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Date: 12.09.2017

The Peanut Man (1947)

We offer you to watch the movie The Peanut Man (1947), which you can enjoy in the arms of a loved one. This film is in HD quality. Less words, more movies! Watch and enjoy!

Where can you buy an authentic bottle of this version? Sep talithaenchanted So this is my first ever expensive perfume. I bought it today, after my mother insisted that now I am a young woman 19 , I should have a signature fragrance.

I did extensive research on here and I was quite sure I would walk away with a Chole perfume. I tested two and even waited an hour. I tested, I waited and I fell in love. To me this smells like autumn. I my mind this is something I can see Stevie Nicks wearing. I had this vintage? I remember it being really musky, but as I say, I was and still am a novice.

This smells nothing like I remember. Christian Dior did her costumes for that film and you can just imagine that Miss Dior is the fragrance she would have worn. The ideal 50s era Dior woman choosing between her age appropriate playboy lover and an immature but loving young man, leaving wafts of Miss Dior in her wake.

Sep conti-alessia Toilette vintage. Although one can enjoy Miss Dior for what it is a gorgeous classical chypre with a unique green freshness, I find that understanding its context heightens my appreciation for its heartbreaking beauty. Born in , the fragrance carries connotations of the hunger for glamour, the austerity of war and the hopes for future. In a rebellious move against the austerity imposed by the cloth rations and the angular lines of wartime fashions.

These two accords are fused in Miss Dior, their contrasting elements harmonized by the opulent floral heart. Miss Dior does not reveal her charms upon the first encounter, requiring a longer and patient acquaintance, especially for those who are used to the eager-to-please modern fragrances. The green pepper sharpness of galbanum is underpinned by a classical gardenia note, which is bright, dry and intriguingly metallic. These effervescent notes slowly melt into the floral heart of Miss Dior, and yet the animalic darkness is never far behind.

Soon the chypre base that supports the refinement of floral notes takes center stage. The composition becomes veiled in duskiness, which is punctuated by the gilded warmth of patchouli.

Miss Dior Christian Dior perfume - a fragrance for women 1947

The woman who wears Miss Dior projects the most exquisite elegance paired with confidence and resolve of character a truly alluring combination. And I got the Originale from and liked it. Lots of aldehydes and I love it! Oh I wish it stayed like this!!! This will smell very recognizable to everyone.

The opening of this def sets it apart from Originale. Aug fillifelle Reviews here should be posted for the original Miss Dior launched and not the current Miss Dior which is a totally different fume and fronted by Natalie Portman. And the post iteration has its own Fragrantica listing so please put your reviews in their proper places: This is the only vintage classic that has ever floored me I inherited a sizeable collection from my Mother.

A true masterpiece of vintage French perfumery in the aldehydic chypre tradition. The leather is so rich and deep, it segues into And Shalimar, as you well know, sets a very high benchmark for vintage leathers.

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For now at least. Aug gtabasso I have a fresh, new spray sample that does NOT smell like these notes. This is a very fruity floral aldehyde. Not oakmoss or most of the other notes.

And I have such great memories attached to it, since I wore it, when I met my husband in year and got married the same year I think I wore Private collection by Estee Lauder for the wedding, but on a daily basis I always wore this one then-so only happy memories. This one is classy and a little oldfashioned, but it can still be worn today, and it doesnt have any grandma vibe. You can absolutely wear it any time of the day and any season. I find the scent really unique and extremely soft and feminine, but at the same time it has some power-it definately stands out.

I know that some say, it reminds them of Chanel no5. I get the idea, but it is only in the sense, that you tend to think of the glamourous golden age in hollywood with very beautiful DIVAS.

I know Marilyn Monroe wore Chanel no 5, but actually this scent Miss Dior would fit her better only this one-definately not the cherie or new Miss Dior -its that type of vision I get, when I smell it; the image of A very beautiful, sweet,sensual woman.

Not a femme fatale or a dangerous, tough woman-no, a really loving and warm one. I notice it is still possible to purchase this one, but its not available at shops, you have to find it online. I want to get a full one before it becomes vintage and unaffortable May missdietcoke1 I was having a love affair with this one since a few years back. I did not have high hopes, I was still sad and heartbroken about the departure of Cherie.

Took a few years for Miss Dior to steal my heart. It is classic, sophisticated, "I am better then you", confident and naughty at the same time. Apr mybookhouse Learning to love what I think are leather notes in Miss Dior thanks to a vintage sample of Lanvin Scandal called an echantillion. My Scandal sample is about the same age and has a lot of similar notes that somehow reminds me of the end of a day at the beach, a musky, suntan oily fragrance mixed with an almost tabacco like roughness.

Joop Woman also seems like a harsher copy of the original Miss Dior. Lanvin Scandal is supposed to be one of the greatest leather fragrances and predates Miss Dior but I think Miss Dior is the better fragrance. Miss Dior is richer than Scandal and more nuanced. The original Miss Dior is sexy and tough like a well made whip.