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Date: 24.12.2017

The Ordeal of Patty Hearst (1979)

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Robbery took place at 9: April 15, they were in the bank for 4min. Hibernia Bank security cameras Picture Summary: Patricia Campbell Hearst, known at the time as Tania, wielding a modified M1 Carbine with MP stock and shortened barrel during a bank robbery.

The media coverage again peaked when pictures of her robbing a bank were released. Symbionese Liberation Army The Symbionese Liberation Army was an American terrorist group born out of a number of radical prison advocacy groups. Naga were placed around water sources as protectors or guardians of clean water.

In an effort to free their two comrades the SLA hatched a plan to kidnap an important figure so that they make a prisoner switch. They chose publishing heiress Patricia Hearst who they hoped would increase the news coverage of their group and its goals. She was taken to a house in Daly City, California where she was kept in a closet, which was 24 in. While held in the closet Hearst claims to have been sexually and physically assaulted and had her life threatened unless she cooperated.

She was moved again to a third-floor studio apartment in a black neighborhood in northern San Francisco, Golden Gate Ave, where she was kept for another 4 weeks in a closet, 19 in.

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This period of confinement and abuse at the hands of the SLA would be used as evidence of her brainwashing. Later doctors would claim that she suffered from Stockholm syndrome, where hostages in a survival response sympathize with the aims of their captors. Up against the wall, motherfuckers. On the recorded messages Patty seemed to be drifting towards the SLA agenda and eventually, she announced that she had joined the cause and released a picture of her holding a gun in front of the SLA cobra shown right.

Down on the floor! On your faces, you motherfuckers! Patty recounted her memory of the robbery on Larry King: There was no turning back. After the released tape her status was changed to reflect that she admitted full participation in the crime.

I started changing my views about things --Patty Hearst After the Bank robbery, DeFreeze decided to move the group to LA so as to recruit more members.

Emily and William Harris were shopping with Hearst when a security guard moved to arrest the two for shoplifting. Hearst, who was waiting outside, started firing at the outside of the store. It was a real process, the way I see it. When police found the van a parking ticket led to the SLA safe house.

When the other members of the SLA saw the new coverage of the incident they fled the safe house but with nowhere to go took over a house that just happened to have its lights on.

Police were called and hundreds of police and swat officers descended on the house. By morning the house was surrounded and police broadcast for the people inside to come out. Tear gas was lobbed which sparked a two-hour shootout were over 5, rounds were fired at the house.

As part of her brainwashing, she was told that the police were hunting for her and wanted her dead. To avoid arrest Hearst and the others move around the country but in September the law finally catches up to her and she is caught and booked on bank robbery charges. This defiant attitude would soon change to that of brainwashed victim during her trial. She rode buses, went shopping, went to movies. During the trial, she took the Fifth Amendment 42 times.

Her sentence was later commuted on February by President Jimmy Carter by granting her executive clemency and in January President Clinton pardoned her.

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After she was released she married her former bodyguard Bernard Shaw who she has had two daughters with. She went on to find some success in acting and producing.

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