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Hollis & Rae (2006)

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George and Jonathan R. Whitmire regarding transfer of slaves in The brothers were the sons of Stephen and Charlotte Downing Whitmire. George was born in and Jonathan also sometimes listed as Johnson or Joshua was born about George and Jonathan were small when both their parents died.

Their uncle, John Downing, reared them. Charlotte had inherited 32 slaves from her father, George Downing. The only child of John Downing, Martha Jane, and her husband, Jackson Smith, emigrated to the west in and also settled in the same area.

He married 1 Mary Porter. He married 2 Charlotte Downing.

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Some sources show Stephen married to Elizabeth Downing rather than Charlotte. Children by Charlotte Downing: George Washington Whitmire b. Children by Mary Porter: He had some 40 odd slaves on his place. He remained neutral in the war and he was removed to the southern Indian Territory on Red River.

The Union troops had taken over his farm and home for the duration of the war and wrecked all his equipment and burned his log house down.

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When he returned after the war he only built back the lower story of his house. The foundation can still be located by the native stone that was used for the foundation and fireplace. After the Civil War, all slaves became free. Some he let share crop his property so they could make a living. Children by Charlotte Watt: Walter Samuel Whitmire b. Children by Temperance Holt: Sarah Jane Whitmire b. Charles Holt "Tobe" Whitmire b. The following data may apply to this Henry Whitmire: He married Temperance Winifred Hair, b.

George Washington2 Whitmire, Stephen M. George Whitmire settled in the Going Snake district in , being one of the early settlers. He was for some time judge of his district, and gave his name to the school where his son received his early education-- viz. SEP in Tennessee, d. Children by Catherine Elizabeth Wofford: Charlotte Cornelia Whitmire b.

Charlie Faught Whitmire b. John Downing Whitmire b. Eli Hicks Whitmire b. White McClellan Whitmire b. Nancy Jane Whitmire b. Margaret Crouch Whitmire b. George Getty Whitmire b. Walter Samuel3 Whitmire, Johnson R. He married 2 Ella Still, married 16 Oct , b. She has resided in this community most of her life. Funeral service, conducted by a Cherokee minister from Tahlequah, was held from the Green School house Wednesday, with burial in the Whitmire family cemetery. She is survived by one son and two daughters.

Whitmire lived on the Fodder place and the burial ground there was sometimes called the Whitmire cemetery. Children by Nancy Bushyhead Wilkerson: William Walter4 Whitmire b. He married Ella Smallwood, b. Burial was in the Green Cemetery. Flower bearers were, Mrs.

Dennis Bushyhead Whitmire, b. Children by Ella Still: Children by Peggie Fodder: Helen Maxine Whitmire b. George Washington3 Whitmire, Johnson R. Possibly the George W. Whitmire who is buried in Still Cemetery. Our People - Vol 2, page 97 shows He married Ida Frances Bailey, b. Sarah Jane3 Whitmire, Johnson R. Every one called him Doc Bird.

He was a community quack doctor. Dad always said old Doc Bird poisoned his sister Sarah Jane to get control of all her property.

Dad always did believe Uncle Charlie hunted him down and killed him because he just disappeared. No one ever knew just what happened to him. At that time, Uncle Charlie was good for doing something like that. Because it was before statehood, the man that could shoot the fastest and straightest lived the longest. Charles was an expert with a rifle, shotgun or pistol. He and Dad both carried 45 Colt pistols. She married David Levi Bird, married 25 Jul , b. He married Sophia Teehee, b.

The following story is passed on as it was told to Irene Whitmire Carey, Irene and Tobe being first cousins twice removed: Uncle Charlie Whitmire, better known to the family as Tobe, was a lawman here in the Cherokee Nation. The judge would give Uncle Charlie a warrant for a man and tell him to hunt him down and bring him in. Uncle Charlie knew everyone and every place for miles around. He would visit with the family all evening and they would put him up for the night.

And Uncle Charlie would take the man to see the judge. They say that Tobe always got his man. He rode a big black stallion. He had no use for the union army on account of the way they destroyed his fathers property during the Civil War. Dad told us children about one time Charlie was running from the posse and they cornered him in the cane breaks on the Arkansas River and had him surrounded.

They made camp and was going to wait him out. Charlie told dad he sure thought they had him for sure this time. The posse was all out around the cane break and had left a big fat Negro cook in camp. Charlie said he crawled up a deer trail in sight of their camp and made some noise. The Negro grabbed a double barrel shot gun and came running down the trail. Charlie said he sat real quiet and when that Negro got real close, he shot him crosswise through the cheeks of his butt.

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When that Negro cook screamed and started running for the camp, the posse all made a dash to where the noise came from and that gave him a chance to go out the other side of the break and escape and he headed back to Indian Territory and home. No one could get near his horse or saddlebags.

He trained them himself. His horse would stop when he came up to a low limb on a tree. Charlie would reach up with his gun barrel and feel the limb, then he would tell him it is OK.

Then his horse would go on under it. He stayed closer around Tahlequah and Stillwell than any other place.

He knew every trail in the four counties. He would ride into a place, stay around a few days and leave. No one would ever know when he would show up or know when he was going to leave.