirt I saw him wearing was hanging on the line.

Being young and less than responsible, I did a lot of partying with just about all the people my age. The drinking age was 21, but I was always a big guy and not afraid of talking to anybody and everybody loved me. I could put on my over 21 face and go into any bar or liquor store in the state and cop alcohol. It would take me a while to get up and get going. I would get rolling around noon and get on the phone and start calling around to check what my friends had planned for Saturday night.

So, the last two years I lived there, some people were kind of, sort of less friendly then they had been in the past. I did not care. It got to be that everybody knew me and my buddies for miles around. Like I said, I moved to California soon after that and I never saw my evil look alike, but he was out there. We would have fought if I had seen him. The only difference was she was wearing a white gown. We had the same length blonde hair, and she looked as though she was my age as well.

She kept staring at me, and it looked as though she was trying to warn me of something. I now only see her as the way I look now; as I change, so does she. But now she only shows up in my dreams. What could she have wanted, and was she my doppelganger? I figured that there was someone with the same car as me in town. Then there was a time I was walking down the road and a car kept driving past me with a couple who looked about my age. I know someone who has this "thing" that follows her.

I have not yet seen it, but other people can see it, and from what I heard, it wants to be her.

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She lives in the US, and she was in another country, living at an old house, she thought that there was something behind her, so she took a picture, and saw the "thing". Well she did, but she came right back alive. This doppelganger incident has happened twice. My brother was working on his laundry when this other me walked by him and my brother asked him "are you going to used the restroom? He was confused as to why it had been an hour and no one came out of the restroom, so my brother knocked several times and was surprised to know that I was not there.

It was several months before my brother told me about it because he got frightened. Another incident was when I was at the shower room about 7 p. So I opened the door, and they told me that I was crying for help and called their names to help me but I was quietly enjoying my shower time so we were all terrified about what had happened.

My father saw me walking into the bathroom and to his surprise, he saw me again in my room. He asked me if I had gone to the bathroom, and I said no because I just woke up. The same thing happened to me. I saw my sister playing my keyboard with the computer off. I asked her if she was okay, and she just looked at me and no response from her. I was shocked to see her in the sala and when I looked back at my place, no one was there. Also my sister saw me smiling at her in the middle of the night.

She was shocked at scared that I was still awake and smiling. She closed her eyes for a minute since she thought it was really me. Then, I came in the room. She was shocked because she saw me smiling at her, so how did I just get into the room? My family has experienced this many times, but based on our experience, our doppelganger never talk.

They can smile, move and walk, but they will never, ever talk to you even if you ask them whatever questions.

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The same thing happened to me three or four years ago but nothing bad happened. Why do they have to make this up? Are they all in a contest? She looked exactly like me and wore the same type of clothes. Everyone in the car screamed because she looked exactly like me, but her hair was shorter, which was the same hairstyle that I want to get later this summer.

She turned a corner and we followed to look at her again, but she was completely gone and so was the other girl. We drove all around the same area trying to find her, but she was gone. And when my mom and I walked into the model home, the lady said I looked familiar like she had seen me there before or somewhere. The two places were less than a mile from each other.

When I arrived home and told my mother to open the door, my mom said not to scare her like that again! I told my mother that I was just arriving and had never came home like she said. But I asked my mother to explain to me her experience. She said she saw me walking by her in our hallway and heading toward my room. But when she called me by my name because it looked like me I just kept on walking. She said that when she saw me only half of me was illuminated and the other side was dark as if shadowed in.

Oddly enough, today I had a dream about some guy who was a con artist and I caught on to him but I wanted to know what he really wanted. He was a fat guy and as quickly as that, he took off his disguise and was a muscular man with shoulder length hair.

He got away because I was trying to catch him. So it was me and my friend and my sister in the house and my friend sees the muscular guy in-front of the house with an axe. I tried to dial but he had intercepted the line.