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Date: 12.02.2018

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Bucky Complete Like many of you, the thought of these two, together, made me want to puke. He looked absently at the passing ground beneath him.

He was flying slowly, which was stupid, he realized. The small, mountain community loomed ahead, its air chilled yet friendly. It was, of course, but at the time he was incapable of pleading his case. Goku had just given up his life for the earth, of all things.

How could Piccolo possibly say no to the man? Chi Chi… She set his antennae on end. Her rage and power over Goku had always unnerved him. And more disturbing than that was the way she affected Piccolo, himself.

If she yelled at him to leave, he would. Her tone carried that much authority. Well, not this time, you crazy woman.

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Sight of the youth, as always, uplifted him. Piccolo could see that the hurt of losing his father was still just under the surface and for a brief moment, Piccolo resented Goku for abandoning the boy.

Not abandoned… Gave up his life. Piccolo rose to his feet, and looked forlornly at the house. Gohan nudged him, the smile fading off his tender face. Gohan would be elated, as soon as Chi Chi was dealt with. Piccolo knew the conversation was going to get ugly, and the last thing Gohan needed right now was to see his mother and his mentor in a screaming match.

Resolved, Piccolo strode up to the house, and tapped on the door, only to send it shattering inwards, splintering loudly against the wall. Chi Chi came running into the front room. She was dressed in the black garb of a widow, her hair hanging about her face like a veil.

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What just…" then she saw him, and a her eyes immediately narrowed into a scowl. She was going to be pissed. Straight up, then, without adornment or apology… She folded her arms menacingly across her chest and her left foot had started to stomp on the floor. Her eyes widened ferociously and her face reddened. Leave it to me to bring it out in her.

Piccolo started fishing for explanations. He hesitantly met her belligerent eyes, and nodded. He flinched and snarled at her. The abrupt gesture sent him basking in a sensation much more familiar… Anger.

His voice rose, as he ducked and dodged another round of cooking pans. He grunted as it smacked him in the chest. She made it sound so bad. He actually contemplated physically restraining her until she calmed down, but the thought of touching the fuming vixen made his skin crawl.

He powered up for emphasis, letting his energies swell against the walls of the house. He gaped at her. And then you try to dismiss me like a housemaid? She swung at him twice and then growled as he was out of her reach. How dare she try to forbid him from ever seeing Gohan.

The kid meant more to him than breath. Then he wondered what the hell Goku was thinking when he married her, the impossible female No sooner had he thought it, than the words came blurting out. Slapping her face would have had less effect.

He watched in surprise as her ki dropped and the rage drained from her body. Her face sagged in anguish, and her eyes teared immediately.

She bit her bottom lip between her teeth, and turned her back to him. A real sore point… He silently cursed himself.

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The nuances of communication had always eluded himsomething that never mattered until now. He could hear her trying to choke back the sobs. Before he could apologize, she ran towards the house. She obviously had something to say to him before going back in the house, and this time he was going to listen instead of argue. He waited awkwardly until finally she bowed her head without facing him, her words barely a whisper. He replayed the words in his head.

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