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Date: 29.12.2017

Smoke in the Wind (1975)

We offer you to watch the movie Smoke in the Wind (1975), which you can enjoy in the arms of a loved one. This film is in HD quality. Less words, more movies! Watch and enjoy!

History[ edit ] Gitanes was launched in in four different versions, all which were filterless. In the s, the first graphic ads for Gitanes appeared. In , the first filtered Gitane variant was introduced. In , the "Light" versions are first marketed. In , the first Gitanes Blondes were launched, which had become available internationally in However, they were a commercial failure.

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In , Gitanes ultra lights were introduced. The cigarette was originally made with a darker or brun brown tobacco, in contrast to the more widespread blonde. In honour of the name, the packet shows the silhouette of a Spanish gypsy woman playing the tambourine. Mary Blume February 17, The New York Times.

There is a distinction between the "blonde" style of the current Gitanes, and the classic style of Gitanes Brunes, both of which are sold in Europe and South America most commonly in Argentina and Chile.

The classic Gitanes Brunes tobacco achieved its characteristic and distinctive "bite" by using a fire-flued method of curing the tobacco, and a "rice" type of rolling paper which differs from most other cigarettes. The result was a cigarette which had both a strong flavor and a distinctive aroma. Gitanes Blondes are available, filtered, in Light and Regular. The Gitanes Brunes are available in 70mm versions, filtered and unfiltered.

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In , the size and content of the regular Gitanes was reduced. This was mainly due to the rise on tobacco levies imposed by the French Government in the wake of enforced EU health directives , which has forced up the price of French cigarettes to the level of those in the US, with the more aggressively promoted brands such as Marlboro now taking the majority market share. The 90s were particularly successful for Gitanes in terms of brand engagement. In an effort to increase awareness, the brand began sponsoring motor-sports such as Formula One racing and the Dakar Rally.

These activities helped to attract a wider range of potential customers while avoiding any dilution of the brand image and thus retained the loyalty of its more artistic core customer base. It is the result of a new public health law based on a European directive that says tobacco products "must not include any element that contributes to the promotion of tobacco or give an erroneous impression of certain characteristics". Four major tobacco companies have written to the government seeking clarification on the potential law, calling for an urgent meeting to discuss the details of the plan.

In the letter they accuse French health minister Marisol Touraine of an "arbitrary and disproportionate" application of EU directives. An image of a Gypsy dancer, designed by Molusson, first appeared on the cigarette packets in In , Max Ponty refined the figure to a silhouette to create an image that is still in use today on the Gitanes Blonde packet.

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The dancer silhouette was reworked by many famous poster designers, including Savignac in and Morvan in Controversy[ edit ] The Gitanes Gypsy woman and racism[ edit ] Some people have associated the Gypsy woman depicted on the Gitanes pack with racism , due to the general discrimination and intolerance that Gypsies face in the world, especially in Europe.

They say that the Gypsy woman is a mocking depiction of all Gypsies. However, the Romani people are not a race, and there is no evidence that specifically links the Gypsy woman depicted on the packs with racism. This is generally considered to have been the first all-French victory in the Formula One World Championship.

In total the team won 8 races, got 47 podiums and earned points during their partnership with Gitanes. In , the sister company Gauloises became the new sponsor, ending a partnership that lasted 19 years. Prost GP, despite substantial financial backing by large private French companies, failed to make the team competitive and went bankrupt in Dakar Rally[ edit ] Gitanes also sponsored various teams in the Dakar Rally from its first season in until tobacco sponsorship was banned by the French government.

Takumi in the Japanese manga Nana smokes them. Lupin the Third is shown in various incarnations to smoke Gitanes. The book A Fistful of Gitanes is about his life and career.