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Pilot (1994)

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Pilot Episode March 7, Pilot Episode. Mulder initially distrusts Scully, believing she has been assigned to debunk his work. At face value, her assignment is to bring a rigorous scientific perspective to the cases.

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Mulder tells Scully that he has read her senior thesis, and liked it. On their first case, they investigate disappearances of teenagers. Four teenagers in Oregon have been found dead, with two puncture wounds on their backs. Traveling to Oregon, their airplane experiences unexpected turbulence. Mulder arranges to have a grave of one of the victims, Ray Soams, exhumed and a body is found in the coffin that is not human -- possibly what would commonly be called a grey alien.

Inside the nose of the body is a fragment of metal they cannot identify. They also learn that two additional teenagers, Billy Miles and Peggy Odell, are institutionalized. Peggy is paranoid and Billy is catatonic. Mulder suspects that they have been abducted but Scully thinks the answer must be in the forest, where the victims have been found.

As they drive away, down a rural highway, their car loses power, they experience a bright flash of light, and clocks are nine minutes later than they had been. Mulder is thrilled to experience unexplained time loss, often reported in connection with UFO sightings. Later that evening, Scully believes that she finds puncture wounds on her hip, similar to those found on the teenagers.

After Mulder checks them out, allowing him to see her in her underwear, Mulder proclaims them mosquito bites.

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Someone has been blocking his attempts to access classified government information. Connections he has made in Congress have protected him, to a certain extent. As they talk, they receive an anonymous phone call saying that Peggy Odell is dead. Peggy ran out of the forest in front of a semi-truck. While they are at the scene, their motel burns, destroying the x-rays and pictures of the alien body. At the motel fire, they are approached by another teenaged girl, Teresa, who has repeatedly waken up in the forest.

Her father is the medical examiner who withheld information on the marks from his reports. He takes her away and the agents discover that the bodies have been removed from the other graves.

Mulder suspects that Billy Miles is responsible, in spite of his vegetative state. Something in the forest summons the teenagers, Mulder thinks. Visiting Billy, Scully discovers dirt on his feet like what she found at the crime scene in the forest. The teenagers are surrounded by a vortex and lifted into the air. After a flash of light, both awake, with no memory of what has happened and with the marks on their backs gone.

Episode concludes March 22 with Billy in hypnotic regression telling about how the light took him away and told him to gather the others for tests. She hands Blevins the metal fragment removed from the unidentified body. Lab tests could not identify it. As the episode ends, the Cigarette Smoking Man is seen to place the bottle holding the fragment in a storage box with other similar fragments in a huge secret storage area labeled as being in the Pentagon.

Military police storm a residence in Idaho, to take Colonel Budahas into custody as his wife watches from outside. They find him huddling naked and covered with an intense red rash. Four months later, Scully and Mulder meet in a bar where he tells her about their new case -- Mrs. Budahas has reported her husband as kidnapped because he is been missing for four months and the military will not say what happened to him.

Mulder thinks they have been testing experimental aircraft. Mulder does not heed the warning and the agents fly to Idaho where the call on Mrs. His work was classified.

She just wants him back. She refers the agents to another woman whose husband disappeared and returned with a personality disorder.

Scully recognizes it as typical of people who have been under extreme stress. The agents call on Colonel Kissell at his home, but he closes the door in their faces. A reporter, Paul Mossinger, approaches the agents. He directs them to a diner where UFO aficionados hang out.

A waitress shows them pictures she took of a triangular shaped UFO and Mulder obtains a copy. That night the agents drive to a spot outside the base security fence where they see lights darting around the sky in a way that no aircraft could. Another light approaches them, but it is a helicopter, chasing two young people who slip out of a cut section of fence. The agents stop the kids, and then hide with them. Later, in the diner, they tell the agents how they often sneak into the base to watch the lights.

Budahas leaves word for the agents -- her husband has returned home, but he is not really her husband. Mulder questions him and the pilot is unable to answer certain questions about flying. Mulder believes "they" erased some of his memories but Scully says the technology does not exist to do that. As the agents drive along they are stopped by two cars full of "men in black. After dark, he moves onto a runway where he sees a huge triangular craft, which hovers over him.

It departs and military vehicles surround Mulder, taking him into custody.

Scully goes to the motel office because she cannot get a long distance line from her phone. The office phone does not work either.

She discovers Mossinger leaving her motel room, and she has left her gun in her room. She dashes to his car and locks herself inside. A radio in the car is receiving military communications. He breaks a window and tries to grab Scully, but she uses his gun and orders him to get on the radio and find out where Mulder is.

Mulder has been strapped to a gurney and is being worked on by medical personnel in a hangar building. Mossinger drives Scully up to a gate of the base; she continues holding the gun on him. A jeep drives up and Mulder is released.

He is dazed and cannot remember what happened to him. Scully orders Mossinger out of the car and the two agents drive off. They return to the Budahas home, but Mrs.

Budahas claims her husband is fine now. Mulder says, "They got to her. They know no more than they did when they arrived in Idaho. The person reported kidnapped has returned home. The case is closed. Deep Throat approaches Mulder who is running on an outside track.

The X-Files Timeline -- Pilot-1994

Deep Throat will give Mulder information, when it suits his purposes. Before he recovers the evidence, a judge is seriously injured. Lamana is put on six months probation, and required to file reports as if he were a beginner. Labonge is sentenced for pick pocketing, which he claims was "performance art," since he is interested in magic. Resnick, believes there is an evil presence among his church members.

He brings a gun to the church service and fires on church-goers. He tells police that the evil presence is "hiding in the light. Folie a Duex October, In , Scully mentions that her last date was to see Glengarry Glen Ross, released October 2, , and that the characters in the movie had a better time than she did. She apparently forgot about her date seen in Jersey Devil, in August Never Again October 12, NASA begins a high resolution microwave survey of the sky, looking for signs of intelligent life in space.

A year later, the project will be canceled by Congress. Ice Late Jack Willis begins trailing a pair of bank robbers who commit repeated crimes, killing seven people. He becomes consumed with catching the criminals. Lazarus Circa Scully signs a living will, witnessed by Mulder. One Breath Mulder begins a series of contacts with a forensic anthropologist at the Smithsonian Institution named Arlinsky who, a few years earlier, was implicated in a UFO photo enhancement scandal.

He probably actually bought it earlier than that, because we have seen it from the beginning of the series. Chinga According to The X-Files files, in Duffy Haskell writes a series of letters to Mulder, claiming that his wife, Kat, is the victim of multiple alien abductions. The letters take on a threatening tone. Unknown if the letters are authentic or later planted in the file drawers Per Manum The Falls at Arcadia planned community, near San Diego, is named the number one planned community in California, a distinction it will receive each year until at least They are surprised, however, when the Talpa begins killing violators of the rules, and they cannot control it.

Michelle Critterdon is born. Shortly thereafter her parents, Martha and Howard Critterdon, decide they do not want more children and Howard has a vasectomy. Chimera January Mulder takes some vacation leave. In January , he comments that he has not taken any vacation for four years.