Drama 66: Conduct to the Prejudice (1966) watch online (quality HD 720p)

Date: 24.08.2017

Drama 66: Conduct to the Prejudice (1966)

We offer you to watch the movie Drama 66: Conduct to the Prejudice (1966), which you can enjoy in the arms of a loved one. This film is in HD quality. Less words, more movies! Watch and enjoy!

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Share Tweet One of those very familiar TV faces, character actor Glynn Edwards is easily best known for his long running role as Dave the barman in Minder but was a regular on TV from the early sixties onwards. Born 2 February He is occasionally billed as Glyn with just the one N. Behind the Line as Bromsgrove Gentlemen of Spain as Martin The Gypsies as Will Martin The Doughty Plot as Martin Dixon of Dock Green: The End of the Trail as Jackie Silver Before the Ball as Jackie Silver Pillar to Post as Jim Craig Meet My Son, Henry as Darrin A Scrap of Paint as Jim Pike Once a Spyas as 1st Surveillance man The Home Builders as Bob Powell Who Takes the Blame?

First Foot as Mr. You Get All Kinds as Mr. A Town Called Love as Sgt.

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The Amorous Builder as Bruce Butcher Madame Bovary Series as Charles Bovary The Stamp Collection as Farrell Dig You Later as Inspector Barry The Newcomers Series as George Harbottle Good Clean Fun as Plowden The Lady and the Axe as Counsel for the Defence Flowers of Havoc as Charles Ogilvie Fire, Sleet and Candlelight as Tysack Find the Lady as Jim Kennedy The Maze as Det. Conduct to the Prejudice as Rsm. St Andrew as Sirius Happy Landings as Ted Edwards Dead Silence as Bob Bedford King of the River: Foreign Invasion as Jack Elliot Dial M for Murder Play The Gadget Lovers as Igor An Officer of the Court as Bernie the Tweedler Suspended as Chief Insp.

Nightmare as David Caley The Organisation Man as Leander The Husbands as Busker Worked Out as Jack Haynes Spindoe Series as Billy Humphries Natural Justice as Lags as Glyn Edwards Major Incident as Fisk End of a Copper as Det.

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Out of the Unknown: The Yellow Pill as Inspector Slinn Journey to the Unknown: Stranger in the Family as Brown The Interrogators as Blackie Task Force — Lessons as Mr. Part 2 as Mr. Steptoe and Son — and Son! Betrayal as Emile Boudin The Season of the Witch as Mr. Jig-Saw as Chief Insp. David and Goliath as Mr.

A Rather Nasty Break as Mr. The Long Goodbye as Boris Regina v Bryant as Inspector Collins Season 1 Episode 4 The Inspiration of Mr. Budd as Detective Inspector Season 3 Episode 7 Season 3 Episode 5 Season 2 Episode 4 as 1st Guard Son of the Bride: Anything But the Truth as Cutler Pleased to Meet You as Jim The Adventures of Black Beauty: Foul Play as Sergeant Brown Part 1 as William Hogarth Man About the House: Season 14 Episode 11 On the Anvil as Curly Lucky Feller Series as Mr.

Not Me as Dr. Man About the Houe: Roadrunner as Dyer Pelham 3 appearances The Round Up Part 1 as Victor Hardman The Outing as Sgt. Servant of Two Masters as Alfred Cole Minder Series as Dave The Dick Emery Christmas Show: Rag Week as Police Sergeant The History of Mr. Polly Serial as Mr. Bernie Season 2 Episode 2 A Sharp Intake of Breath: Rear Window as Mr. Season 1 Episode 1 as Mr. Jack of Diamonds Series as Reg Mobile Canteen as Police Sergeant Letty Serial as Inspector William Jones