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Date: 01.11.2017

Sand Pendulum (1997)

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Inadvertently happens to a young woman in this darkly comedic German fashion ad , who accidentally walks backwards right into a roadwork pit while flirting with a guy. The pit is filled immediately after she falls in, with little indicating of her existence afterwards except a small piece of her dress at the surface. Seeing as how she unknowingly causes several other accidents throughout the ad but ignores them all, this could be considered a somewhat Karmic Death.

Then, plush sheep start to fill in the pit form above, threatening to bury her alive. Thinking quickly, Sakura escapes the trap with relative ease by adapting the Erase card to remove the sheep. It was all just another test to hone her magic skills and help her adapt more Clow Cards into Sakura Cards.

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In the manga Goth , one of the chapters has a murderer who buries his victims alive in his backyard with a bamboo pole connecting the coffin to the air above. Afer keeping them alive for a little while, he sticks a hose into the pole and floods the coffin, drowning the person below.

In Hell Girl , this is how Ai Enma and her parents died. More exactly, Ai once was chosen to to be a Human Sacrifice but managed to escape, and when the villagers found out they captured her and her parents and then buried the three alive. Happens to Sango in her first appearance on, though not on purpose. She claws her way out by herself like the badass that she is, though it certainly helped that it was a rather shallow grave because she was buried en masse with a bunch of slaughtered villagers.

Being through it as a Human Sacrifice is what drove Saint Hakushin to fall in despair and then to join Naraku. One half of each body was destroyed, so he stitched them together to create Ashura. In Shin Mazinger Zero , the readers learn who these lovers were: Raiga would recall the "good memories" they shared and "forgive" them for betraying his trust Gaara tried to do this to Kimimaro.

Later on, in the second season, Shikamaru uses explosives to dismember Hidan and then buries him in the middle of a forest.

But it takes more than that to stop Ranma. She woke up just as he was digging the grave, though. Burt wanted Scratch to starve the way she starved him during his months of captivity.

Comic Books EC Comics stories: The twist was that his neck was broken but his spinal cord was not severed ‚ÄĒ so he was still very much alive. He went on to be a complete bastard to the town that had punished him, because it was impossible to prosecute a legally dead man for any crime. However, some of his enemies decided to use that loophole to their advantage as well, because there is nothing in the world wrong with burying a dead man, either He leaves instructions to be buried with a telephone, allowing him to call for help lest he regain consciousness.

Sure enough, he is buried after having an episode behind the wheel and does exactly that, only to find every phone line tied. One of the men becomes jealous when the woman starts to favor his rival more than him and elects to Murder the Hypotenuse , then bury him in a shallow grave the murdered man is, however, very certainly dead and thus does not count for this trope. The zombie proceeds to bury himself and his killer alive or technically, undead and alive respectively.

Having been driven completely Ax-Crazy , Kraven confronts the hero, defeating him using a gun, the weapon he has, up to this point, always hated, shooting the hero while helpless due to a tranquilizer dart and believing him dead, buries him alive and then impersonates him.

Spidey eventually digs his way out, but it takes a week, due to Spidey having to recover from the paralysis that leaves him still conscious and unable to move. Indeed, this experience clearly gave him nightmares for years to come, as every time Kraven was mentioned from that point on focuses on that story.

Roderick "Digger" Krupp was a gravedigger gone bad who, as the Horror Host of Tower of Shadows often told his macabre stories to victims while he was burying them alive. He softened a little after becoming a member of the Night Shift, switching to a version of the Sand Necktie to ensure they survived given that the comics he now appeared in were under Code rules at least in all witnessed cases.

This happens in Batman R. Happens again in a Batman story arc, done by The Joker to Dr. The guy slips on a banana peel the Joker planted, breaks his neck and is paralyzed. He is injected with Joker Venom and buried alive while still under its effects. Also happens in Batman: Noel , when, after Batman gets knocked out unconscious by a blast from an explosive rigged in the Batmobile, the Joker representing the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come drags him to the graveyard and buries him alive.

That '70s Crisis | Dollars & Sense

It takes a vision of a Bad Future to make the Dark Knight realize what a jerk he has been in losing the holiday spirit, and he digs himself out to save the day. Happened to Nightwing in the later run of his book. Instead of the usual version of going up, Nightwing went to the side, as the grave was near the edge of a cliff. In Death of the Family , a group of thugs tried this on Poison Ivy. In an issue of Dazzler , Alison is hired to appear in a music video that was a thinly-veiled copy of Thriller.

The preparation for one scene calls for the zombie dancers including Alison to be buried alive, so they can crawl out of their graves during the video. Supergirl stories provide some examples: In storyline "Way of the World", Supergirl has a nightmare where is buried alive.

