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Date: 07.09.2017

Cañaveral de pasiones (1996)

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Plot[ edit ] The story unfolds in the town of San Benito, near the city of Xalapa , in the beautiful cane fields of the state of Veracruz. In this place there are two families: However, Margarita preferred Fausto, married him and procreated a daughter named Julia.

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Amador and Josefina had a son named Pablo. However, Amador never loved Josefina, an unbearable blackmail woman. The child is called Juan de Dios. Julia, Pablo and Juan de Dios are the best friends, although it is clear that Julia has a preference for Pablo, who rivals Juan de Dios for the attentions of Julia. For her part, Josefina has always been jealous of Margarita, whom she slanders constantly believing that Amador deceives her with her.

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The relationship between them reaches such a level that both plan to flee together from the town. The night they were both planning to escape, they were discovered by Margaita. She encases Dinorah and leaves to meet Amador to convince him to return with his family. Unfortunately, a strong storm breaks out in the town.

Amador and Margarita suffer a serious accident when they returned to San Benito. But in addition to Remedios, there are other people who know the truth of the situation. They are Father Refugio bound by the secret of confession and Rufino Mendoza Roberto Ballesteros , trustworthy employee of Amador, a vile and unscrupulous man who takes advantage of the situation to blackmail Dinorah and get her favors, besides gain the trust of Josefina and serve as a vehicle to fulfill her plans.

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Both Fausto and Josefina believe that their respective husbands had deceived them. This lie is held by Dinorah, who takes advantage to atone for her guilt, muddy the memory of her sister and win the affection of her brother-in-law Fausto, whom she has always loved.

Dinorah gets the unloved Fausto to take her as his wife. For her part, Josefina is dedicated to muddying the memory of Margarita and to get angry with her daughter Julia, whom she considers the same as her mother. Knowing the affection between his son Pablo and Julia, she decides to separate them by sending Pablo to Mexico City with the Elizondo Family, distant relatives.

Ten years later, Julia Daniela Castro , has become a beautiful woman.

As if that were not enough, her father despises her when she sees the image of Margarita, while she has to endure the hatred of her Aunt Dinorah, who also blames the death of a son who was supposed to procreate with Fausto.

She rejects him, seeing him as a brother, as well as knowing the feelings Mireya is harboring towards him.

Pablo returns to the town with the intention of communicating to his mother his future marriage with Gina Elizondo Marisol Santacruz. However, reuniting with his native land and his old friends causes Pablo to feel bound to his land, especially after meeting with Julia again and seeing the rebirth of the feelings they both had since childhood.

But the love story between Julia and Paul faces many obstacles. The first is the hatred between their respective families, and the second, that terrible lie of the past that enveloped their parents and which both will have to discover.