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Date: 17.11.2017

Love N Dancing (2009)

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Love N' Dancing Full Movie Online 2009

Debbie Lynn Elias 1 Comment Yes, folks. Enterprise, they are equally deserving of attention, if not moreso.

But, as we all know from DWTS and Marlee Matlin, a hearing loss is just a little inconvenience when it comes to dance. Not letting this minor impediment curtail his dreams, Jake and his partner Corrine have just captured the title at the World Sing Dancing Championships for the second year in a row. But he has retired from dancing and lost the girl.

Not one to give up on his passion for the dance, though, he is dance instructor and does motivational speaking to school age kids encouraging them to not let any kind of disability hold them back from pursuing their dreams. Jessica Donovan is perky, cute and adorable. An elementary school teacher, she has longed to pursue her childhood dream of dancing but practicality and life forced her to put that dream aside. Not to mention when he makes a few choice dance moves on the auditorium stage?

Something connects the two. Dare we say, dance? Or is it love at first sight? Well, funny how they go awry, especially when love and dancing are in the mix and here, is no exception.

Jessica quickly finds the joy missing in her life — dance. Jake quickly finds the joy missing in his — a partner with whom he connects, a partner who shares his passion for dance and a partner that believes in him with such fervor that she is willing to risk everything to lure Jake out of retirement and fulfill her own dreams. Can this pair of somethings go toe-to-toe with 18 year old competitors, dance away with a championship and each find the life and love they were meant to have?

As an actor, he is always likeable and solid, bringing an unsuspecting take to a character. Here, as Jake Mitchell he is no different. He brings an earnest affability to Jake, complimented by some fancy foot work and a killer smile. You root for him. You want to twirl on the dance floor with him.

Could he be the next celebrity to sign up for DWTS? And then you pair him up with Amy Smart. Energetic, sincere and adorable, together the two shine with more brilliance than their sequined dance costumes.

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There is an undeniable sweetness that just makes you smile watching them. I have watched Amy for the past 15 years and she just keeps getting better. The real scene stealer is Billy Zane. The icing on the cake, however, are those singular short moments with one line or a glance that show love and caring. Written by Malloy, the story has a very personal tone to it and now wonder, given that Malloy is himself a competitive dancer.

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And while he fully fleshes out the main characters of Jake, Jessica and Kent and sets forth a visually comprehensive look at this particular style of dance, he falls short in his supporting characters, each of whom are fascinating and who crave more screen time and development. No dazzling camera work to either capture or rival fancy footwork. Long shots, mid-shots but nothing fancy and nothing that really makes the dancing pop, all of which I find particularly surprising given that the director is Robert Iscove.

Iscove does, however, do a nice job depicting the story between Jessica and Jake. Well edited for commercial breaks, I can more easily see this as a Lifetime or Hallmark Move Channel flick. And what about the dancing? All the dancers in the film are real West Coast Swing Dancers, among others. Choreographed by Robert Royston whose wife just happens to play Corrine , the routines are dazzling and difficult and called for professionals.

However, in an unusual move, the pro dancers also get to act with speaking parts in the film. It was critical to Royston and Malloy that the dancers do the dancing and their own acting.

Perhaps one of the best parts of the film is the music. All but one song were written specifically for this film and emotionally and stylistically designed to each specific scene. Jessica — Amy Smart.