They escape, and Alfred removes the bullet. Hawk sets the base to self-destruct, collapsing it upon itself, barely getting out in time, while the Commander and Destro were Left for Dead. Turns out he was really under some very powerful drugs, and he bursts out of his grave, not at all happy.

Michael Myers kills Lisa the protagonist this way in the comic Halloween: Nightdance , putting her in a coffin and burying her in a graveyard. Magneto does this to Red Skull in the aftermath of Acts of Vengeance , during which Loki had manipulated the two into working together.

Red Skull survives because his Dragon , Crossbones, rescues him from the tomb Magneto had created. Amazo does this to the Detroit-era Justice League at one point, leaving them Bound and Gagged in covered pit. Luckily, Vixen manages to break her bonds before she and her teammates suffocate.

Rain, Meriem is buried by the citizens of Marshville after she is knocked into a death-like coma in a fight with Killer Gorilla Klyde. Of course, it turns out that she was Only Mostly Dead.

Every evening, he returns to the wall and removes a brick, giving Garcin just enough food and water to live. This goes on for twelve years, with Steenfort using Garcin as his confident, before Steenfort has a heart attack due to financial problems and ends up unconscious for several days.

Fortunately, the Pi-Rats happen to sail ashore not long after and are able to dig them up. The baddies of the first story in Yellowjacket Comics 4 lock our hero in a steel coffin and drop him in a river, making this an unusual case of being buried alive at sea. Fan Works In the Kim Possible fanfiction "Buried" , a two-bit hood kidnaps Kim and buries her alive in order to get a job working for Drakken.

This story starts dark and stays there as it deals with Kim dealing with the trauma of being buried alive in increasingly self-destructive ways. The sequel story "The Chrysanthemum and the Sword" deals with her recovery. This leaves him in a state of permanent death and resurrection.

Naruto does this to the demon Doraku in A Growing Affection.

Since humans cannot kill demons, Naruto instead pins him to a cave wall and collapses the tunnel on Doraku instead. Emma was already dead when she was buried, but her power brought her back to life when she was lying in her coffin, and she had to dig her way out of her own grave.

Films ‚ÄĒ Animation This almost happens in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ; the Queen figured that once Snow White was apparently dead, her protectors, the Dwarfs, would accidentally ensure her real death by burying her alive. Doom Bane does this to Batman after ambushing him and rendering him unconscious. Possibly one of the most disturbing invocations of this trope in Megan Is Missing. At the end of the film, Amy, who has been kidnapped and put through hell by a truly sick internet predator, is promised by her captor to be released and reunited with her family, only to be stuffed into a barrel with the decomposing corpse of her best friend Megan, taken out into the woods, thrown into a hole and buried alive, all while she screams and pleads for her life.

Budd does this to the Bride in Kill Bill: She escapes, though not without difficulty. Which means that several minutes of the movie consists of heavy breathing, the sound of sand falling onto the coffin, and total darkness. Interestingly, Budd gives her a flashlight when he does so, as both a sign of respect and knowing it could help her escape. His version of The Fall of the House of Usher had Roderick bury his sister alive, to keep her from marrying and perpetuating their cursed, criminal family line.

And his take on The Premature Burial ends with the main character seeing his worst fears realized. In the film The Serpent and the Rainbow , an anthropologist goes to Haiti to explore the phenomenon of real-life "zombies": He gets an uncomfortably up-close and personal lesson on what the experience is like.

In Romeo Is Bleeding , this is the fate of the mob boss. There were two Buried Alive movies, each one beginning with one spouse near-death by poisoning. A subsequent rushed funeral apparently skips autopsy and embalming the killers veto the autopsies to make sure no one discovers how they died. Later, the intended victim wakes up, digs their way out, and plots elaborate revenge. At the end of the first film, the male protagonist buries his cheating wife alive in his grave, alongside the body of her boyfriend and the money they were trying to steal.

He avoided getting embalmed because his wife wanted him in the ground as soon as possible. She gets her revenge on her conniving husband and his girlfriend by entombing them in a boat and sinking it. The film ends with the two, still trapped in the boat and still alive, uselessly screaming for help. In the movie Dirty Harry , Scorpio demands ransom from the city of San Francisco after he kidnaps a teenage girl. He claims his prisoner only has enough air to last until 3: When he gets the ransom, he says "I changed my mind.

The movie Ghost Story begins with characters telling a scary story about a man buried alive and scratching at the inside of his coffin, yelling out "Still aliiiive And as it turns out, the titular ghost was killed when she was pushed and hit her head on the side of a fireplace. Her body was put inside a car, and the car dumped in a river Even worse, out of the group of men responsible for her death, the one guy who tried to rescue her was held back by the other murderers.

In The Burrowers , the title monsters paralyze their victims and bury them up to their noses in dirt. The Wrath of Khan: