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Fight for Geronimo (1955)

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One of his priorities was a land reform program to give "land to the tillers.

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Some tenants considered the 25 percent rate exorbitant. During the first year of the operation of the Ordinance about one-fourth of the more than 1 million tenant farmers in South Vietnam signed contracts with landowners establishing rental rates.

The Ordinance was the first major effort of South Vietnam to counter the influence and popularity of the Viet Minh in rural areas.

The Viet Minh had dispossessed many landlords and given land and influence to poor and landless farmers. He remained in the south until The arms were distributed to anti-communist organizations in North Vietnam created by the SMM or cached for future use.

France was turning over all control and responsibility for the army to the government of South Vietnam. This initial program governed the amount of rent that could be charged for agricultural land.

Ho said "Some cadres are using the same methods to crush the masses as the imperialists, capitalists, and feudalists did. These methods are barbaric It is absolutely forbidden to use physical punishment. Anticipating the evacuation, Col. Lansdale and his group had implemented an accelerated program Occupation Liberty to prepare the South Vietnamese army to occupy the area as the Viet Minh withdrew.

The occupation proceeded smoothly with propaganda leaflets dropped by air, medical dispensaries established, rice distributed, and roads improved. However, "the political and social conditions which had long generated support for the Viet Minh remained virtually unchanged. The Viet Minh controlled much of the delta region. These were the opening shots in the Battle of Saigon which would continue for about one month.

On hearing of the news of the fighting, Dulles canceled the cables, awaiting developments in Saigon before proceeding.

Casualties on both sides plus civilians amounted to about dead, wounded, and 20, homeless due to widespread destruction over a square mile of Saigon.

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He is a Roman Catholic and a simon-pure Vietnamese nationalist, thus doubly proof against communist force From there they would be slowly withdrawn from Vietnam. He said that South Vietnam had not been a signatory of the Geneva Accords and that the "fundamental freedoms" for free and open elections did not exist under the communist government of North Vietnam. Between 14, — 45, civilians and approximately , Viet Minh fighters moved from South Vietnam to the north.

North Vietnam left behind in South Vietnam 8, to 10, covert civilian and military personnel, most of them members of the communist party [43] The American media portrayed the migration as a spontaneous flight from communism, but French scholar Bernard Fall accused the U. Edward Lansdale of the CIA.

It portrayed American policy in South Vietnam in a negative light. In the words of one reviewer, "American readers were incensed, perhaps not so much because of the biased portrait of obtuse and destructive American innocence and idealism but because The members included many prominent politicians, both Democrat and Republican, including John F.

Kennedy , Hubert Humphrey , and Mike Mansfield. With the ongoing withdrawal of the French, the manpower ceiling had become a "serious handicap. This action by China illustrated the Chinese view that the most important task of North Vietnam was to consolidate its rule rather than attempt to force reunification with South Vietnam.

The North Vietnamese government still held out that a referendum on unification as per the Geneva Accords would go ahead. As such they forbid the southern Viet Minh cadres from anything but low level insurgency actions instead issuing directives to focus on political agitation in preparation for the upcoming elections.