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Date: 04.02.2018

Deadly Bugs II (2002)

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Triatoma gerstaeckeri collected in Southeast Texas. Rodion Gorchakov Advertisement Every year, the hearts of millions of Central and South Americans are quietly damaged by parasites. There, in about a third of victims, they damage the organs for decades before causing potentially lethal heart disease.

Around 12, people worldwide die each year from the ailment, called Chagas disease. Scientists thought Americans were safe in their sturdier houses. Now some are not so sure.

Chagas-infected kissing bugs do enter at least some southern U. And a new study published two weeks ago raises the specter of Chagas from another more familiar insect pest: Biting bed bugs have been found to transmit the parasite between mice. The bed bug effect has not been demonstrated yet among people but these studies have made some physicians and scientists wonder if they have underestimated the chance of acquiring Chagas in this country.

Epidemiologists do know that eight million people in Central and South America and up to , U. Kissing bugs carrying Chagas are prevalent throughout the southern U.

Although it has long been known that kissing bugs carrying the Chagas parasite, which is called Trypanosoma. Until now only 23 cases of U.

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But the flurry of new results hint the rarity of cases may have more to do with a lack of looking than a lack of disease. The bugs had bitten her more than 50 times and left her walls and nightgown streaked with bug feces. Twenty dead bugs were found in her home and in an additional building on her property with a bed after fumigation and over half were infected with T.

In the December issue of Emerging Infectious Diseases the scientists who made this discovery also reported that about 40 percent of all the bugs were infected with T. According to Garcia, those most likely at risk of contracting Chagas in the U.

The Killers Within: The Deadly Rise of Drug Resistant Bacteria - 2002-12-14

More evidence of human infection has emerged from studies of U. In the last two years small studies have revealed that 7. Although blood donor samples may be biased in ways that make them poor representatives of the wider population, some researchers suggest blood donors may actually underrepresent infections: Poor or sick people—the most vulnerable to the parasite—may be less likely to donate. Then late last month scientists announced they have shown that bed bugs carrying T.

Not only did the bugs infect mice, clean bugs also picked up the parasite from infected mice. The bed bug population in U. Much more worrisome, he says, is the possibility that bed bugs may also feed on rodents in homes, which may act as a reservoir species for T. Whether that happens or could happen is also currently unknown. For now the evidence is stronger that kissing bugs are a bigger Chagas threat in the U.

Surveys of wild U. One Texas study found that 73 percent of 40 kissing bugs collected near homes in central and southern Texas carried Chagas, and half of those had fed on humans.

A study of kissing bugs from a wildlife park in Arizona found that nearly all of the bugs had fed on humans, and about a quarter harbored the parasite. Because no people live permanently at the park, the authors concluded that free-roaming U. And those outdoor bugs may be drawn into houses.

According to research published in PLoS ONE, Clinical Infectious Diseases and The American Journal of Medicine, during their spring and summer dispersal kissing bugs attracted to lights enter homes in the southwest and may feed on homeowners and pets for months, sometimes provoking allergic reactions.

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Garcia has submitted applications for grants to fund two studies—one to look at people with heart failure of unknown cause and another to expand blood donor studies across the South. Other ideas for getting a better handle on the true burden of U. That kind of data should help, other researchers say. Certainly transmission is occurring.