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Date: 03.02.2018

Crush (2005)

We offer you to watch the movie Crush (2005), which you can enjoy in the arms of a loved one. This film is in HD quality. Less words, more movies! Watch and enjoy!

Worth every minute of our four hour drive from Reno, NV. We wouldnt have missed it for the world. When we heard you were going to be on the west coast we instantly bought our tickets. I hope that you will return to the west coast for not all of us are that rude.

See you through the tube, until next time. Thanks for coming to Oakland and please come back! This was my first Monster Jam and you were awesome.

I remember back in the day you were driving Goldberg and you were awesome and still are! I use you evry time I play monster jam urban assalt for DS!

My mom says you are awesome. My 1st favorite driver in monster jam is you. I always draw pictures of your monster truck. I made a club called maximum desruction!

I have been wanting to tell you that my first two words were Tom Meents. My name is Emma, 27, and just recently, the Aust. Monster Trucks passed through! I had never heard about monster trucks till about 3 years ago talk about living under Ayres Rock and you were the first truck I saw and that was IT! How come it seems like you are the only person game enough to give the freestyle so much?

Other than Grave Digger and Taz I find most other trucks to be a lil on the tame side Oh and Avenger yells too much tell him to pipe down I can hear him from Auz lol! Anyways if this is really you, thanks for the chance to lemme send this through. Nah we love both of ya, and for gods sakes get your Freestyling Butts out here! Cheers Mate, your great to watch! I wish you could come to my birthday party on apr, My name is Bob. I am 7 years old. I love monster trucks. Can you come to my house with your truck.

I saw you on Destroy Build Destroy on cartoon network. Bob Rosman, Omaha, Nebraska how many times have you beat gravedigger? You are having a great season. Every year Virginia Beach hosts "Monsters on the Beach" where monster trucks race and freestyle at the oceanfront in the sand. Grave Digger is always there, and I was hoping you would consider coming as well - would love to see the Max D slinging sand and competing with Grave Digger. This year it is May 7th - 9th - hope to see you there!

This is my one day away from caregiver duties to my Mom, taking care of my brother and having myself a great time. I will truly miss you but rest assured, I will remind you of it next year. How am I gonna last without my once a year Meents hug? He is now 5. He has liked alot of drivers, but after meeting and watching Tom race in Merced I believe this last summer. He is the biggest fan of Tom.

Tom is all he wants to watch and the only truck he plays with.

But we look forward to the next time. Tom you are awesome keep up the killer driving. PS love the BMC bike. I am a big fan of yours. I have a toy of maximum destruction.

I am making my room maximum destruction. Can you please tell me what it was? Thank you so much. I had mentioned to you when I first saw you at an event in Maryland.

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I have been a fan of yours since I never had a chance to see you until I went to an event at Tampa, Florida back in Then I got an oppertunity to go to World Finals I am glad to say that I will be at World Finals I have no idea how you are going to top that backflip. In Vegas anything can happen when you have to go BIG or go home. His is the one with "CrushCars. We saw you this year at both Indianapolis and St. Louis and, although Wil 7 has waited many times in line to get your autograph, he is just tickled each and every time he meets you.

I lived in Kankakee, Illinois for a many years and we go up there times a year to visit family. Wil always makes us stop in Paxton on the way up and back to gas up and get something to eat, and he keeps the gas receipts to stick to his poster board in his bedroom.

Thanks for being so great to your young fans! I think you were robbed!!! I really appreciate you talking with them as they really look up to you and talk about you with their friends.

Thanks again for being so great with your fans!! Sarah Hemstreet, Kalamazoo, Michigan I love your truck, for the first time since it was even goldberg i had never got to see the truck neil came to charlotte and i got tickets in oct. I really hope to get a shirt of yours soon and I hope you can come to greensboro or charlotte next year.

My son 9yrs Looooves you. We have all your videos. Please respond to us a least. Much loveAnd our hands are out the window waiting!! Wendy and Simon Dillon In Odessa. My boys really love it!!!!!

Hope to come to more shows soon. Good luck on the ninth world championship!!!!!! See My Meents Style Freestyle! Tom, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your show in Minneapolis on January 23rd. You put on one heck of a show. I am the little boy that gave you the poster that I had made for you, that you had me sign.

That meant alot to me that you would want me to sign it. Thanks for the great memories and hopefully many more. Brandon Reich, Mason City, Iowa Tom, Thank you for your commitment in again putting on a terrific show and taking time in meeting my family and me.

You are amazing and awesome!!! You come out, you go nuts Max rules! Please submit your photo, high resolution, and a short story on why you are a Meents Fan! The submissions will be reviewed first for clarity of image, ability to be integrated with current format then will be randomly selected, therefore, the winning selection will not signify importance of one fan over another.

We will also build out our fan page based on photo and story submissions. Our favorite is Tom Meents. You are our favorite driver and we are really excited to see you tear it up in Cleveland soon.

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Kevin Koehler, Painesville, Ohio Tom My wife and I went to the Monster Jam show in Indianapolis yesterday You are a class act. Second year in a row. He is a crazy fan of yours! After you won racing, you came up in the stands and picked him out to give free tickets to the Nuclear Cowboys show - his head just about exploded!!! Thank you for making a 7 year old extremely happy!

Louis next Saturday to see you again! No one around us could use the tickets either, so, Wil decided to take the tickets with him next week and see if he can get you to sign them for him! So great you are so cool with the kids.