Limes: Bioborder Park Spektakel (2001) watch online (quality HD 720p)

Date: 03.09.2017

Limes: Bioborder Park Spektakel (2001)

We offer you to watch the movie Limes: Bioborder Park Spektakel (2001), which you can enjoy in the arms of a loved one. This film is in HD quality. Less words, more movies! Watch and enjoy!

The public is also invited to take a trip on the performance bus from downtown Toronto to the opening reception of What It Feels Like for a Girl and take an instructional journey into all things girlie with writer and performer Mariko Tamaki.

Blind at the Koffler Gallery. To reserve, please call Panelists will consider how the artists in the exhibition negotiate the ever shifting terrain of gender.

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Exploring the performative dimensions of gender and the constant potential for re-invention that accompanies each re-enactment, participants will examine how the artists have intervened in stereotypical constructions of femininity thereby contributing to " a dynamic of cultural change. A film and video program featuring the works of Peggy Ahwesh, Michelle Handelman, and Etang Inyang Stereotypical constructs of femininity explode throughout this program as Ahwesh, Handelman, and Inyang engage in subversive interventions that underscore the inherent fluidity and instability of gender.

From the virtual superheroine to a Blaxploitation movie star, a range of subjectivities are reclaimed and reinvented in an effort to challenge society? Seizing agency, these women defy dominant definitions of beauty and sexuality by proposing and enacting alternate gender realities. Exploring the performativity of gender, many of the protagonists take pleasure in role-playing, acting out the multiple possibilities for empowerment.

Peggy Ahwesh She puppet, , video,15 min "An homage to and commentary on the female action adventure game Tomb Raider and its busty virtual superstar Lara Croft.

I played the game on my computer and simultaneously recorded the gameplay onto videotape. Then I treated the material as - found footage? THE SCARY MOVIE, by Peggy Ahwesh, [is an] amazingly complex and just plain amazing film informed by a wide range of issues and concerns, including feminism, psychoanalytic theory especially Jacques Lacan , home-movie aesthetics, film genre conventions, and the notion of self-reflexivity in film.

La Suture, , video, 8 min An attic, a giant sewing needle and an anti-gravity fairy tale of sibling rivalry. Three sisters fight over who gets the biggest phallus in this post-feminist animation-infused playground. WebSpinstress M, , video 2. From the dregs of outdated technology to the pinnacle of the superbrand, this is a re-spinning of the old spider and the fly tale. She subsequently released several solo albums, performed in a wide range of theatre, film and television projects, and in became a VJ for national music video network MuchMusic.

Her poetry is intended to move and inspire and equally spawn a new interest in reading for youth who share her passion for Hip Hop.

She has released two singles and a vinyl EP and has been published extensively on C. Sheila Heti writes regularly about the visual arts and is working on a musical with Dan Bejar Destroyer for Nightwood Theatre.

She won the K. Hunter Arts Award for Literature. The Middle Stories is her first book. Video documentation of the performance by Leslie Peters will be exhibited in the agYU gallery during the exhibition what it feels like for a girl.

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Two of his plays will soon be produced in Toronto: Derek McCormack will be reading from his new book, The Haunted Hillbilly, a vampire story set in the Grand Ole Opry during the golden age of country music.

A Catalogue of Stories. Mead encourages his viewers to contemplate the medium in which they are engaged as a site for both producing and policing sexuality. What Isabelle Wants, , 16 mm, 3 min Gravity, , 16 mm, 3 min Jesus Saves, , 16 mm, 3 min Haven, , 16 mm, 3 min Warm, , 16 mm, 5 min Homebelly, , 16 mm, 8 min ab normal with Isabelle Auger , , 16 mm, 20 min Closet Case, , 16 mm, 3.

Like Mead, Hoolboom allies various modes of narration to the materiality of the medium. These short films take essayistic shape as meditations to a montage of images that have both personal resonance and popular appeal-his own images and those appropriated from the history of film.

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Ultimately, both Hoolboom and Mead engage the materials of filmmaking with the tangible realities of the physical body, negotiating a route from the formal to the social by way of the self. Panic Bodies, , 16 mm, 70 min In six parts: He is currently an M. Canadian artist Jim Lemoire is an instructor of art at the University of Toronto Schools and explores the tensions and fluidity of sexual and gender identity formation and expression in his work.

The game will be to improvise within the self-imposed parameters, focusing closely on the materials at hand, with the intention that the results will approach a condition of music.

Video Projections by Eight Artists. Lure at the Koffler Gallery. To reserve, please call , ext. Winchester Trilogy and meet the artist.