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Date: 01.02.2018

Chandrahasa (1965)

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Answered 80w ago Inseparable duo Dr Rajkumar and P B Sreenivas Although P B Sreenivas was already a famous singer and had sang for many superstars in South Indian cinema, it was his superb combination with Dr Rajkumar that struck the chord with the audience. The duo was so successful and their combination was so wonderful that Annavaru himself referred to PBS as his voice.

PBS has sung more than songs for Annavaru and all their songs are superhits. When Rajkumar was honoured with Dadasaheb Phalke Award in , Sreenivas rejoiced as though he had got an award himself. Sreenivas said he was honoured because his "voice" had won a great honour. PBS was described as the voice of Rajkumar in the South. However, once when Sreenivas was not available to sing for the movie Sampattige Sawaal, Composer G K Venkatesh encouraged Rajkumar to sing the song Yaare Koogadali that was supposed to be sung by Sreenivas.

With that song, Rajkumar started his singing career. It was after this that Dr Raj started singing his own songs. But never did he forget PBS. In each and every movie that he acted, he made sure that PBS got at least one song to sing for him. How Annavaru won over his doubters for the film Mantralaya Mahatme It is a well known fact that Annavaru was a great devotee of Sri Raghavendra Swami, the famous Madhwa saint of the 17th century.

In fact his second son is named after Rayaru i. However, when Annavaru had been chosen to play the part of Rayaru, there was some apprehensions and even protests in parts of Karnataka. The reason was that Annavaru was a non Brahmin and would not be able to play the role of Rayaru. If it was any other star, he would have fought against his doubters, abused them, filed for discrimination case, and would have done all that.

But there is a reason why Dr Rajkumar is called as Annavaru. He was a gem of a person.

He slept on the roads, he bathed in public bathrooms, and showed immense devotion to Rayaru. The then pontiff of Raghavendra Matha intervened and praised Annavaru for his immense devotion to Rayaru. He endorsed Annavaru for the role and all the protests stopped. And when the movie released, it was a superhit.

How Annavaru changed the life of a supporting actor Shivaji Rao Gaekwad was a struggler in South Indian cinema, seen in small roles and sometimes supporting roles. His talent was spotted by two people who made him a superstar later on. First was the legendary director K Balachander and the second one was our own Anavaru. Annavaru called Shivaji aside and asked him to concentrate more on Tamil cinema as there was more potential for him to succeed over there.

Being a great devotee of Rayaru, he gave some akshata to Shivaji and blessed him to succeed. Rajni always had respect for Annavaru and during one of his interviews, he has mentioned that the only actor from whom he has taken autograph is none other than Dr Rajkumar.

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It was Annavaru who introduced him to Raghavendra Swami and since then, Rajni has been a staunch devotee. His th film was Sri Raghavendra in Tamil. Rajni has built so many mathas, convention halls, and sabhas as a tribute to Rayaru.

Believe it or not, that is Rajnikanth: Well that was the case back then. It was his immense pride and devotion to Kannada mathe. He never acted in any non Kannada movie, despite so many offers. His patriotic songs like Huttidare Kannada Naadal Huttabeku have become cult classics.

Although Annavaru never entered politics, whenever there was a matter of Kannada, he would be the first one to put up his hand. People from all over the state, started participating in the various gatherings, and speeches. Gundu Rao, responded to the seriousness of the agitation, which had gained significant momentum after Rajkumar had taken leadership of the agitation.

It announced that it accepted the report submitted by the Gokak Committee and would ensure all the primary facilities that the language Kannada deserves as the mother tongue of the local people as well as the official language of the state of Karnataka. The best part was that we were able to achieve this without violence. The self respect movement in many other states were violent but we achieved it without any form of violence and it was all due to two great Kannadigas.

One was obviously the great Jnanapeeth awardee V K Gokak, who headed the committee, and another was our own Annavaru. The first thing that Annavaru did after being released from the clutches of the brigand Veerappan was he knelt down in front of the helicopter with his hands folded and paid respect to the Karnataka soil highlighting his Kannada pride. When Annavaru was forced to reject a film Annavaru was well known for playing historical characters with ease.

His roles as Sri Krishnadevaraya and Immadi Pulakeshi are remembered even today.

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But once he had to reject a film based on a historical character. Actually, Annavaru had accepted the role and was all set to star in it. But on the request of his thousands of his fans, he had to reject it.

Why did he do it? Why did his fans request him to reject it? See the film was about the great Hoysala King Vishnuvardhana.

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I think that now you have got my point: However this rivalry was restricted to fans only. The two legends had mutual respect and it is unfortunate that they acted together in only one film i. This instance is very rare but it did happen in a Kannada film called Muddina Maava. This was when one legend Annavaru sang for another legend S P Balasubrahmanyam. This is very rare and SPB remembers this very fondly saying that Annavaru sang for him.

These are some of the rare, unnoticed facts that I came across about Annavaru. The man was an absolute legend and we were very lucky to have him. He might have left us but he will be back as he himself has said in his most famous song Huttidare….

Mundina nanna janma Baradittanante Brahma Illiye illiye yendigu nan illiye He was truly a gem of a person, who took Kannada and Karnataka to great heights. His tale was a Ondhu Mutthina Kathe. He made our land as Kasturi Nivasa. We were lucky to have him in our Gandhadagudi.

He was our priceless Bangarada Manushya.