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The Perfect Nurse (1963)

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They were known in the family as Ginny, John, and Sis. The family moved often before finally settling in Winchester, Virginia , when Patsy was sixteen. She had perfect pitch. Self-taught, she could not read music. When Patsy was thirteen, she was hospitalized with a throat infection and rheumatic fever. After watching performers through the window at the local radio station, she asked WINC disc jockey and talent coordinator Jimmy McCoy if she could sing on his show.

Her performance in was well received, and she was asked back. Cline performed in variety and talent shows in the Winchester and Tri-State areas.

Along with this and increasing local radio appearances on local radio, she gained a large following. In Jimmy Dean , already a young country star, heard of her and she became a regular with him on Connie B. The marriage ended in divorce on July 4, The failure of their marriage was blamed on the conflict between her desire to sing professionally and his wishes that she be a housewife.

They had no children. She retained the last name. Cline regarded Dick as "the love of her life. Their wedding photo was taken on the front porch of that house. It was a marriage with much-publicized controversy—and later, alleged abuse[ citation needed ]—but it lasted until her death. Bill Peer, who had a country music band in Brunswick, MD, also had an infant daughter named Patsy, so by some accounts, that is why the young Ginny was nicknamed Patsy.

In he gained a contract for her at Four Star Records , the label he was then affiliated with. Four Star was under contract to the Coral subsidiary of Decca Records. Patsy signed with Decca at her first opportunity three years later. Later, she expressed regret over signing with the label, but thinking that nobody else would have her, she took the deal.

As these performances were not "records" per se, they were not governed by her contract, and she could sing what she wanted, within reason.

This somewhat eased her "stifled" feeling. None of these songs gained notable success. She experimented with rockabilly. Bradley thought that her voice was best-suited for pop music , but Cline sided with Peer and the other Four Star producers, insisting that she could only record country songs, as her contract also stated. Every time Bradley tried to get her to sing the torch songs that would become her signature, she would panic, missing her familiar country fiddle and steel guitar. She often rebelled, only wishing to sing country and yodel.

Cline initially did not like the song because it was, according to her, "just a little old pop song. After the Godfrey show, listeners began calling their local radio stations to request the song, so she released it as a single.

Although Cline had been performing for almost a decade and had appeared on national TV three times, it took Godfrey to make her a star. Disagreements over creative control caused Godfrey to fire her. The single drove her success for the next year or so. She had no other hits with Four Star.

If so, it has never surfaced. The Intimate Story of Patsy Cline []. After the birth of their daughter, Julie, in , Cline and her husband moved to Nashville, Tennessee. Hughes became her manager and helped her change labels.

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When her Four Star contract expired in , she signed with Decca Records-Nashville, directly under Owen Bradley , a legendary producer of female country singers.

His direction and arrangements helped smooth her voice into the silky, torch song style for which she won fame.

The song was promoted and won success on both country and pop stations. On the country charts, it slowly climbed to the top, garnering her first Number One ranking.

In a major feat for country singers at the time, the song also hit No. Grand Ole Opry and Nashville scene[ edit ] On January 9, , Cline realized a lifelong dream when the Grand Ole Opry accepted her request to join the cast, making her the only person to achieve membership in such a fashion.

Notably, she wore slacks rather than a dress when she was accepted into the Grand Ole Opry, which was rather shocking at the time. Even before that time, believing that there was "room enough for everybody" and confident of her abilities and appeal, Cline befriended and encouraged women starting out in the country music field at that time, including Loretta Lynn , Dottie West , Jan Howard , year-old Brenda Lee and a year-old steel-guitar player named Barbara Mandrell with whom Cline once toured.

All cited her as a major influence.

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According to both Lynn and West, Cline always gave of herself to friends, buying them groceries and furniture and even hiring them as wardrobe assistants. On occasion, she paid their rent so they could stay in Nashville and continue pursuing their dreams. Patsy was full of life. By this time, Cline controlled her own career, making it clear to all involved that she could stand up to any man, verbally and professionally, and was ready to challenge them if they interfered with her. At a time when concert promoters often cheated stars by promising to pay them after the show but skipping out with the money before the concert ended, Cline demanded her money before she took the stage: Her "No dough, no show" became the rule.

The impact threw Cline into the windshield, nearly killing her. She later said she saw the female driver of the other car die before her eyes. In , when West was seriously injured in a car accident, she insisted that her driver be treated first.

West died from her injuries, possibly because she had declined to be treated immediately. Her friend Billy Walker , who died in a vehicle accident in , said Cline rededicated her life to Christ while in the hospital, where she received thousands of cards and flowers from fans.

For the rest of her career, she wore wigs and makeup to hide the scars, along with headbands to relieve the pressure that caused headaches. Six weeks later, she returned to the road on crutches with a new appreciation for life.

A series of recordings titled Patsy Cline: Live at the Cimarron Ballroom, from her first concert after the crash, were released in and feature Cline interacting with the audience, reviewing her live performances.

Cline claimed this was too difficult. Her ribs, injured in the crash, were making it hard for her to reach the high notes. In an era when it was standard to record four songs in a three-hour run, those in the "Crazy" session spent four hours on a single song. It was eventually decided that Cline would return the following Monday and simply sing the lyrics, overdubbing her vocals on the best instrumental track. After resting she was able to reach the high notes, and recorded her part in a single take.

By late , "Crazy" was a crossover success, straddling the country and pop genres, and reached the Top 10 on the charts. Sentimentally Yours[ edit ] In the fall of , Cline was back in the studio to record an upcoming album for release in early Cochran pitched the song over the phone to Cline and she fell in love with it at once. It was one of the few songs she enjoyed recording.

Released as a single in January , it soon crossed over, reaching No. She would never again enter the pop charts during her lifetime. The biggest Hit Parade UK record sales entry before her death was her version of the standard Heartaches , reaching the Top 30 in late These were not big crossover hits, but still reached the Top 20 and Top Life on the road was beginning to wear on Cline. She longed to spend more time with her children, Julie and Randy, and was starting to talk about a hiatus.

But Randy, her manager, insisted that they had to strike while the iron was hot. At the top[ edit ] Cline was the first female country music star to headline her own show and receive billing above the male stars with whom she toured.

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While bands typically backed up the female singer, Cline led the band throughout the concerts instead. As an artist, she held her fans in extremely high regard, many of them becoming friends, staying for hours after concerts to chat and sign autographs. The performance garnered sharp disapproval from gossip columnist Dorothy Kilgallen , at whom Cline eloquently fired back. And in December , she became the first woman in country music to headline her own show in Las Vegas , at the downtown Mint Casino.

This success enabled Cline to buy her dream home in the Goodlettsville suburb of Nashville, decorating it in her own style. It featured gold dust sprinkled in the bathroom tiles and a music room with the finest sound equipment.

Country music industry personnel and fans were more used to seeing gingham and calico dresses. She also loved dangly earrings, ruby-red lipstick and her favorite perfume was Wind Song.

Cline wrote of her success in a letter to friend Anne Armstrong: The Last Sessions[ edit ] In early February, Cline was back in the Quonset hut to record her fourth and what would become her final album of new material, originally entitled Faded Love. They featured a full string section with no conventional country music instruments.

The raw emotion can be plainly heard on such tracks as "Sweet Dreams" and at the end of "Faded Love". At the playback party, held after the sessions on February 7, according to singer Jan Howard in the documentary Remembering Patsy, Cline held up a copy of her first record and gestured towards the recording booth referencing her newest tracks and said, "Well, here it is I was only talking about my first recordings compared to the ones we did tonight.

Listen to the difference". Cline died a month later.