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Date: 28.07.2017

Gap-Toothed Women (1987)

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That, and another crushing condition. What makes people do the things they do. Jack Olsen is their Dostoevsky. A normal person knows 2 and 2 are 4. A Penn criminology professor brought our class to Holmesburg Prison. So I get inside and see that these dudes look like me.

Me plus a few years. That was a shocker," he admits. Anyway, these guys, they looked like me, except I was pretty young. And I since have found that out at penitentiary after penitentiary: They are me but just another version. They took another fork in the road. So that probably is what hooked me. What happened to make them into these bizarre things?

The typical sociopath is not like Hannibal Lector," he declares. Between and , there were something like two serial killings in the United States. And then it continued along about that way until around or , when it just went -- WHEW!

Social breakdown, social disintegration. The killing of one human being by another does not seem bizarre to us because we see it all the time.

The act of holding a gun on another human being is one of the most profound acts that you can commit.

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We no longer have a reverence for proper behavior, for life. The bonding procedures are completely screwed up. Most sex criminals are men. See, is this sexist? Men have more," he pauses, "they seem to have more difficulty with the Oedipus complex than women have with the Electra complex.

For one thing, men seem to have more trouble with Mommy than women have with Daddy," he says, sloughing off my disagreement. Rage and arrested development Rape is a," he fumbles, "rape is a little murder. And I realized that in research, in interviewing the women for Son, hey, this is a heavy-duty crime, this is not fun in any way, shape, manner or form. And this stays with these women. Those are Band-Aid answers by cheap politicians running for office on the backs of others.

At the risk of sounding pompous, I think the essential problem is our economic system. And far too much of our criminal behavior grows from barren, frustrating, stunted, unfulfilled, ENRAGING situations, which more often than not are rooted in poverty.

But these assets are distributed neither equitably or with foresight. For the most part, those who are down are doomed to stay down, to live and die in the ghetto, to spend their lifetimes looking up.

Olsen, who is 67 years old. I took it as an elective because it looked easy. I thought that criminals looked different. And this is what I attribute my interest in crime to. This is my drive and my compulsion. Olsen is currently working on his next book, the story of a triple murderer, in his own backyard of Washington State, where he lives on an island in Puget Sound.

In one sense, a series of horrifying murders. In another sense, race. Real detectives, not TV or mystery characters Interview with Jack Olsen about his book Charmer Q. Real detectives, not TV or mystery characters. George Walterfield Russell Jr. What was his problem? One was a problem that is common to many blacks in America, including 0. George Russell was an "oreo. The word originated in the prison culture to describe a black man who downplays his racial identity and tries to out-white the whites.

A black man who is treated like a pet by his white playmates and classmates but only allowed to come so close. A toy black, an icon, a symbol, but not treated as a fellow human being. What characterizes "oreos" like George Russell? And that great common denominator of violent crime: He seduced and impregnated young teen-aged white women, assaulted others, and eventually murdered three women in their twenties and posed their bodies artistically to provide the ultimate shock value.

A prosecutor called the gallery of bodies "the collected works of George Walterfield Russell. To what do psychiatrists attribute piquerism?

Uncontrollable hatred and rage. He hated women to death. Did Russell have prior relationships with his victims? Barely knew any of them.

What did they represent to him? In my opinion, females in general. The snooty white socialites who toyed with him in high school. The lustful sufferers from "jungle fever" who used his body but refused to take him seriously. The teenage white girls who fell for his seductive charms but rejected him as they matured.

Also some of the black women by whom he was raised and -- in his distorted view -- by whom he was discarded. None except his beloved half-sister. He shunned the company of black women and bad-mouthed them on every occasion.

He appeared to be as anti-black as the most ignorant racist. How was he caught?

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Partially by extraordinarily ordinary police work -- thousands of hours of gumshoeing, canvassing, interviewing and re-interviewing, the kind of work that seldom draws attention. And partially by leaps of inductive reasoning by a couple of brilliant detectives. And partially by forensics: DNA testing and other analyses. Were the DNA tests the final nail for Russell? Ninety-four percent that a certain hair came from Russell.

That sort of thing. But taken in toto, the DNA evidence was powerful. What kind of family produced this strange man? One stepfather is president of San Francisco State University, another is a dentist. His sister is a recent graduate of Yale. His grandmother taught school in Florida. A remarkable thread of achievement runs through the family. How was he raised? In the typical American flux and confusion. When he was an infant. When he was six, his mother brought him to Seattle to live with her dentist husband while she taught at the University of Washington.

The family soon moved to upscale Mercer Island where Russell hobnobbed with the children of Boeing execs, corporate lawyers, doctors and other professionals. There were six or eight black families on the island, but neither Russell nor his parents had much to do with them.

His mother and stepfather split up when the boy was fifteen, and she went east to teach at the University of Maryland and later Tufts. Russell chose to remain among the wealthy whites of Mercer Island. Books on African-American killers are almost nonexistent. What made you decide to write one? They were largely ignored by the media just as most black crimes are ignored or played down, O.

Simpson being the rarest of exceptions. The present tendency of newspapers to play black crimes on page 34 or ignore them altogether is a disturbing variety of racial prejudice which can only make a difficult problem worse. African-Americans make up twenty percent of our population and commit fifty percent of our crime.